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Your Questions Answered by Joanna Rueter, our Advance Care Planning Coordinator

Dear Joanna,
       What if I change my mind about what I wrote in my directive? Something might change in my life that makes me think differently about my choices.  What to do?   Thanks, Worried
Dear Worried,
        Good question! And luckily there's a clear answer.  Actually, the way we look at it is that: 1) Every adult 19-109 should have a directive and 2) Directives will need to be reviewed and possibly changed every 5 years minimum and whenever there's a significant change in circumstances - a change in medical diagnosis, a death, a divorce, or some other significant change in thinking. It's expected that directives are going to change.
    On the Vermont Ethics Network website there is an AUTHORIZATION TO CHANGE Form here:   Authorize to Change Form .   All you have to do is make the changes you want; make copies and send one to the registry with the authorization form and then get the updated directive to your agent, doctor hospital etc. and ask them to please replace the old form.
  As folks get more familiar with all of this it will probably seem quite simple. My doctor just had my latest directive scanned into my med file. No big deal.  Sort of like car insurance - you change the particulars in the insurance when your car gets older or you get a newer car - whatever.  Feel free to contact me with any other questions!  Joanna
Dear Joanna, 
There's a California radio station doing a bunch of talks on your favorite topic...end of life planning. The first one on Jan 10 was right up your alley. The next one on Advance Care Planning was Jan 24 but hasn't been posted yet. I suggest you share this with your readers.  End of LIfe Radio Project
Thanks, Mr. News Alert

Dear Mr. News Alert - Thanks so much. I always appreciate hearing about anything new on this topic. I will share the link and hope that the Jan 24 one is even better than the Jan 10 which is already good. Thanks again, Joanna 

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Apologies are important not just at end of life but at all times of life. 
Jane Brody's article in the NY Times explains the healing power--for both the giver and the receiver--of apology.

Yea, I am one with all I see, 

With wind and wave, with pine and palm; 

Their very elements in me 

Are fused to make me what I am. 

Through me their common life-stream flows, 

And when I yield this human breath, 

In leaf and blossom, bud and rose, 

Live on I will.... 

There is no Death.

~Robert Service

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