We have a late  installment  to our cyber week sale- some great
Kevlar  gloves! These are military surplus that were used for working on hot or sharp surfaces in engines rooms, on aircraft, or many other places. They are great for everything from mechanic work to butchering to even doing crafting- my mom who is a quilting fanatic loves them for working with sharp cutters. They make great gifts too. 

To give you an idea of what these usually sell for- look at a search on Amazon for Kevlar gloves at this link. You can see single pairs sell for $9-15 a pair. We are selling ours for much less in packs of 3 pairs. But we got a deal because styles and sizes are limited, so look to see what will work for you. At these prices you could get them and resell on Amazon or eBay and make a profit we have them so low.

First style are these thick full fingered gloves. They are a size Large/X-Large and are a really thick weave that makes them great for  working on hot objects while also providing cut protection. $9.95 for 3 pairs. These would typically retail for $12-15 a single pair for ones these thick.

Second type we have available are some nice finger-less Kevlar gloves. We like these for work where you need the dexterity of full fingertip contact but want protection on the palms. They are a size medium only in this style. This type is great for cleaning/filleting fish and similar details work with sharp blades. $8.95 for 3 pairs.

Next we have some finger-less gloves with silicone anti-slip dots. They are the same design as the above ones but with the addition of the anti-slip dots. I love these for doing mechanical work where I need to alternate between handling heavy/rough edged stuff and also working with small parts and fasteners that need the dexterity of your fingertips on the item. medium only $9.95 for 3 pairs.

Last we have these basic full finger thin Kevlar gloves. A basic, simple cut resistant glove great for anything you need to have cut resistance for. My mom is a quilting fanatic and loves these for working with sharp cutters, she says the quilt shops get $15 for just one glove! we only have size small in these, so think about the people in your life with smaller hands who do crafts, are homesteaders or anything else and get them a great gift with these! $8.95 for 3 pairs.

We still have a lot of our other Black Friday deals going and they are listed below- or to see them all  click here- or read more below to see what you may have missed!

PCU Level 7 Insulated Pants- 22.95

A special note on these PCU Level 7 pants. The PCU system was initially designed for Special forces units working in the mountains in Afghanistan, and these pants are the warmest layer of the system. the Primaloft used to insulate them is warmer than down and when wet it retains 96% of its insulating ability when wet. We got these pants in a lot when we bought out another dealer and saved them just for this sale- less than 30 available.

US Military Fleece Caps- Coyote or Black 7.95

Field Phone Wire Spool 22.00
US Military Canteen cup 7.95
Mess Kits 6.95

MOLLE 6 Magazine bandoleer _4.00

Magazine Pouches 3.00
Grenade Pouches 1.00 great for stripper clips

Pistol Mag Pouches 3.50
3 Magazine Shingle Pouch 4.00
ACU Large Packs 39.95

London Bridge Trading Admin Pouches 9.95
Padded War Belts 8.00
USMC MOLLE Vests 8.95

Patrol Sleeping Bags 12.50

Molle Utility Pouches 3.75
Used BDU Shirts 5.95

Wool Blankets 9.95

Field Jacket Liners 5.00
Real US Army WWII Leggings 3.75
US Military Wool Pants 8.95

30 Cal ammo cans 9.50
Rea US Military M-65 Field Pants 34.95- and we have XL
Trigger Finger Mittens With Wool Liners 7.65