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 Please share this edition of Kidney Chronicles, our  eNewsletter designed to provide helpful  articles to ESRD patients as healthcare consumers.
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What is Sepsis? How do I Prevent it?
Checking your Vascular Access

The June issue of Kidney Chronicles features articles on identifying and avoiding sepsis, a serious infection complication, and simple steps for checking an AV fistula or graft daily.

Kidney Chronicles , is published by the Network to help educate and inform patients. Available in both English and Spanish versions, Kidney Chronicles is a two-page, printable  document.  Please distribute this newsletter to patients, family members and care partners.
Use this newsletter as an opportunity to start a conversation with patients about preventing infections, and the importance of early detection and monitoring of their permanent dialysis access.

Remember:  Reducing infections saves lives, and facility infection rates are part of the ESRD Quality Incentive Program (ESRD QIP).  Also part of the ESRD QIP, are facility vascular access rates, which are published quarterly on Dialysis Facility Compare.

Providers:   Please print copies of Kidney Chronicles (English |Spanish) to distribute to your patients, and encourage them to subscribe for an electronic subscription. 

PAC Members/SMEs: Please (if possible) check with your dialysis facility staff to ensure that the Newsletter is available for patients.

Please feel free to forward this e-mail to anyone that you feel would be interested in signing up for an electronic subscription.

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