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March 15, 2017
Upcoming Emmaus Walks
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 Upcoming Emmaus Events

Dallas Men's #267
04/20-23, 2017
Mt. Lebanon

Dallas Women's #268
06/15-18, 2017
Camp Copass


The DEC 2017

 are available! 


Kairos of Texas



If you know  any woman who  would benefit from 
Kairos Outside,
 please visit   KONT  
and visit  the Guest tab for the reservation form.

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Walk to Emmaus Logo
      Dallas #267 Men                Dallas #268 Women
       04/20-23, 2017                 06/15-18, 2017    
      Mt. Lebanon                       Camp Copass   

Pilgrims spots are available on both Walks - sign up today! 


Click here to view Walk Rosters
The Community is encouraged to attend the following events:

which starts at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday.
Candlelight begins at 8:00 p.m. on Saturday.
Closing will start around 4:00 p.m. on Sunday.
Please be careful not to arrive earlier than 7:15 p.m. if just attending the Candlelight services on Saturday.
The online Prayer Vigil  supplements (but does not replace) the paper Prayer Vigil passed around at Candlelights and other DEC events for signature. Both Prayer Vigils are posted during Walks for Pilgrims to see who has been praying for them.    

The Prayer Vigils are now available online for the 2017 Walks.  Go to the  Walk Roster and click on the Prayer Vigil to add your name and pray for the Pilgrims!

Please prayerfully consider if you are being called to sponsor  
a friend or member of your congregation.

"The aim of sponsorship is to build up the body of Christ."
 from   The Upper Room online 

Welcome Reverend Jeff Garrett 
our new Dallas Emmaus Community Spiritual Director

Reverend Jeff Garrett was born feisty in 1964, raised in Garland, played soccer (futbol) before it was cool, and surrendered to Jesus in 1973. Jeff graduated from UT Austin and was called to ministry in 1986. He is a classic rocker but listens to all sorts of music, and he loves to drive v-8's with stick shifts. After spending 3 years as youth pastor in Dallas, he married out of his league in 1988. He graduated Asbury Theological Seminary in 1992 and became an ordained elder in 1994. He is moved by the authority and power of God's Word, and loves bringing it to life.
Jeff loves good worship, fights with electronic gadgets (grrrrr), and wools on the family's two slobbery Boxer dogs. He is strategic yet creative, a futurist, a lifelong learner... and also a lifelong Batman fan! He has spent 25 years pastoring in North  Texas. He finds life and church at their best when they are both fun and meaningful. He loves his 4 children (ages 17-25), is crazy in love with his wife, Cindi, and absolutely loves hearing, "you don't look like a preacher!"


Dallas Emmaus Community Board Elections
for 2017-2018

It's that time of year again.  Each year, the Dallas Emmaus Community holds elections to select 4 new members to serve on the Dallas Emmaus Community Board of Directors. Two men and two women will be elected to replace outgoing members of the Board.  Once elected, new board members will serve a 3 year term, beginning in June, 2017.

The slate for this year are as follows. We will elect 2 men and 2 women.
Dan Whitmire 
Michelle Duke
Spence Gardner 
Rebecca Jones
Nathan Howard 
Lanie Williams 
Kurt Knebel 
Becky Davis 
There are two ways to vote.

1.  From the Dallas Emmaus website, download a copy of the complete ballot, which includes biographies.  Fill it out, sign it and mail it in to the address on the ballot.  Your ballot must be postmarked by April 30, 2017 in order to be counted.  To find a copy of the ballot, go to www.dallasemmaus.org

2.  Attend a candlelight and vote in person.  Ballots will be available at the Candlelight for Men's Walk #267 (Saturday, April 22). 

To count, your ballot must be received or postmarked by April 30, 2017.
  Results of the election will be announced in early May. 

Our community is blessed with willing volunteers and elected servants who give of their time and talents for the Lord.  Please do your part.  Take a moment now to pray and then vote for the four new members of your choice for the 2017-2018 DEC Board of Directors. We want everyone to vote so don't delay!


Message from the Board
Where Souls Meet
When I took my Walk, I felt a new sense of God in my life.  I felt like I had just entered a new neighborhood or a new city or maybe just another room.

