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   July  2017
Thank You!
A "Dependable" Friend

Pat Gage recently paid us a visit and delivered a donation of "Depends" - always an item on our wish list. Pat's mother was a former resident of the Episcopal Home and we're always happy to see her and catch up on her latest news.
Meet our Staff 
On the Move With Nancy
Even as a young girl, Nancy Hodge thought she would enjoy working at the Episcopal Home. Her Aunt June was the head nurse here back in those days. Often, Nancy and a friend would make the short trip from school to the kitchen door at the Home. There, the girls would visit with Doris Jones, the administrator, and the kitchen staff, who would treat Nancy and her friend to a snack of apples or oranges.

Fast-forward many years. Nancy was retired from her career as a government employee and is considering a part time job. One day, her morning walk led her to the Episcopal Home. She stopped in to ask if there might be some work available. A short while later, the transportation job became available, and Nancy was hired. At the time she made it clear that she was only planning to work for a year or so. That was over 10 years ago, and we’re so glad she decided to stay.

Nancy plays a vital part in the services we provide. She helps them run errands and transports them to offsite events. Most importantly, she provides safe transportation to and from doctor’s visits. She drives one resident at a time to an appointment, waits there with the resident, and delivers resulting paperwork and information to the nursing staff. If requested by a resident or family, she sits in on an appointment to provide another set of ears. This individual attention is a unique service that we provide for residents and their families.

One-on-one time spent with residents is important to Nancy. She enjoys the talks they have while in transit and strives to give individual attention to each of her passengers. She likes that she provides an opportunity for them to be outside where they can enjoy the scenery and the change of seasons. 

Nancy dislikes sitting still, and we see often her in different roles around the Home. She is trained to provide aide duties, so she sometimes helps out with resident care. She never hesitates to assist with an activity or to help serve a meal. She loves her job and it shows.
“Before leaving on each trip, I always pray for a safe journey, and that the resident’s appointment is a blessing.”    –  Nancy Hodge

B I R T H D A Y S !

This month, we wish our following resident the happiest of birthdays! 

July 8 -  Myrtle

Join Us!
Our Volunteers Are The Best!

Our volunteer from Grane 
Hospice (right) arrived with 
all the fixings for  favorite summertime  treat - strawberry shortcake!  Everyone agreed that it was  delicious.

Our regular Tuesday Bingo game is a very popular event.  Jan Rose, a longtime 
volunteer and supporter of the Home, 
is leading this game. 
Around the House
Residents enjoyed a Hawaiian-themed party to welcome the summer season. 
Open For Business!

Every so often, Vivian sets up an impromptu nail salon for our ladies. What a nice gesture! We all need a little pampering once in a while.
Celebrating 90 Years!
This rendering shows the proposed addition to the Home as drawn by the architect in 1956. It depicts the addition's relationship to the original home. When it became a reality, the expanded space provided housing for 25 residents. To help defray the $200,000.00 cost of the project, the bishop suggested that each communicant in the diocese give something in units of 20 - 20 nickels, 20 dimes, 20 quarters, 20 half dollars, 20 dollars, etc. - to "share in the responsibility for this very necessary project."
You Can Make a Difference
in the Lives of Others
Some time ago, we applied for grant money to have badly needed handicap door openers installed at the entrances and exits used by residents. We were happy to receive significant funding in grant money, but we still need more to get to our goal. If you can help fill the gap, please mark your check accordingly so that you can be sure your gift is used for this essential project that will directly improve daily life for our residents.

Another important project that is underway is the renovation of our cloister area. The cloister joins the Home and St. Andrew's Church. It is one of the main entrances to the Home and provides a place where residents can sit, relax,and visit with their families. This area has not been renovated for 25 years and is often the first impression people have of us. At the moment it contains stained carpet, broken windows, mismatched furniture, light fixtures patched with duct tape, a non-functional heater and no signage indicating the entrance to The Episcopal Home. Work has already begun to spruce up this area so that we can provide a safe, welcoming environment for EH residents, their families, and visitors to the Episcopal Home.
We Count on Your Monetary Gifts

If you can help, please send your check to:
The Episcopal Home
206 E. Burd St.
Shippensburg, PA 17257

monetary contributions are tax deductible

Always Needed

Women's Large and XL "Depends"

Personal care wipes

It's a Win-Win!
The dedicated Quilters at St. Andrew’s in Shippensburg have a long history of supporting the Episcopal Home. 

To benefit the Home, they are offering handmade quilted items in exchange for
free will donationns. Available items include lap/baby quilts, larger quilts, purse-size tissue holders, table runners and toppers, casserole carriers, and more. You may request photos and sizes via email.
Click here below to email us for more information
New This Month
The small quilt pictured above features embroidered details
Purse-size tissue holders make great gifts - they even come with a pack of tissues tucked inside!
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Mission Statement
The mission of the Episcopal Home of the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania is to enhance personal care to residents, their families and that community that enhance physical, intellectual, social,
and spiritual wellbeing.