Kol Ramah, Week 7
August 11, 2017 / 19 Av 5777 

Shiur: Learning Through Fun
Shiur, our unique and interactive Jewish education program, guides chanichim through an exploration of Jewish tradition, history, Israel, and holidays through performance arts, hands-on games, and crafts. Pictured above, some of our younger campers pressed grapes to make their own "wine" as they explored the importance of wine in Jewish tradition. Our older chanichim choose from a variety of Shiur bechirot (electives) including Diary of a Campy Kid, Torah Wilderness Adventure, Biblical Controversies, and Is Harry Potter Jewish? Shiurim like Torah Cartoons, Illustrating Pirkei Avot, and Let’s Make Stories allow campers to express themselves artistically. We watch with great pride each day as our chanichim engage creatively to deepen their Jewish knowledge and explore the richness of our tradition.
Important Dates

  • Tuesday, August 15 - Festivale (camper event) Campers should wear camp t-shirts
  • Tuesday, August 15 - Registration for Kayitz 2018 Opens!
  • Wednesday, August 16 - Final Day 
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Camp News
Ramah Video 
Campers in Ramah Video Specialty Camp got hands-on experience with all forms of video production including filming with DSLR cameras, exploring stop motion animation, working with green screens, learning creative methods for shooting still shots, and more. We joined our Nevonim friends on a tzehike up Hook Mountain to learn about documentary film making. We even filmed and edited a video that will be shared with all camper families during the year!
Gifts in Honor of your Children's Counselors
If you would like to acknowledge your child(ren)'s counselors or other staff members in a meaningful way, please consider a donation in their honor to Ramah Day Camp in Nyack.

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Catered Shabbat Dinners from Camp

Details will be available soon about how to order a catered, Ramah-style Shabbat dinner this fall. 
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Parents are our best recruiters! If you have friends, families, and neighbors who are interested in being part of the Ramah Nyack family, let them know there is still time to arrange for a tour by calling  (845) 358-6240.
"Book and a Buck"
Please help us with our book drive supporting Operation Paperback, which provides books for men and women deployed in the US armed services so they can read a story aloud to their children via webcam. We encourage each camper to bring in one children's paperback book and $1 to support this cause.
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