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Abby is Back!
Welcome Abby Farnel, 
Assistant Manager.  
Many of you will remember Abby who worked at IHC for
9 years previously as Chiropractic Administrative Assistant and Bookkeeper
Employee of the Month!
Lindsay Gogolin
Fitness Associate & Personal Trainer 
Congratulations to Lindsay who is this month's Employee of the Month!

"She arranged child care and a ride to cover me while I was sick!" - Freya.  

Lindsay is working part time in the gym until she returns full time in September.  We are glad to have her back at work and helping to keep the gym clean and clients looked after!

Well deserved!

IHC is happy to Welcome Leanne Krantz
Personal Trainer  Specialist, Fitness Associate

It's Running Season!

Now that the warm weather is finally here, a lot of us will be taking our runs outdoors instead of being stuck indoors on a treadmill  While I love summer, it does bring some challenges: heat, humidity, random storms and more. Now is the time to start preparing yourself for summer running. It can take a few weeks of stifling hot runs for your body to adapt, so always be patient with yourself and with your running.

Here are a few tips to help prepare yourself physically and mentally for the upcoming summer season:

·    If you can, go early or late in the evening. Before the sun rises and after it sets will give you the chance the run during the coolest parts of the day.. 

·    Get your hydration under control. Dehydration and heat stroke are real. Don’t be caught out on a run without water. Bring a handheld, camelbak or stash a bottle of water in your car and run loops so you can grab it. Whatever you have to do, make sure hydration is a priority!

·    Think about adding in electrolytes. Whether you choose Nuun, Gatorade, or something completely different, think about how you will replace the electrolytes your body will lose while you are sweating it out on the run.

·     Slow it down. When the temperature rises above 12°C (the “optimum” running temperature), pace naturally slows down. Don’t fight this. Slow down and run based on effort rather than sticking to a pace that may simply be too fast for the temperature.

·     Be careful with races. I have a pretty hard and fast rule that I won’t run any summer races that begin after 9am (unless they are evening races). It’s just too hot for me to race. You don’t have to be as adamant about the start time as I am, but it’s definitely something to consider as you look at the summer races you are preparing for.

by Leanne Krantz, PTS
Treat Diabetes through Lifestyle Factors
Dr. Nik Bair-Patel, Chiropractor, Acupuncture
Have you been told that you have metabolic syndrome, pre-diabetes or Type II Diabetes?   Are you on a number of medications to manage the symptoms such as elevated sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides and high blood pressure?  Are you looking for another way to not only manage these symptoms but to also regain your health?

You may be surprised to realize that Type II Diabetes is not a deficiency of insulin, but is a consequence of lifestyle factors.  This does not have to be a permanent and progressively disabling condition.  There is a way out – it can be reversed.

Lifestyle factors predict, more than genetics, whether or not you will get Type II Diabetes.  These include stress, sleep, diet and exercise.  There is a lot of misinformation in the market place about how to handle Type II Diabetes.  But there is a lot of research on how to progressively change lifestyle factors so that you don’t have to be permanently dependent on medications to handle the burgeoning symptoms as the disease progresses.  Once you are along the continuum far enough, you will have to make lifestyle changes to manage your symptoms.  You will also require supplements for a period of time to support the function of the weakened tissues and allow them to work efficiently and effectively. 

We have seen clients who are diagnosed pre-diabetic and being considered for medication, have reversal of symptoms within 3 months of starting our MedEx strength-training program.  We have seen patients who are on over 20 units of injectable insulin and with blood sugars in excess of 10mmol/L dropping to within normal limits within months of starting a program of dietary changes and supplementation. 

Longstanding Type II Diabetes is now considered the major cause of 80% of all kidney failure.  It is also the leading cause of stroke, heart disease and limb amputation.   Diabetes is not something to consider a life long label however, but instead, a warning to make changes that can have dramatic positive effects.  In our clinic, each client is managed using a customized approach based on his or her genetics and lifestyle factors.  Even though you have the same diagnosis, your situation necessitates a tailored process to address your particular weakness.  This includes a thorough history and exam to determine the mediators and triggers to your current health status and then building a plan of care to address these issues.  We are here to walk you through your journey back to health.  We coach you, educate you and help you manage your lifestyle factors, whether with the chiropractor, the MedEx trainer or our Health Coach who has expertise in diet and nutrition.  

