Thursday, April 2nd 2015                                                                                                        Newsletter #1044




Hollow Creek Pictures and Dark Water Productions proudly announces their partnership on an intriguing new feature film, "Khali the Killer" with the multi-faceted Jon Matthews, owner of Hollow Creek Pictures stepping into the role of both writer and director. The collaboration on this highly anticipated project includes Sharry Flaherty, the force behind Dark Water Productions, and Adam Rennie, through his company Cardinalwood Content, as Executive Producer. These talented individuals are working with actor, Richard Cabral, taking on the role of Executive Producer as well as the lead role of Khali; Richard is currently in his reoccurring role in the new ABC TV hit show, "American Crime", with previous appearances on other high profile series such as "Southland" and "Cold Case." Holding both a Bachelor's and Master's in Fine Arts, Carole McClintock will add her skills as a cinematographer, and actor Ryan Dorsey, with roles in the "Mentalist," "Justified," and the 2015 release of Mel Gibson's "Blood Father," is slated for involvement in the project.


"Khali the Killer" is a rather dark drama, but with a light-hearted edge allowing it to be attractive to a broader audience. With the soft rock sounds of Neil Diamond as a background, from shootings to decapitation, this professional killer's victim list may soon end as Khali is looking to retire. The relationship between Khali and his grandmother is an exceptional work of showing two totally different generations, and brings to light the devastating issue of Alzheimer's. The care of such patients taking a toll on families, regardless of who is a family member, is a subtle thread woven throughout the story line. The deplorable conditions of nursing homes, the intricate relationships of a hired killer, and the inner workings of a cartel all expose an insight into the
complicated way of life revolving around an intriguing cast of characters. From a kidnapping to a rekindled love, the script is a look into the profession of hired hit men, cartels, and family dynamics, bringing into focus decisions that will impact lives forever.


While scheduled shooting is set for Los Angeles and East L.A., the film's development stage is working on completing funding with plans of having the film ready for submission deadline in September to the Sundance Film Festival. The industry seems to be hungry for independent film projects and the enormous amount of talent involved in such endeavors. The combination of the individuals involved in "Khali the Killer" will certainly prove to be a success and attract an audience of those wanting fresh, creative entertainment.


213 (Working title for
213 (Working title for "Khali the Killer")


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Patti Tripp

Dark Water Productions

Dark Water Productions