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Nov - Dec 2012
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Enjoy the short story that inspired   Path of the Stray.

Celia woke up to the sound she loved-a chain snaking to the ground, the grid sliding back. A blast of cold air hit her face and she struggled to stand. Her legs were like rickety stilts, toenails clicking across the concrete. The kennel door was open. The air rushed in bringing a mixture of scents-rusty pipes, jet fuel, burning rubbish, ants, mud and urine. She took a deep breath and sneezed, her tail fanning back and forth.

She trotted out the gate, her shoulders nearly poking through her hide. Old bones ached and joints popped but Celia didn't care. She could smell Mother Earth and nothing else mattered . . .



To Do on a
Sagittarius Moon:



Changer up


Tell the truth

Take a day trip

Take a long trip

Be adventurous

Expand horizons

Release tolerations

Hang out with friends

Learn something new

Smile for no reason ! !

Finish that manuscript

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Hi Everyone!  

Welcome to the new format. If anyone has any suggestions - more for emerging writers, more astro, more LOA, more chocolate. please shoot me an email!  




New and Full Moon Eclipses in Sagittarius! See below. 


Mars has just gone into the earthy, sensual, productive, task oriented, discerning sign of Virgo and will be there until July 2012. This is the perfect time to get in touch with your discerning warrior energy. Check what area of your chart Mars is transiting and unleash your 'white tornado'!  Links below!  


Mercury is Retrograde again giving us all a chance to revisit our beliefs and ask if they are helping us along the path, or hindering. You don't win at chess by betting on each move. Sometimes you have to go backward to get a step forward. ~Amar Gopal Bose  


The changing face of our 'monsters' in film and lit is revisited at the Supernatural Underground site. Linked below. Please come weigh in.   

Latest News and Links
Vampire Evolution - Why our Monsters are Changing 
Mars in Virgo until July 2012
Find Virgo in your chart
New Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius Hints and Tips 

Align with the Stars - Nov/Dec 2011
Strange Attractors
The New Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius represents qualities of exploration and vision. Its themes are searching, learning, intuiting, understanding. Think Journeys into the unknown. The eclipse here conducts at high speed, always in the direction of the future. Make plans! Vision! The rulership of Jupiter, king of the gods, lends optimism, animation, confidence and overt power to this sign. This Sagittarius New Moon represents the glorious intellectual, philosophical and conscious perceptions we want to develop as well as the rugged, hearty, adventuresome and gallant approach to life. New  and Full Moon (live Dec 10th) eclipse scopes . . . 
Mercury is 'retrograde' from Nov 24th to Dec 13th. There are a few preconceived ideas about Mercury Rx so here's the real deal: Mercury is orbiting faster than Earth and a few times a year the little planet actually passes us up. From our perspective,it appears that Mercury stops dead in the water, turns around, and goes backwards. Not so, but it sure looks like it from where we're standing.

Astrologically, this is a time when we get to see just how 'in alignment' we are with various aspects of our lives. If we are racing over the top of our 'reality' without expressing essential core values, the universe (that's us!) hits the skids and shouts, STOP! If there are things we've been tolerating, avoiding or disconnecting from in an unconscious way, they become quite obvious. The upshot? This is a time to relax, reflect and allow. This post on How to do Nothing  found over at Good Vibe Blog might also be welcome. But if/when any thing goes 'haywire', it gets our attention big time. Mission accomplished! All it asks is that we take a new look at a belief, habit or 'rule'. Open mind!  Scopes, hints and tips here . . . 
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