You’re used to our posts by now. We introduce you to kids. Share their stories. Share their heartbreak. Share their pictures. We do our best to make sure you get to know them as more than words in an outdated file. We do our best to bring them to life, and to let you get a glimpse of who they are. Maybe the picture of him laughing with a visitor made you pause. Maybe the story of her asking, begging, for it to be her turn to be adopted brought you to make that first inquiry. Whatever it was, advocating for these kids, and sharing them with you, works. Families are found, matches are made, and children are orphans no more.

But what happens when we can’t show you their picture? When we can’t share much about them at all? Are they any less deserving? No. In fact, they need our help almost more than the others, because they can so easily be forgotten. If we can’t see them, they aren’t there, right? But they  are  there. In orphanages. Waiting. We can’t show you her picture. We can’t share him with the world in hopes of resonating with one person – that person who might be his family. While we completely respect the country’s desire to protect the privacy, and the stories, of their children, it makes advocating for them that much more difficult.

So, today we ask of you, think of the stories that you have read, and the pictures that you have seen. Think of the kids who have touched your heart, whether they led you to make that first call or not. Now, for each one of those who touched you, think of the hidden children that we can’t introduce you to. Think of the ones who also wait, but who can’t be seen.

We are happy to let you know that USCIS is now accepting payment by credit card for form I800A and fingerprint (biometric) fees! 
In order to pay by credit card, please complete form G- 1450 and send in with form I800A. You can find the form here .

MAA will immediately be updating our New Client Packets to reflect this change. As always, please let your MAA Caseworker know if you have any questions.
Attention waiting families!! We are proud to partner with Brittany’s Hope, a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization dedicated to aiding and facilitating adoptions of special needs children from around the world. Brittany’s Hope recognizes the fundamental rights of all children. They empower families and communities to make real and lasting change in the lives of orphaned and at-risk children through international special needs adoption grants and humanitarian initiatives. We are honored to call them our partner! 

Brittany’s Hope has awarded MAA with a grant allotment this July. They entrust us to provide this money to our families who truly need it, and we are humbled to do so. We will be reviewing applications for the July allotment of the Brittany's Hope grant very soon. Interested in learning more about this grant? Please visit Brittany’s Hope website . Have additional questions, or interested in applying for the July allotment? Email Sarah Hansen .  The deadline to apply for the July allotment is July 6th.
Letter to Parents from Office of Children's Issues, Department of State

Have you filed a post-adoption report recently?  The Office of Children’s Issues reminds adoptive parents and adoption service providers (ASPs) how important it is to comply with the country of origin’s requirements for submitting post-adoption reports. Compliance with a country of origin’s post-adoption reporting requirements not only demonstrates U.S. families’ commitment to their children’s welfare, but also helps encourage countries of origin to continue placing children with U.S. families.

Please fulfill your post-adoption report commitments:
1) Check requirements for the country you adopted from;
2) Submit any outstanding reports by July 1, 2018 or as soon as possible; and
3) Make a plan for submitting future post-adoption reports by required deadlines.

Specific requirements for post-adoption reports vary from country to country, can be detailed, and may continue until an adopted child turns 18. See Post-Adoption Reporting Overview for more information.  
Families who came home with fireworks in their hearts in the month of June!