April 27, 2017 2 Iyyar 5777


Candle Lighting 7:49 p.m.
Today we celebrated Rosh Chodesh Iyar with a spirited Hallel in both Lower and Middle schools. This month, sandwiched between the Hebrew months of Nisan and Sivan, includes Yom Ha'Atzmaut, Israel's Independence Day, and Yom Yerushalayim, the anniversary of the 6 Day War when Jerusalem was reunified. Last night, teacher Sarit Sabo shared the following Dvar Torah to explain the temporal placement of the month at the monthly Akiba Board meeting. These historical events occurred in a month flanked by the most significant events in Jewish history. During the month of Nisan, Pesach commemorates our birth as a nation; through our miraculous exodus from slavery, God formed us into a people. Seven weeks later, in the beginning days of Sivan, God bestowed the Jewish People with the greatest gift: the Torah at Mount Sinai. Both the exodus from Egypt and the revelation at Sinai were miraculous events, brought about by the wonders and power of God and the former slaves marveled at the spectacles. The miracles of 1948 and 1967, which took place during Iyar, differ in a significant and powerful way. At a time when there are no longer open miracles, the Jewish People had to exert tremendous efforts to establish, retain, build and grow the State of Israel. They actively sought God's protection and help and toiled tirelessly to partner with God in the creation of the Jewish State. Over the course of these three spring months, we as a people celebrate the nation, land, and Torah of Israel, the three immutable pillars on which the Jewish People stands.

The land and state of Israel hold an essential place in an Akiba education. Israel is a religious ideal as well as a place that captivates our imaginations; it is a role model in innovation and a living lesson in social studies. Israel is part and parcel of our Akiba identity. Please join us for a meaningful evening on Monday, May 1, at 7:30 p.m., as our 4th through 8th grade students remember Israel's fallen heroes and celebrates Independence Day.
Shabbat Shalom,
Tammie Rapps 
Head of School 


  • April 30, 10 a.m., Main Atrium: Jewish Federation's Super Sunday, the federation's largest annual phone-a-thon.
  • May 1, 7:30 p.m., Gym: Israeli Memorial Day & Independence Day program by grades 4th-8th. Appropriate for ages 10 and up. 
  • May 7, Noon-4 p.m., JCC: Israeli Independence Day Celebration. Visit the Akiba booth!
  • *May 18: Arts & Music Evening has been cancelled due to calendar conflicts.
  • Thursdays, 8:30 a.m., Boardroom: Rabbi Rackovsky's Pathways in the Parsha.
Congrats to Yasmine Abouzaglo on celebrating her bat mitzvah with the middle school recently. 

Mazel Tov to the Horowitz family on the birth of a baby girl.
Congrats to the following members of our Akiba staff:
Chris Brons and his wife Dessiree welcomed a baby girl.
Rabbi Zalman and Risa Dubrawsky had a baby boy.
Lindsey and Julian Retan welcomed a baby boy.
Terri and Richard Rohan's daughter, Emily, became engaged.
Dmitriy Teplitskiy welcomed a new grandson.

Celebrate your commitment to Israel with a sponsorship of this program. Levels start at $54, but all gifts are appreciated. For more information, contact Lisa Kramer Morgan by email.

In honor of the recent holiday, kindergarten helped clean campus and signed a pledge to love the earth and to take care of it. 

First graders have been learning about writing friendly letters. They have sent and received various letters, including to adults and students in our school community, and, before Pesach, sent persuasive letters through the real mail to their parents.

Debbie Greene's 2rd grade class gets scientific on a recent trip to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science.


The culminating project in the 8th grade's English-Social Studies Humanities class is a Yom HaShoah Program, which is presented to guests, colleagues and the 6th and 7th grades. This is a collaborative, student-led, peer-centered program that focuses on education, commemoration and lessons drawn from the Holocaust.

This year's program, "Fractured Lenses," was meaningful, educational, creative, interactive and engaging. The program met every one of Akiba's Seven Pillars, and we are so proud of and grateful to our 8th grade and their vision, dedication and perseverance. Special thanks to teachers Adina Richman and Orly Fass!


Morah Mooka and Morah Sarah's Nitzanim class have been introduced to two new language and literacy challenges. Many of the children have mastered recognizing their names by sight. Now, when being dismissed to snack or lunch, the children listen out for the letters of their names. This exercise helps strengthen their auditory and listening skills. The children have been catching on and are excited to hear and recognize their names this way. The second method we began to use is name cards. Each child has a card with their picture and name on it. The cards are laminated so that the children can practice writing their names over and over again.


Inspired by the upcoming holiday of Yom Ha'Atzmaut, and after looking at pictures of the Kotel, Akiba Chaverim students Kira, Kelsie, Maddie and Sienna built the Kotel in the Engineering and Block station.  They started with big blocks at the bottom for a solid foundation then continued upward using the smaller blocks for the upper portion.  They created a mechitzah for men and women to pray and added other buildings around, just like in Yerushalayim. These are engineers at work!

Thank you to all the Akiba current and past parents, grandparents, faculty, staff, alumni and friends who have generously supported the 2016-17 Akiba Fund. 

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