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Happy New Year!
It's hard to believe that we are already half way through the school year! 

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In this Newsletter:
Kids Today...
basketball team helps deliver food
HS Basketball Team helps deliver over 3000 food items collected by WMS students.
Kids Today...

When someone shakes their head and says, "Kids today..." you know they are about to say something negative about kids. We can finish that sentence for them in a number of ways. 

 Kids today...
  • ... collect enough in donations to feed 200 families this holiday.
  • ... hold penny wars and challenges to raise funds for foster children.
  • ... collect eyeglasses to be recycled for people in need.
  • ... create stunning works of art.
  • ... make a kindness garden at their school.
  • ... achieve milestones playing basketball by making 1000 career points.
  • ... maintain high GPA's while participating in rigorous athletic programs.
  • ... start an Instagram feed to share all the great things they see happening in their school every day.
  • ... practice for hours so that they can perform in the latest play or concert, while keeping up with their homework and studies
  • ... start a twitter feed for the purpose spreading positive messages at their school
  • ... collect and distribute over 3000 food items those less fortunate in the community.
  • ... volunteer to be on the Peer to Peer Autism Team
  • .. participate in a 3 day retreat for Project TRUST (Teaching Respect, Understanding, and Student Teamwork) to learn how they can help to improve the climate of their school.
At least, that's what we see kids doing everyday at WCS!

Resolutions for the New Year

It's 2018!  Now is a terrific time to sit down with your kids and help them to set some goals for the last 2 quarters of the school year.

1. Know where they are:
Attendance - Is your child missing too much school? Are they tardy frequently?  Poor attendance habits can make it difficult for students to keep up with their peers. Chronic absence impacts their chances of graduating. 
Homework - Are they turning in all assignments and on time? 
Grades - Is the current GPA/grade the best that they can do or is there room for improvement?
Behavior - Are they having frequent discipline referrals or behavior issues?

Remember:   You can log into ProgressBook anytime during the school year to see your child's school attendance and progress.

2.  Set goals:
Help your child set reasonable goals in each of the areas above. Have them share those goals with their teacher. Post them in a prominent place in the house so that your child sees them every day and find a way to help them track their progress.

3.  Identify what their challenges/obstacles might be:
Talk to your child about any attendance, homework, grade, and behavior issues identified.  Review their goals and help them to verbalize any challenges and obstacles that might make attaining their goals difficult.

4.  Make a plan for improvement:  
Help your child develop a plan to overcome their challenges/obstacles. Get their teacher(s) involved and let them know your plans. They are there to help your student succeed. Talk to other parents to get ideas. Be sure to recognize their achievements as they reach their goals.
P/T Conference, Report Card Fair, ProgressBook, email, phone, newsletters, websites, social media, school events... there are lots of ways to stay in touch with your child's school. Reach out today and start a conversation.

Grade Level Centers

If you missed the latest news about our Grade Level Center Steering Committee in our last newsletter you can still catch up on the news. 

In a nut shell, we're looking at ways to increase student success by re-structuring our current elementary buildings into Grade Level Centers. 

If you have not yet visited our GLC web page, we encourage you to take a minute and read through our preliminary information. We will continue to update you on our progress through various communication channels over the next few months through face-to-face meetings, local media, social media, printed newsletters, and other avenues to keep the lines of communication open.

Coming soon...
FAQ's - We're compiling a list of your questions/concerns and will be adding an FAQ's section to the GLC web page. We'll let you know when that is available.

Grade Level Center Newsletter (December 14, 2017)

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WCS in the News

Our students have been in the news in the best possible way!  If you missed the Wilmington News Journal articles, don't worry. We've collected them for you on our website.  

Take a minute and catch up on what our students are accomplishing!

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School News:  
Stay Connected

Each building has their own website, calendar, and social media channel for your convenience.

*Please double check each building's calendar for changes as an event approaches.

D istrict Highlights:
WCS District:  Website  Like us on Facebook    Follow us on Twitter
1/2   Teacher Work Day - no students
1/3   Classes resume - 3rd Quarter begins
1/8   BOE Organizational Meeting 7:00 a.m.
1/15 Martin Luther King Jr Day - no school
1/22 BOE Regular Meeting 7 pm at WHS
1/31 Late Arrival

Additional Building Highlights:
Denver:   Website     Like us on Facebook   
1/3   Classes resume - 3rd Quarter begins
1/4   Student of the Month Lunch 11:30
1/8   Report Cards go home
        PTO mtg 6:30pm
1/11 Success Assemblies
1/15 Martin Luther King Jr Day - no school
        PTO Skate Date WCS Roller Haven 4:30 -7 pm
1/16 Harvest of Gold resumes
1/18 Parent/Teacher Conf. 4-7:30 pm
1/31 Late Arrival
        Monthly Behavior Incentives
        Student of the Month Lunch 11:30
East End :   Website      Like us on Facebook   
1/3   Classes resume - 3rd Quarter begins
1/8   Report Cards go home
1/10 PTO meeting 5:30 pm
1/15 Martin Luther King Jr Day - no school
1/16 Harvest of Gold resumes 
        Hurricane Pride Club Assemblies 9:30 & 11:30
1/18 Parent/Teacher Conf. 4-7:30 pm
1/25 Mr. Davis' Art Club
1/30 Caught Doing Good Lunch
1/31 Late Arrival
Holmes:   Website     Like us on Facebook   
1/3   Classes resume - 3rd Quarter begins
1/8   Report Cards go home
1/9   PTO mtg 7:00pm
1/15 Martin Luther King Jr Day - no school
1/16 Harvest of Gold resumes
1/18 Parent/Teacher Conf. 4-7:30 pm

1/31 Late Arrival
WMS:   Website     Follow us on Twitter   Like us on Facebook   View on Instagram
1/3   Classes resume - 3rd Quarter begins
1/9   Report Card Fair 4:00 pm
1/10 Report Cards go home
1/15 Martin Luther King Jr Day - no school
1/17 ABC mtg 5:00pm
1/31 Late Arrival
WHS:    Website    Like us on Facebook    Follow us on Twitter    View on Instagram  
1/3   Classes resume - 3rd Quarter begins
1/11 Report Card Fair 4:00 pm
1/15 Martin Luther King Jr Day - no school
1/24 Student of the Month Pizza Party
1/31 Late Arrival

For Athletic Events schedule please visit our website at  wilmingtonathletics.org and follow @WHSCaneAD on  Follow us on Twitter