March 1, 2018
14 Adar 5778

Parashah Ki Tisa

   Shabbat Candle Lighting 6:07 p.m.

Tammie Rapps
Head of School

"Oh today we'll merry, merry be and nosh some Hamantaschen." So goes one of the many joyful songs we sing with the children on the very festive holiday we celebrated today. Next to Chanukkah, Purim may be the holiday most looked forward to by Jewish children everywhere. And yet, the fact that we were on the verge of annihilation is relatively downplayed compared to our celebratory emphasis on our survival. There are books in publication that actually ridicule our faith BECAUSE we turn near death experiences into celebrations. However, modern research into neuroplasticity and positive psychology suggest that our sages had the right idea all along, and we can use it as a model for coaching children through hard times.

When our children come home and say they had a bad day, we can make a big deal, ask a ton of questions, harp on the many ways they were wronged and keep them talking about it. Or, since bad days (and weeks and months) happen, we can listen and then make a big deal about how they made it through; how they handled it. This is exactly what we do on Purim. We acknowledge the bad/scary/upsetting experience (megillah), then we move on to doing nice things for others (mishloach manot), and we end by rejoicing on the fact that we survived and came out stronger (seudah). By doing this consistently, we can actually change our brain chemistry to be happier, more positive people. It doesn't mean we dismiss our children or their experiences, but we don't need to obsess over their upset either. Let's learn from Purim and teach our kids to spend less time dwelling on what's wrong and start celebrating what's right!

Now let's go nosh some Hamantaschen...
mazal tov

Mazal tov to the Schick family on Daniel's bar mitzvah.


Friends and family gathered on campus Monday to pay tribute to Leslie Schultz z"l, a beloved founder of our Schultz-Rosenberg campus and passionate supporter of Jewish education. 

Following tradition that allows escorting the deceased by places of significance in his/her life, the funeral procession passed through campus. Our campus community recited a chapter of Psalms in honor of Leslie, a past Akiba board member, parent and grandparent. 

May her memory be a blessing.


From our infants to our middle school students, everyone got into the Purim spirit today. The Megillah reading was inspiring. The costume contests were hard-fought. And the petting zoo, bounce house and hamantaschen made everyone smile.

Check out more photos here


Middle School students get dramatic during the improv/drama elective taught by Josh Rapps.



At a recent gathering of It's a Girl Thing, middle school girls delved into the story of Queen Esther, making masks to help examine the concept of hidden and revealed selves.



5th grade brings the value of chesed (kindness) to life with a visit to seniors who live at The Tradition retirement community.

Dr. Debbie Greene's 2A class looked through the vast selection of library Olympics books. For the last two weeks, students studied the history of the Olympics, the 2018 Olympics and Olympians.


Donors exceeded fundraising goals for the Mitzvah Moment, equipping five Akiba classrooms with furnishings to enhance student ingenuity, collaboration and creativity. Mitzvah Moment is an opportunity during our annual fundraising event to raise money for a  specific school initiative. Learn more in the video below.
Our "chefs" came together for our school, representing Akiba parents, alumni and past parents: Lizzy Rosenberg Greif '80, Stephanie Prescott, Lindsay Hochschuler, Lisa Ido, Liran Haviv, Aaron Pinkus, Craig Mellman '95 and Rachel Gasc.

The Kosher Dallas community joined in, offering the best from A Taste of the World, Aderet, Dallas Kosher BBQ, Meat Point and Simcha Kosher Catering.
TEAM LIZZY was crowned Master Chef by judges Ruthy Henkin, Bradley Laye, Lowell M ichelson and Rachel Pinn.
Don't miss out on being pa rt of this powerful Mitzvah Moment.  Change s tudents' lives  HERE !