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July 1, 2016 Issue
Special Ramadan Series
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Eid al-Fitr will be on Wednesday, July 6, 2016, insha'Allah.

Renew Your Membership

Renew Your IEC Membership
For those who pay yearly we would like to encourage you to renew your membership at the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati at this time.
Don't forget about the option for monthly automatic deduction from either a checking account or credit card which makes paying your dues even easier and will automatically renew every year!

We Need You!
If you are not a member yet, there is no better time to join. Forms can be picked up in the office M-F 9am-4:30pm
* Flexible dues so that everyone can afford Membership
* Sunday School Discounts
* Hall Rental Discounts
* Eligible to Vote & run for ICGC Executive Board
* Reward from Allah *
* For your Sadqa-e-Jariya
Juma'a Times
1st Juma'a - 1:15 pm
Dr. Baher Foad
2nd Juma'a - 3:30 pm
Shaikh Hossam Musa
Iqama Times
Fajr: 5:00 AM
Dhuhr: 2:00 PM
Asr: 6:00 PM
Maghrib: Sunset
Isha: 10:45 PM

Donate Today
Khatm ul-Quran

Friday, July 1

On Friday, July 1 we will finish the recitation of the Quran. Please come and bring some dessert to share after in the Gym.
New Kiosk for easy Credit Card Donations at the Masjid!

Welcome to ICGC's new Donation Kiosk in the masjid atrium! Alhumdolillah for our IT volunteers for getting it up so quickly this week. Please say Bismillah by utilizing it before the end of Ramadan and anytime you would like to make a donation with a credit card. The category of donations are:
- Masjid Operation
- Zakat/Family Assistance
- Ansar/Membership
- Rahma
- Youth
- Fitra 
Zakat ul-Fitr
This is a kind reminder that Zakat ul Fitr is due before Eid ul Fitr prayer. This year, the amount due is $10 per household member (including newborns) and is obligatory on all heads of the household who have more than the minimum required amount of food to feed their families.
Ramadan Goal

Please Help YOUR ICGC by meeting our $250,000 goal during Ramadan

We are committed to making a positive difference in your life - spiritually and socially. We are building the needed staff infrastructure necessary with the hiring of the Imam, having a youth coordinator on-board and taking Rahma Community Services to the next level. 

Our family assistance program is growing as well to help the needy in the community. 
Our education programs are bringing great speakers and programming for your spiritual development. And programming for the kids/youth including Quran Connections is growing exponentially.

For all of this and more, we do need your support - both with your time and money. There are many opportunities to get involved and we hope you do as volunteers are the lifeblood and driving force behind the Center.

At the same time we also need your help with donations and reaching our goal of $250,000 during Ramadan. 

We have three very significant costs this year:
*Community Center HVAC replacement $70,000 
*Community Center Roofing $150,000
*Masjid Dome Major Repairs $180,000

Ongoing, we have maintenance costs which include fixed items such as:
*Security $15,000 per year
*Snow Removal $3,500 per year
*Cleaning services $13,000 per year
*Utilities $90,000 per year

We hope you can donate to one of these area (you can note on the check or add comment in Paypal). Or you can make a much general donation. Every dollar of your donation is a sacred trust and utilized for the Center's needs to serve Allah swt and all of you as our community. 

Please donate whatever you can via:
*Cash or Check - In the donation boxes, dropping off at the office or mailing it to 8092 Plantation Drive, West Chester OH, 45069
*Online - Paypal or Credit Card
If link does not work, please use this link or copy/paste in browser

We thank you very much for your support and pray Allah swt accept all of our ibadat and Duaas in this most blessed month. May Allah swt protect our community, our Islamic Center and our families.

Special Ramadan Series with Shaikh Hossam Musa: The Fiqh of Eid
Saturday, July 2    
After Asr salat  (Asr is at 6:00pm)
Inside the Masjid

Join us for the last Saturday Ramadan session with our new Imam, Shaikh Hossam Musa on the Fiqh of Eid.

Mother's & Young Children, Enhance Your Juma'ah Experience
Open Fridays and nightly in Ramadan during Isha and Taraweeh

The Mothers Prayer Room in the Community Center with beautiful surroundings make it easy for mothers with young children to listen to the Khutba and participate in Juma'ah congregation. It is open for the 1:15 and the 3:30 Khutbas and prayers and from 10:00pm nightly during Ramadan.

A new Islamic Kids library is inside The Mother's Prayer Room! Your little ones can enjoy these books during juma and then put them back for others to enjoy. 

Youth Group Retreat
Saturday, July 2
12:30am to Fajr
Community Center, GYM
Join us for our annual ICGC Youth Group Retreat. We will have many activities during the event involving our spirituality and the theme will be accountability.

