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This Wednesday in New Haven the Union of Concerned Scientists and Yale Law School present an event on Korea and Nuclear Weapons 
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The Need to Deny the Suicidal Logic of Nuclear War - Stanley Heller, PEP Administrator
Video of 5,000 in the 
Women's March in Hartford

As the World Heats

Click here for details of the 2/24 Conference in West Hartford, CT
Syrian Civil Defense - the White Helmets
"Last Men in Aleppo"
Nominated for Academy Award
for Best Documentary

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Yemen Can't Wait
Rally Jan. 27 in front of offices on NY Senators demanding they speak out against the blockade of Yemen and U.S. arms sales to the Saudi princes.
Even Though Israel Signed Treaty on Refugees
The 2017 Marck Shafer Lecture
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Promoting Enduring Peace 
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