Want to Try MedEx?
Experience how Proper Strength Training can change your life!
Client Story
"I can dance again, with no pain!"
A lovely woman came to our office recently suffering from severe foot pain.  She had been to many places for solutions with little or no results.  It turned out that the foot pain was aggravated by an old ankle injury and a functional short leg (not physically short, but presented as shorter) which was affected by lifestyle factors including poor sleep, lack of exercise and poor diet.  Within 6 weeks, she was a new woman!  Using laser therapy, chiropractic adjustments and health coaching,  she was pain free and actively walking long distances as she prepared for her 'walking' holiday. Now she is actively engaged in not only alleviating pain, but achieving her maximal health.  At her last visit, she reported that she danced all night with no pain or discomfort the following day - something she had not been able to do in years!

Telic Recovery Sandals
New at IHC!
Spring is finally here! and although it may not feel like it now, it is time to start your hunt for that perfect summer flip flop. Whether you are a devoted athlete or someone with troubled feet and fallen arches, our new Telic Recovery shoes are the perfect fit for you. With four unique styles and a great selection of bright fun colors, they also offer complete comfort and support. 

What sets Telic Recovery shoes above the rest is the technology incorporated into the shoe:
  • HEAT ACTIVATED- The material reacts with your body temperature, and you will feel the shoes conforming to your feet. The raised texture will soften and the shoe will feel like a natural extension of your feet. 

  • ANATOMICALLY CORRECT - Telic shoes are contoured to support the arches of your feet. These shoes have a deep heel cup with great medial arch and metatarsal support. Contoured to cradle and support the arches of your feet.

  • NOVALON MATERIAL- Novalon is pillow-soft and provides exceptional cushioning, rebound, and elasticity, allowing for a secure snug fit for a wide variety of foot shapes. Novalon is latex, allergen and toxin free.

  • TEXTURED FOOTBED- The textured footbed has a gentle massaging effect, and helps wick away moisture while allowing a cooling air flow under the foot. Supportive, shock absorbing, and feather light: Telic footwear will make you feel like you are floating above the ground. 

  • WATERPROOF - Impervious to water: they float, are non-porous, and easily cleaned with soap and water. 

Come into IHC and feel what its like to walk on a cloud!

Mandy Christink, Nutrition and Footwear Associate

This past weekend I was blessed to attend the yoga conference in Toronto, Ontario.  The Vibe was everything health to nourish the mind, body and soul.  The upstairs was set up with hundreds of venders for a little retail therapy, with everything from recycled sweaters made into bum warmers to beautiful jewellery with healing stones to realign your chakras.  At every corner were Kombucha stands with multiple flavours of this ancient Chinese “immortal health elixir.” In 2000, Kombucha started to make it’s way into the Western beverage industry.  Just recently it has blown up and Kombucha has taken the beverage market by storm.  With claims to protect and fight against cancer, help with aching joints, even claims to reverse diabetes and a billion other health advantages.   So what exactly is Kombucha? It is a beverage produced by fermenting sweet tea with a culture of yeast and bacteria.  Sounds pretty revolting and to be honest some of them are.  The scoby is the key ingredient to making the Kombucha.  A scoby is a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast that transforms sweet tea into the tangy, fizzy Kombucha.
The process of making Kombucha starts with making a sweetened tea base.  This can be done with any type of tea depending on personal preference.  Then the sugar is added.  Usually one cup of sugar for every 4 cups of water (holy sugar) but don't let this stop you from drinking this delicious beverage as the scoby feeds off the sugar.  This is where it gets interesting.  The scoby is added to the mixture at the temperature of 25 -32° celsius to start the fermentation process.  This first process takes anywhere from 7-10 days and is done with oxygen being allowed to enter the batch.  It is covered with a permeable cloth.   The next step is the remove the scoby and you can add flavouring if desired.  The Kombucha is then poured into bottles with caps and the fermentation process continues.  Micrograms of the scoby remain in the liquid even after it is removed and will continue to metabolize on any remaining sugar creating that tangy taste that keeps us coming back for more.  It is left out at room temperature for 1-3 days and then placed in the fridge to slow down the fermentation process. 
With Kombucha now available at most health food stores, and supermarkets, the concern for public safety has become a question.  With so many home brewers selling their ‘bucha’, concerns for alcohol content and cleanliness of the facilities have left some people literally with a bad taste in their mouth.  The pro’s to pasteurizing Kombucha is that it is thought to produce a more stable, safe, legal product.  The flip side to this is that by pasteurizing the bucha it is thought to boil off the probiotics, antioxidants, B Vitamins, and beneficial acids.  This same debate has been around with milk products for ages.  So ultimately however you decide to consume your Kombucha, raw or pasteurized, making sure it comes from a reputable source is key to its healthy use.