Ramadan Series with Dr. Baher Foad

Sunday, July 3  
12:30 - 2:00 pm
ICGC Education Center, Mirror Hall
Lessons from the Qur'an Ramadan Special series

The last night of Taraweeh is on Sunday, July 3 after Isha (10:45pm)
"Parents at Taraweeh - Making it Work"
A wonderful and simple piece worth reading for by every parent:
Parents, Taraweeh is Sunnah
Taking Care of Your Children is Fard
Please drive very slowly and only park in designated areas for everyone's safety.
ICGC Ramadan Kids Program

The LAST DAY of the Kids Taraweeh program is Sunday, July 3
During Isha and the first 8 Raka'as of Taraweeh
No program on Monday, July 4th!
Kids ages 3-8 years Kids of this age have to be there unless they are praying the whole time.
In the Sunday school classes in the Community Center
Fee: $5/kid, or $8/2 kids (sponsorship coupons are available)

Eid Carnival
Saturday, July 9
Parking Lot & Gym
Entrance fee:
$8 individual (ages 1 & up)
$15 couple (ages 1 & up)
$30 for a family of 4 (ages 1 & up)
$45 for a family/ group of 6
Entrance fee covers cost of all rides. Food and vendor merchandise sold separately.  This is a not-for-profit event and all proceeds help to cover the cost of hosting this event.

Trackless Train Ride, Mechanical Bull for teens, Real Bumper cars, Turbo twist ride, Pony rides, Inflatables & more! Something for EVERY AGE!!!

Food vendors, KONA Shaved Ice Truck, Live Firefighters & Firetruck & Ambulance, Clothing vendors & Henna Artists too!

Do YOU want to be a vendor? How about becoming a sponsor and turn  this into a fun filled day to remember! 
Volunteers are needed as well! 
Contact: Camellia Noor @
Eid al-Fitr Parking Informationeidparking

Eid al-Fitr will be on Wednesday, July 6, 2016, insha'Allah.
Parking Pass (please read fully)

2 Eid Salats: 7:30am and 9:30am. You must display an ICGC Parking Pass on your rearview mirror in order to park on site. On July 6 all vehicles without parking pass must vacate by 6:45am and will be towing enforced by Millennium Towing. In main parking lot, park in LINED SPACES only and DO NOT double park because this will block bus from making their big turns. 

Additional parking is in the rear of the Community Center. 

Please help us to help everyone by following the direction of staff and volunteers and please show respect to those dedicating their time and hard work to ensure smooth flow and safety on this Eid holiday. 

When can you buy? 
For sale now to everyone until sold out.
See office hours below. Open late Fridays! 

2 Eid Prayers / 2 Eid Parking Passes
BLUE PASS is for 7:30 AM program/salat
PINK PASS is for 9:30 AM program/salat
More Eid ul-Fitr program details will be sent on a later date.

How much does it cost? 
Cost to Members $10. Cost to non-members $15.  Limit 1 per household.

Office Hours
Office will stay open until 6:30pm on July 1.  Please, no other business in the office after 4:00pm besides parking pass sales. 

Overflow Eid Parking at Meijer
Free parking and shuttle bus service will be available Eid morning from 7:15am-NOON at the Meijer parking lot. The 3 yellow buses will be making continuous trips back and forth from Meijer to the Masjid. Cars not displaying the parking pass may be towed at the owners' expense. Please be respectful of our neighbors on Plantation Drive as well as your fellow Muslims by driving slowly and allowing them to enter and exit their driveways.

Police Parking Restrictions on Plantation Drive
Important Note: Parking on Plantation Drive and the 2 side streets is being designated with signs as temporary no-parking by West Chester Police Department. Please pay attention and follow the direction of their signs. WCPD has the authority and will ticket or tow any car violating their parking restrictions. 

Parking Etiquette for Eid and all Year Round
We would like to encourage everyone to carpool where possible, as parking is filling beyond capacity every night at the Masjid.

There is no parking permitted on grass anywhere on the property other than the strip along the highway that is specifically designed for car parking. No parking in the turn-about drop off zone at the Masjid side entrance. Handicapped parking is for cars displaying handicap permit. Towing services will be performed by Millennium Towing and all fines are the responsibility of the vehicle owner. Please remember, there are good safety reasons these areas have no parking designations.

Volunteer staff may direct you to park in certain areas. Please show them courtesy, as they are giving of their time to ease the flow of traffic and help you to avoid the inconvenience of a towed vehicle. We thank you for your patience.

Remember to drive slowly through the neighborhood when coming to, and leaving from the Masjid! Please BE COURTEOUS to our neighbors and let them turn into their driveways.

