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Knife Rights News Slice - October 23, 2011


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In this issue:
Knife Rights v. NYC / DA Vance Lawsuit Update
Boston Proposes Anti-Knife Ordinance
Save $5 Attending New York Custom Knife Show
Carry a Knife - Save a Life™
2012 National Knife Law Preemption Campaign
WIN Prizes in our 1st Annual Facebook Jack-O'-Lantern Contest
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Knife Rights v. NYC / DA Vance Lawsuit Update

It still isn't safe for honest law-abiding citizens with a perfectly legal knife in their pocket to walk the streets of New York City, or take the subway. Knife Rights' legal team continues to help new clients who have been arrested and continues to get their cases dismissed, the latest just last week. But, that still leaves these victims of NYC District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr's persecution out of pocket a good deal of money, their valuable time (to say nothing of sleepless nights) and the persecution continues. That's why we filed a Federal Civil Rights lawsuit back in June.


Knife Rights' lawsuit against DA Vance and the City of New York continues to move forward. The State of New York has been dropped as a defendant after it determined that the events occurring in New York City are strictly a New York City issue, rather than an issue of state law. That is good for us.


Recently, the City filed its response to our Complaint, and as expected, DA Vance filed a motion to dismiss the suit. We are presently working to respond to the DA's motion.  


The City does not appear to dispute the lawsuit's basic claim that NYPD officers are using New York's "gravity knife" law to prosecute possession of common and ordinary folding knives. As anticipated, it appears that both the City and the DA intend to argue that the "gravity knife" law encompasses one-hand-opening and assisted-opening folding knives, and hence, that the law is not "impermissibly vague" as we claim. That circular argument is no surprise; after all, that's the root of the lawsuit and those are the issues we are prepared to go to trial on.


A magistrate judge has been assigned, which will help move things along quicker (that being a relative term considering this is federal litigation) and Judge Ellis has scheduled a court conference for early November. We are hopeful that we will be able to begin discovery from the City and DA Vance after this conference. No doubt there will be potholes aplenty along this road, but that's how it works when you go toe to toe with one of the most powerful cities and DA in the country. We're up to the fight.  


In the meantime, never carry your knife clipped to your pocket in New York City. Even when covered by a jacket, simply moving the jacket aside to get to a wallet has been enough to get folks arrested. Always ensure your knife is completely concealed at all times.  


If you are arrested for possession of an "illegal knife" in New York, please contact Knife Rights at:  

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Boston Proposes Anti-Knife Ordinance  

The proposed Boston ordinance "PROVIDING FOR THE LICENSING OF STORES THAT SELL CERTAIN KNIVES" has been presented to the city council.  

We might wish it were just a silly Halloween prank, but these politicians are serious, and that makes it a scary issue. This proposal to license so-called "convenience stores" in order to be able to sell knives two-inches and longer doesn't accomplish anything but to cost businesses additional hassle and money, which might well succeed in their ultimate goal of making it impossible for law-abiding citizens to buy a knife at their local convenience store. That is discriminatory against both citizens and these businesses. These businesses may well decide it is too much trouble and expense to bother with knives anymore, which is obviously what these politicians want. But, this will not make a dent in crime or violence, their supposed excuse for this stupidity. This proposal is wrong on so many levels. You can review the poorly conceived and drafted proposed ordinance here: Try not to choke upon reading it.

You can pretty much guarantee that when politicians are talking about blaming inanimate objects for crime, that it is only the honest citizens and businesses that will be impacted by their proposed solution. Nobody wanting a knife will have much difficulty buying one someplace else, either at non-convenience (inconvenient?) stores, because most other stores except ill-defined "convenience" stores are exempted from this licensing (or perhaps not), or via the internet or from a somewhat less convenient convenience store across the city line. I recall living in a dry town some years ago. It was easy to find the town line; you just looked for the liquor stores with the big parking lots. No matter what these politicians do, they cannot and will not stop knives from being sold to those who might use them in criminal activity and no regulation of knife sales will stop violence.

Boston code already restricts sales of knives over two-inches long to minors and these, like all retailers, already must be licensed to do business in the city. Knife Rights continues to lead the fight against this absurd and unnecessary proposal. Our lobbyist is working hard to prevent what has happened with guns in Boston to be repeated with knives.

When Knife Rights stands up against an anti-knife proposal like this, even if it is not in your backyard, we need your support because if we lose, then we all lose, and when we win, we all win. No matter the result, the other side has to understand there will be no more easy rides when they try to take away our knives and our rights. Standing up for our rights does not come free, please consider donating to help pay for this effort. We need your donations and we need your voice to be heard by the Mayor and City Council of Boston.

