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March 14, 2018 




March 16
7:30 pm -
Shabbat Services

March 17
9:00 am -
Torah Study

10:30 am -
Torah Service
Shabbat Shalom!
The Supper Club will meet at the PCC in Redmond at 5:30 pm.

Bring a Seder food item to services (see article below). Special Sisterhood Shabbat service will be led by Rabbi Yohanna Kinberg along with Kol Isha members. Music will be provided by Jason Zions.

Torah Study this week will cover Vayikra.


There will be a Torah Service directly following Torah Study. All are welcome!
This week with Rabbi Kinberg

Passover is coming!
Growing up, as soon as Purim was over we began to clean for Passover. Every inch of our home and cars. Nothing was left untouched. It was grueling.
It was an accounting of sorts. We had to hold onto every thing we owned, acknowledge it and put it back-or get rid of it if it was not needed. It was getting ready for Passover and a Spring cleaning.
Today I know that my own family and many families in our community are not as fastidious about cleaning for Passover as generations past. The anxiety over leaving behind a speck of hametz (non-kosher for Passover items) has eased. We do not hold the same ideas pertaining to sacred and profane, clean and unclean...we are much more nervous about germs than hametz. Science defines clean and unclean in our own generation. We know that nothing terrible will happen if we do not clean for Passover. So we have eased up on the cleaning aspect of the holiday. Yet...yet I can't help but think, in our maturely culture, that we might need to bring back a focus on the cleaning aspects of Passover. For the sake of our own well being.
Perhaps we are losing something in not putting energy into Passover cleaning, psychologically and spiritually, at this season. Perhaps the ritual of cleaning for Passover, getting rid of all that we do not need, is something we need to bring back into our lives. A spirituality towards the home and self that directs us not only towards greater joy, but greater generosity and simplicity.
Hametz is more than leavened bread. It is holding onto that which feeds our egos-but not our lives. Cleaning for Passover can help us let go of that which keeps us prisoners of our egos and trapped in limitations. The cleaning process should be one that leads to freedom and a sense of greater liberation and possibility.
So perhaps start with a closet, a drawer, a box in the basement. Jump into this season of newness and greater light with the intention to let go of some thing or THINGS that hold us back or weigh us down. So that when we sit down at the next full moon, ready to reenact and retell the story of our liberation-we are ready to move into this holiday with a greater sense of personal freedom.
Many blessings,
Rabbi Kinberg

JFS Seder Food Collection
Now-March 18

JFS is collecting Passover foods for those in need. Click here for the flyer. Bring your donation to Kol Ami and place in the matzo wrapped box.
 Jewish History Havurah & Women's Rosh Chodesh CANCELLED
March 17
The Rabbi will be out of town this weekend, so there will be no Jewish History Havurah or Women's Rosh Chodesh. They will return next month.
Sisterhood Shabbat
March 16
7:30 pm
Come join us for a special Sisterhood 
Shabbat on Friday, March 16. Services will be led by Rabbi Yohanna Kinberg and various Kol Isha Members.
Donations Welcome!
Thanks to everyone who was able to attend our Purim Fundraiser. We raised about $10,000. We were hoping to raise $18,000. If you were unable to make the event, but would still like to donate, please click here. Any amount is welcome!

Kol Ami
Passover Seder
March 31
4:30 pm
Register now for the Community Passover Seder here. If you would like to help in some way, please contact Marla.
AJC Seattle Interfaith and Intergroup Community Seder
March 27

Recounting the Passover story will incorporate parallels of modern day struggles for human rights and liberty.
The Seder will be led by Rabbi James Mirel, with musical accompaniment by Chava Mirel.
Registration required by March 19, 2018 
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Seats at Four Course Japanese Dinner
April 28

As part of the Hearts & Hands Auction, Aleen Caplan Tamasaki & Sara Yashar will be hosting a Four Course Japanese Dinner at Sara's home in Redmond. There are still 7 seats left at a cost of $50 each (value of $75). If you would like to attend, contact Aleen. Click here for the menu.
 Keshet's West Coast LGBTQ & Ally Teen Shabbaton
March 23-25
Meet new friends, learn about LGBTQ organizing and identities, and celebrate Shabbat with a warm, vibrant community of LGBTQ and ally teens and adults. Click here for more information and to register.
Star Wars inspired Family Passover
 March 25
 12 noon
Seder-inspired, family-friendly Passover celebration at Phinney Center in Seattle sponsored by JWF and SJCC.  Click   here for more information.
Harmony for Hope
Fundraiser for
Maltby Food Bank
March 23
5:30 pm

Woodinville Unitarian Universalist Church is hosting a fundraising concert to benefit the Maltby Food Bank. Click here for details, here for flyer.

Oneg Sign-Up

If you would like to host an upcoming Oneg, go here to secure your date. If you need help, contact the office for details.
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