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We will be showcasing some of our new sales horses before they are added to the new web site. So make the most of the first viewing of new horses to our site members only ! You can click the images to see the preview page with more photos of the horses. 
If you are interested in any of these horses e-mail for more info. , web site  or


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Colts and Stallions For Sale

Pablo - Gelding
2009- 13hh

3 year old gelding standing 13hh, his sire is Valentino and his dam is by Producer stallion. He has one and a half blue eyes and has one of the best heads you will find in the breed today. He is very well marked, plenty of feather and is broke to ride and drive.





Leo - Colt
2011- 12.1hh
Cafe Press shop       

Very special colt from LLOYDS stallion and a very heavy small mare who is a direct daughter of Dick Smiths Black stallion. This colt is going to stop traffic as an adult and in this colour and breeding, he won't be found again soon. !! More photos to follow. Serious interest only please.





Mini Mo - Colt
2011 - 11hh 

 Mini Mo will make about 11hh, he has all the flash and quality of his father and the big traditional cob bulk of his mother.
His father is our MOSES stallion and his dam is our own silver dapple tobiano daughter of The Business stallion.  He was born Apil 2011 and is going to get better and better every year.



Vanilla Ice - Colt
2010 - 13.2hh

Cafe Press shop Vanilla Ice is a super creamy coloured colt by  Iceman stallion and a chocolate pony mare, he will make about 13.2hh. He has 2 striking blue eyes, so he is going to stand out anywhere he goes ! He has one sabino gene and is homozygous for chestnut !



Cheyenne Bodie - Colt
2010 - 14.1hh/14.2hh 
2010  amazing colt to make 14.1hh+, his breeding is second to none, his dam is a daughter of Lennys Horse and his sire is a son of Lion King ! He is well marked, unusual face/ear markings, well feathered, milk white mane tail and forelock. 





Olly - Colt
2010 - 14hh 

Coming 2 year old chestnut and white colt for sale, to make 14hh. Well marked, lovely colour, good head, very heavy, very quiet, suitable family home.





Preston - Colt
2009 - 14hh 
Preston colt

Very good coming 3 year old colt by Pretty Boy stallion and one of our own mares. Great splashy chestnut and white markings, odd ears, good head, is going to stand out from the crowd as a stallion. !
Located near Paris, France.
Apex - Stallion
2004- 14.1hh


Apex stallion 
As his name suggest, he is the pinnacle of what we have been striving to breed for generations.
A PERFECT example of a proper traditional gypsy cob stallion !! This stallion is a legend in the making ! He is a direct son of John Pratts Paddy Horse, his mother is a daughter of Eddie Alcocks Old Black Horse. He is for sale to a serious breeding home only. 
Located near Paris, France.


Mares and Fillies For Sale


Moses Filly
2011 - 13hh 

Thick and chunky filly by Moses stallion and a daughter of our Splash stallion and Poshes Mare. Well marked and super heavy, she will finish around 13hh.  Serious enquiries please.



Lydia - Filly
2011 - 13hh 

Vines Lydia is a splashy chestnut and white 2011 filly. Her sire is none other than our LLOYDS stallion and her dam is a red and white mare from Conners breeding. She will finish around 12.3hh. 

Poshes - Filly
2011 - 13hh 


Now this is a going to stand out from the crowd ! A very special filly ! May 2011 filly by our Moses stallion and Poshes mare, one of our best broodmares. Super heavy in body and masses of feather, one blue eye. She will make around 13hh and be is one of the best fillies we have from last year.

Midnight - Filly
2011 - 14hh 

The incredible Midnight Moses Filly ! All black, amazing body and head, she will make around 14hh, serious enuiries only please.


Our 2012 Stallion Line Up

Here we will be showcasing our 2012 gypsy horse stallion line up. We have 12 stallions with us as of Spring 2012. Some will be offered for sale as specified.  We will have off spring from these stallions for sale this year.

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