If you are a Boston citizen, now it time to contact your Councilor and POLITELY express your opposition to this unnecessary and discriminatory proposal: or you can call 617-635-4500 and ask for your Councilor. Additionally, you can email Mayor Tom Mennio at or call his office at 617-635-4500. 
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Visit Knife Rights at New York Custom Knife Show and SAVE $5 

Knife Rights will once again be attending the New York Custom Knife Show, held this year in Jersey City, New Jersey, right across the Hudson River from New York where District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr.'s persecution of knife owners and retailers continues. While our Federal Civil Rights lawsuit against the city and DA continues, yet again NYCKS must be held outside the city to ensure that no knifemakers, dealers or the public are subject to the DA's outrageous intimidation and abuse of the law.      


Save $5 on admission with the coupon below and join us on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, November 18-20 and see what it is we are fighting for, our right to own and carry these extraordinary tools. You could win valuable door prizes and Collector Pass admissions are eligible to win one of the knives show below. Full details at:    

NYCKS Coupon 

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Carry a Knife - Save a Life™ 

Adam Clark carries a Leatherman Wave, with one-hand-opening and locking blades, everyday. When he discovered his 2-year-old son being choked by a window blinds cord, "so tight that I could barely get a finger under it!" he said, "instinct kicked in! I pulled my Wave out and opened the sheepsfoot blade..... one quick swipe and he was free!"

Clark explains that this is "the reason every parent should carry a knife," and we wholeheartedly agree. As this case shows, the ability to open a blade with one hand is a practical necessity in many instances. And, the lock for the blade ensures the user's safety, and in this case, a young child's life. Only intellectually suspect politicians trying to pander to the Anti's equate such a practical concept with criminal activity. K
nives are one of man's oldest tools and deserved of protection as both versatile and lifesaving tools and as arms. Carry a Knife - Save a Life!™ 

Help Knife Rights turn the tide. As we succeed in repealing bad knife laws and passing good knife laws, we also pave the way for a change in attitude. It won't happen overnight, but we can make a difference with your support.  Join Knife Rights today!  
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2012 National Knife Law Preemption Campaign  

Knife Law Preemption prevents cities and towns from passing a patchwork of unreasonable knife laws and repeals existing local knife laws. Knife laws should be consistent across any given state so that you don't have to fear senseless prosecution just for crossing an arbitrary political line with your knife. Knife Rights chairman Doug Ritter recently did a video to explain what Knife Law Preemption is all about. You can view the video on the Knife Rights YouTube channel.

Preemption Video 

Knife Law Preemption is the essential foundation for improving knife laws. Without strong preemption, passing good knife laws at the state level can be easily undone by more restrictive local ordinances. (Read more about Knife Law Preemption here.)

Due to the efforts of Knife Rights, in 2010 the Arizona legislature enacted the nation's first Knife Preemption Law. Utah and New Hampshire followed suit earlier this year. Now we are looking ahead to the 2012 legislative sessions.

Knife Rights has launched preliminary efforts is as many as 10 states for 2012, but if we are going to be successful we need YOUR help. Passing Preemption in a state costs Knife Rights thousands of dollars. Every dollar you give helps to move things along and build momentum so that we can eventually pass Knife Law Preemption in all the states. For a Sharper Future™ tomorrow, we need your financial support TODAY!  Please make a contribution NOW!

Donate w CC
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WIN Prizes in our 1st Annual Facebook Jack-O'-Lantern Contest  

Knife Rights JackOLantern 2011 Our knives are tools with many practical uses and one we here at Knife Rights enjoy every year is carving up pumpkins to create Jack-O'-Lanterns.This year we've decided to let everyone join the fun by having a contest and handing out some cool knives and knife gear as prizes.

We have plenty of prizes, so be safe--no prizes for bloody photos, and get creative. Within the bounds of "family friendly" we don't care what you carve or how your carve it, but your jack-O'-Lantern photo must include your knife--someway, somehow. Anyone can stick a knife in the pumpkin for scariest, but what are going to do to make it funny or the traditional pumpkin Charlie Brown searches for every year? Show off your Halloween best and win!

Categories: Traditional - Funniest - Scariest - Knife Rights Themed

Get to carving!  Post your photo on the Knife Rights Facebook Page:

Contest ends Midnight PDT 10/31/2011, decisions of Knife Rights final. Posting an image is license for Knife Rights' promotional use. Winners will be posted on the Knife Rights Facebook page. 
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