Benefits of Kombucha

  • Detoxification:  Glucuronic acid is found in Kombucha.  Glucoronic acid is a derivation of glucose.  This is naturally produced in our liver and will bind with hormones and drugs and transport them through our bodies.  It is largely responsible to eliminate poisonous substances.
  • Aids in Digestion and Gut Health: Probiotics are found in Kombucha.  Probiotics (Pro - meaning promoting and biotic - meaning life) are healthy bacteria and yeast that can be found in the intestines.  Recent research is linking it to improving, everything from leaky gut to sleep quality.
  • Increases Energy:  B vitamins are found in Kombucha and are considered the energizing vitamin.  They help to convert our food into fuel.  These essential nutrients work in tandem but each has its own specific benefits ranging from promoting healthy skin to preventing memory loss or migraines. 
  • Lowers Cholesterol:  There have been studies done that Kombucha can lower your LDL cholesterol (your bad cholesterol).  A study conducted noted that a delay in absorption of LDL cholesterol and triyglecerides and an increase in HDL cholesterols from drinking Kombucha for 30 days. 
  • Stronger Immune System:  Drinking Kombucha introduces a wide array of enzymes and bacterial acids and detoxifies your liver, boosting your immune system.
  • All in all Kombucha is a flavourful drink with a lower sugar content than most drinks available on the market today. Claims range from it being the wonder drink that cures all to having no health benefits at all.   Regardless, I find nothing better than sipping on my Kombucha after a big meal; I personally drink the unpasteurized organically locally brewed Kombucha.   Since I have introduced this into my nightly routine I have felt amazing.  Is it from the Kombucha? I would say yes!

Taken from the blog: Mandy's Missive, by Mandy Christink

Raw Kombucha (Water, Sencha Green Tea, Cane Sugar, Culture), Apple, Ginger, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Cardamom, Cloves, Star Anise

Beau-Tea-ful morning 
Raw Kombucha (Water, Chinese Green Tea, Cane Sugar, Culture), Peppermint, Lavender, Rose Petals, Licorice Root, Hibiscus, Rosemary
* tea blend supplied by Katie Wolk, former Massage Therapist with IHC

Cranberry Chill
Raw Kombucha (Water, Sencha Green Tea, Cane Sugar, Culture), Cranberry, Mint

Mango 'Lassi'
Raw Kombucha (Water, Sencha Green Tea, Cane Sugar, Culture), Mango, Cardamom
Staff Pick
Optimum Nutrition
Hydro Whey
Dez Bair-Patel

ON Hydro Whey consists of  hydrolyzed whey protein isolates which are able to get into your system rapidly, enabling your muscles to start recovering from heavy training or age related muscle loss. It also includes added micronized Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) for added muscle growth.
  • Made With Advanced Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolates for Faster Delivery
  • 30 Grams of Ultra-Pure Protein Per Serving
  • Nearly 9 Grams of Naturally Occurring and Added Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine (BCAAs) per Scoop
  • Instantized to Mix Easily With a Spoon
.    And the great thing is that it comes in 5 delicious  flavours;
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • Velocity Vanilla
  • Red Velvet Cake
  • Cookies and Cream Overdrive
  • Supercharged Strawberry  
  • Turbocharged Chocolate

10% off  April

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