I have been flying airplanes since I was 16 years old. Before the magic of GPS navigation, we depended on radio signals that were different for every degree on a compass for us to fly from point to point. There were radio beacons all over the country so you could fly one direction and actually cross another radio signal from a different beacon. Where these radio signals crossed were called "intersections" just like where two streets cross.

The Walk to Emmaus experience to me has some of that same analogy. We go through the motions every day of getting on the same streets to go to work or to take the children to school or just to go to the grocery store. Often we don't find new intersections because we aren't looking for them.

I was so stuck in my ways and frankly such a naïve Christian when I took my Walk that I didn't fully understand nor did I seek to know much more than what a fun fellowship that I had at my church on Sunday morning and what a great job that I thought that I was doing in my various roles on church committees.

All of that changed when I came home on Sunday evening after my 72 hours with God. My Walk was after Easter. I had not really been struck with the Holy Spirit until I took my Walk. I thought back to the Easter that had occurred the month before and now that my eyes had been opened I could not wait for the next Easter season when I could really feel the 40 days and understand what that Cross meant.

Well, back to my analogy of the radio beacons that guided me. I think that on every Walk to Emmaus we are guided by a different kind of beacon. And on every Walk there are souls that intersect and new purpose is found.

In this Lenten Season leading up to the renewal of our faith, let's think of those who we know can intersect with Jesus and whom will forever be a beacon for someone else by sponsoring and by working in our Emmaus community and in our church. Let's contribute to the Dallas Emmaus Community so that we can afford scholarships for those who may otherwise miss the opportunity of Emmaus.

I hope that our lives intersect on this magical path called the Walk to Emmaus.

De Colores!

Ed Dayton
Walk #147, May, 2001
Table of Luke
DEC Finance Chair

thank you  

Shelby Barley and Steve Seeley

The Dallas Emmaus Community would like to thank Shelby Barley and Steve Seeley for their years of faithful service in making buttons for Emmaus Walks. We wish you well as you move on to other things and pray you will feel God's blessings after a "job well done"  .



 Looking for Pilgrims


Who do you know that needs to experience the same love that you experienced on your Pilgrim Walk? 

Sponsor a Pilgrim and encourage others to sponsor a Pilgrim and give your friends the opportunity, through an Emmaus Walk, to feel the awesome power of God's abundant grace and love!

There will be five Emmaus walks this year - let's fill them up! 

Applications can be downloaded by clicking here.

KAIROS of Texas


Looking for an opportunity to serve in a powerful ministry?  Visit Kairos of Texas online to find out about the units and areas of ministiries near you. 


Kairos is a prison ministry whose success is dependent on the community of faith support in providing agape such as prayer chain signatures, cookies, and financial donations.  If you are interested in knowing more about how you can participate, or to find out how to attend a Kairos closing, email the editors for information.


"... whatever you did for the least of my brothers, you did for me."
~ Matthew 24:40

Available for sale at Dallas Emmaus Community Gatherings
and Candlelights 





Successful Sponsorship

Are you interested in sponsoring a Pilgrim on an upcoming Walk? Be sure to check out the "Successful Sponsorship" video that was recently posted on YouTube. Whether you are a first-time sponsor or a seasoned veteran, you're sure to pick up some great tips to help your Pilgrims have the best sponsorship experience possible. To view the video, click here

4th Day Help Needed!   
Working on a Fourth Day Team is a rewarding way to participate in the Emmaus weekend as as the hands and feet of Christ, and the easiest way to stay connected with the Community.  To sign up, view the Walk Schedule to get in touch with the 4th Day Director for the walk you want to serve on.   

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IMPORTANT TO NOTE: You do not have to be on Facebook to see what's going on...  click here to see what's it is all about.  Email Melinda O'Brien with any questions. 


You can easily donate money to the Dallas Emmaus Community at any time by clicking  here. PayPal is a secured donations system which directly deposits all funds into the Dallas Emmaus Community account.  This is a great way to make payment for a pilgrim you are sponsoring or to keep the cost affordable for others who may not otherwise have means to sponsor a friend or loved one. 

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