Please park your vehicles in marked/legal areas only, do not park in the neighborhood homes/property. West Chester Police Dept. will be increasing their patrol around our center and they will issue citation for minor/major violations. We have also contracted with a towing company to remove vehicles parked illegally at the vehicle owners expense.

We request our community members to respect these rules and follow the direction of security staff/volunteers so that we may all be blessed with and enjoy a peaceful Ramadan at ICGC.
Rahma Ramadan Food Drive 2016
Ways to Give this Ramadan...

Ramadan Grocery Coupons
There are many in our community who are in need. For Ramadan, we want to be certain that they are able to break their fasts with enough food Insha'Allah. Grocery coupons are a way to make a difference for those in need. These coupons can be used at different Halal Markets to be able to buy groceries. 
How you can help?
Sponsor the grocery coupons (they are $25 each; sponsor as many as you want). The need is in higher demand this year so please give as you are able. You can also help to identify the needy so that we provide these coupons in a dignified way. 

Zakat ul Fitr
Please make your Zakat donations at this time. And please help us to identify the needy so that we provide in a dignified way.

Refugee Packages (ICGC Rahma's initiative)
Please donate money or items, such as toiletries to include in these relief packages! Toilet tissue, toothpaste, toothbrush, feminine hygiene products, soap, shampoo, etc.

Fast & Feed (ICGC Rahma's Initiative)
Rahma Community Services, an ICGC initiative, is spearheading the Ramadan Food Drive. We are accepting donations of non-perishable canned and boxed food during the month of Ramadan which will be distributed to local needy families. Please bring your donations inside plastic BINS in the Community Center or Masjid.

Qurans for Patients
Dawah resources for local hospitals for Muslim patients, prisoners and Muslim converts, at their request. The program is solely supported by your donations. PLEASE be sure to include the note that your donation is for Quran Program.
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ICGC Kids Summer Camp - Pottery!

ICGC Kids Summer Camp 2016
Pottery Camp
Ages 6-12
Mon - Fri (Jul 11-15) from 11 am - 2 pm
Cost is $90 per child. Register by emailing

Have fun with Pottery Projects with experts who will be providing a great hands on experience!

This class includes the introduction to the basic use of the pottery wheel as well as basic hand-building techniques. This is a great opportunity for students to receive hands on experience. Classes on the pottery wheel emphasize technical, personal and individual development for future abilities in the art world. Students will each complete a small pot on the pottery wheel and at least one other item using hand-building techniques. All artwork will be glazed by the student and fired. All supplies are included.
ESL Upcoming Session

Classes begin July 11 - Register now!

FREE ESL classes at the brand new Butler Tech Bioscience Center Campus.

Call 513-512-5801 now to register for classes.
Afreen Asif P&G Recognition

Afreen Asif, ICGC Rahma Chair, gets recognized at P & G for receiving Enquirer Women of the Year award for her social services work and establishing the Rahma Community Service Initiative.

Weekend Islamic School Student Registration for School Year 2016-2017
Sunday, August 14
First Day of school August 21, 2016
Please register your children on time. Door prizes will be available for first 25 registrants. 

Teachers Orientation
Saturday, August 20
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Xavier Interfaith Project & related Part-time Paid Work

Interfaith Project:
Xavier University is looking for 10 young Muslim professionals (ages 21-30+) to come together with other faith professionals (10 Jewish and 10 Christian) for 3 sessions

The first of these sessions is going to be held at Xavier on 8/21 and is going to be a study on the value and importance of lifelong study in these three traditions. In the following three sessions (Sept 25, Oct 23, Nov 20) we'll be studying on the environment, community responsibility and building a life (dating, married, having kids). These sessions will be at 3 different locations that represent these 3 religions.

Part-time Paid Interfaith Project Work: 
Xavier University with the Brueggeman Center is looking for someone in the Muslim Community to work with the Interfaith Project coordinators (Jordy Cohen and Judie Kuhlman) for a few hours every week on the  www.InterfaithCincy.orgwebsite. 
Please contact Shabana Shakir Ahmed if you are interested:

Amazon & Kroger Programs that Benefit the Masjid
Kroger: (April is time for annual re-enrollment so even if you are signed up please do it again! The Masjid has benefitted from 60 families being enrolled last year!)

ICGC is identified on these websites as "Islamic Educational Council"

Islamic Center In The News

Now more than ever the American Muslim community has to take control of their own narrative and must engage through making community news accessible, provide comments, and discussions on the stories relevant to our community. We have been blessed with wide and positive coverage of the Center.  When there is positive coverage we must all give feedback and acknowledge and appreciate the work of the media. Please take a few minutes to review the media links and give positive feedback where you feel comfortable.
orlandoArticles on Orlando Shooting:

WCPO article on our new Imam:

Articles following the passing of Muhammad Ali: