Is Your Teen Going to a Concert this Weekend?

What Parents Need to Know:

  1. Teens will be exposed to drugs and alcohol at concerts. Educate yourself, so you can better educate your teens.
  2. Have a secret "Come Get Me Code" so you will know when your teens need help and they won't risk the disapproval of their friends. Remind teens to charge their cell phones prior to the concert.
  3. Parents must remain on call and available for pick up during the entire concert. A "No Questions Askedpolicy will encourage teens to call parents no matter what the circumstances.
  4. Teens must have a buddy because there is safety in numbers.  Remind teens to call 911 if a friend becomes confused, restless or aggressive; passes out; experiences muscle cramps, nausea or panic attacks; has chills, sweats or involuntary teeth clenching (and the list goes on depending on the drug). Staying together may keep friends alive, so talk to your teens and their friends about your expectation that they will NEVER leave a friend in trouble!
  5. Be sure that your teens understand the importance of staying hydrated during the concert. Concerts can get hot and crowded and it's important to drink water. Alcohol and certain drugs can contribute to dehydration and increase the risk of life threatening side effects.
  6. Remind teens to pay attention to their beverages. Never drink from an unattended cup or can because drinks can be spiked with drugs.
  7. Investigate the concert venue before allowing your teen to purchase tickets. Safer venues will have security and assigned entrance and exit points. Know the atmosphere of the concert.  EDM (Electronic Dance Music) concerts have been associated with the drug MDMA ("Molly" or "Ecstasy"). You may not know about Molly, but teens do.
  8. Don't allow teens to drive themselves to concerts. Arrange for parent rides or use public transportation to prevent drunk/drugged driving. Parents may want to attend concerts too to enjoy the music and be close to their teens in case there is a problem.
  9. Encourage your teens to stay away from Mosh Pits to avoid injury and overheating.
  10. "Not my kid" thinking or denial on your part is not going to empower your teens to make safe decisions. 
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