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Kids' Art Show Reception: Friday 6-9pm!

The Kids' Art Show is tonight, folks! Come on by from 6pm-9pm to me the artists and educate yourselves about the world of art. Take it from Andrew Neal, BFA... it's better than an art degree!

Check out previews of some of the art below! If you can't make it in tonight, how about tomorrow? The Chapel Hill-Carrboro Holiday Parade is Saturday in the morning, and parking is free every Saturday in December!

Kids' Art Show Opens Friday, Dec. 10! See sneak peeks below!
We have 32 fantastic pieces in the show. Here are previews of three!
Detail from "...Rhymes with Dad," by Cora M. M. Russell. View the full piece this Friday at Chapel Hill Comics!

Detail from "Vanessa and Andy Get Married" by Aviva Pearl Metz. View the full piece this Friday at Chapel Hill Comics!

Untitled piece by Eli Timberlake. View it this Friday at Chapel Hill Comics!

Hello, folks! We're pleased to announce that after an absence last year, the Kids' Art Show is back for its fifth installation!

For anyone who wants to participate, our submission guidelines are below.

The show opens on Friday, December 10. We will host a reception from 6pm until 9pm, where you'll be able to meet the artists and talk to them about their art.

Please come out and meet the artists and have some snacks.


Here are our submission guidelines for our Fifth Kids' Art Show. The opening party for the show will be Friday, December 10, 2008, from 6pm until 9pm.

* Submissions are due between Wednesday, December 1 and Wednesday, December 8. Please do not bring submissions earlier because we will not have space to store them! Please don't bring them later because we will begin hanging the show Thursday, December 9!

* Submissions must be by kids in middle school or younger!

* Artists are limited to one submission. We want to be able to display work by as wide a range of artists as possible, so we won't be able to display more than one per artist.

* Submissions may be any media that we can easily hang. This includes paintings, drawings, photographs, collage, and more. Unfortunately this means most sculpture is out. A three dimensional piece which hangs from the wall is fine, as long as it's not too heavy for us to display, but we will not have the ability to display free-standing sculpture.

* Submissions must be framed and ready for hanging. If the piece is painted on stretched canvas, we can hang that easily without a frame, but anything on paper needs to be framed. You don't have to spend money at a frame shop; you can use any frame from the drug store, supermarket, or even thrift shop that fits your piece. We hate to turn anything away, but we will have to turn away art that is not easily hangable.

* The art doesn't have to be comic-related, but it can be if you want it to!

* Art in the show does not have to be for sale, but it can be!

* You will get your art back at the end of the show, unless you decide to sell it and someone buys it.

* Feel free to call or email if you have any questions!

* Just like with our other art shows, the artist puts a price on the art. We take a 25% commission, which means that if your art sells, we will collect the money, then, at the end of the show, we will give you 75 cents out of every dollar, and we'll keep 25 cents of every dollar. For example, if you put a price of $10 on your art, and someone bought it, we would give you $7.50, and we would keep $2.50.

* The show will last from Friday, December 10, until approximately Sunday, January 1.

* Teachers are welcome to present this art show to their students, but we cannot accept mass submissions from teachers. If kids want to participate in the show, they'll need to have their parents bring them to the shop to drop off the art and fill out a form.

* Have fun!

We hope to receive submissions from lots of kids for the art show. The receptions for the kids' art shows we've hosted in the past have been among the biggest we've done; they're a lot of fun!

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Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you soon!
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