Safety, Awareness & Self Defense Workshop
with Studio Jear's Martial Arts Instructor Master Katherine
Sunday, March 25th
2:00pm to 3:30pm

5 - 12 years of age 
13 - 18 years of age 

(2 AGE GROUPS - separate, simultaneous classes)

Deadline to register - March 22, 2018

Phone:  (904) 733-3724
Provide child / teen's first and last name and age as well as your own name and contact info.

Knowledge is Power - Let's give the kids / teens as well as yourselves knowledge which is education, awareness and prevention.

Studio Jear Kids Self Defense Class in Action

8206 Philips Hwy, #39
Jacksonville, FL  32256

One of the greatest things we can arm our young people with is knowledge. With the sad events added to the long list of school shootings so far in 2018 - Studio Jear Group Fitness will include an active shooter info / drill segment to the workshop.  

  • It's terrifying to think about your child ending up in a situation like the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, or  the most recent tragedy in Parkland, FL. But experts say not only should you think about it - you should plan for it.
  • Sadly, we're living in a new normal, where mass shootings are in the news regularly. As we've learned, nowhere is immune to this. The good news is that there's already proof that drills can save lives.  

Must pre-register
5 - 12 years of age group:  Studio Jear Group Fitness  will discuss and have experts on hand to talk to our young ones about peer pressure, social media, bullying, depression, make SMART decisions, drugs, strangers, unwelcome touching, what to do in a crisis - things that may save your child's life. Education is the KEY to keeping our children safe, in the know and a strong preventative from making the WRONG decisions! Each child will receive a Certificate of Completion and an interactive coloring book on safety & awareness - wonderful gateway parents & caregivers to broach what could be uncomfortable topics for you to discuss with your children.
  • Kids / Teens given handouts summarizing what they learned.
  • EXTREMELY EDUCATIONAL -  Parents' Roundtable Discussions while the kids / teens are in class!
  • Parents given handouts and informative websites on topics under discussions. Resource for help information. 
Each child in this group receives a Certificate of Completion.  

I bet no one has any idea how sad, lonely & empty I feel inside...
13 - 18 years of age group

Studio Jear Group Fitness will teach a class of awareness, prevention. control. Learn to stay calm in the middle of a storm, special combat techniques & skill sets. Bullying (includes cyber bullying) / stay safe on the internet. Techniques when confronted by peers or adults to keep  YOU safe!

How did I get in this situation - how do I get out of it?


          • One wrong decisions in seconds can last a lifetime.
          • Drugs - how to avoid the "peer pressure" trap.
          • I don't feel safe in school - what should I do?
          • Authority figures - what should I do or NOT do?
          • This adult is acting kinda crazy / I feel cornered - now what!!!????  

There's a lot out there facing our teens today.  Give them the tools to survive!

  • Drinking, drugs (prescription as well)
  • Relationships - how far should I go?
  • Wrong place, wrong time
  • Depression  
Studio Jear recognizes the MANY difficult topics that our teens face today. Drugs, peer pressure, depression, difficulty in acclimating to major changes in their home lives...our goal is to open their eyes to one bad decision made in 30 seconds can change not only their lives forever but the lives of all who love them. *Parents roundtable discussion - let's talk about WHY our teens don't confide in us" Learn the difference between "teen moodiness & depression" and much more. Teens will also have their own self defense session - verbal AND physical techniques. Avoid situations that can make life altering changes in your life or end it...
  black teen boy
What  you say and do REALLY DOES effect other people!
Underage drinking.  Not only is it ILLEGAL & DANGEROUS - you're opening a Pandora's Box to a whole host of problems.

(2 AGE GROUPS - separate, simultaneous classes)

Studio Jear's Martial Arts Instructor Master Katherine 
(4th Degree Black belt)
5 - 12 years of age group:

Master Katherine will be teaching a class of awareness & self defense for our young people. Education is the key on teaching your child how to stay safe, what to do in dangerous situations. This class will give them awareness and a gateway for parents / caretakers to have discussions with them on this all important topic. Here are some of the topics we will be teaching the kids:
cartoon black girl - stranger
Not every stranger is scary looking!  Some strangers look nice or pretty!  They're still strangers!

  • Strangers - the do's and don't's.
  • What to do if grabbed by a stranger (physical & mental tactics).
  • Gun Safety - what to do and NOT do if you find a gun
  • Educating parents - code words, putting your child at ease to talk to you about any topic.
  • Bullies - how to confront them safely and how to ask for help  
  • Social Media.
  • Question & answer period included.  
    No one deserves to be bullied! 
    How to make it STOP!
Girl taking candy at car
This is a NO NEVER!  Never approach or speak to a stranger in a car!
Each child receives  Certificate of Completion.  

girls arguing
Learn to avoid situations that will escalate
Give your child / teen every opportunity to recognize potentially dangerous situations and how to handle them. 

Some kid keeps talking about bringing a gun into school....should I tell someone?  

Classes will cover bullying (face-to-face & cyber); what to do if you are being followed by a stranger; what to do if you grabbed by a stranger; "this adult is acting CRAZY! - I feel cornered - what do I do now?"; If I don't take these drugs along with everyone else - they'll think I'm a punk, teen depression / suicide prevention - tips for parents on what changes to look for in your child!

These are some of the topics that will be covered and more. If this class helps even one child / young person stay safe or make a parent more aware of the dangers their child faces every day...we will feel that we've MADE the difference.  


Studio Jear Group Fitness
HUGE thank you to Mojitos for opening their facility and donating the space for this event!
Phone:  (904) 733-3724

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