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Dear Friends,

On February 15, KMG celebrated its two year anniversary

We would like to thank you all for your warm greetings and look forward to many more years of worldwide achievements.               




KMG's event list for 2012 offers you a variety of courses, seminars and activities and continues to update on a regular basis. 

You are invited to click HERE and check out the large amount of offers for this year. 

As always, we at KMG are always attentive to hear you and would gladly add any additional activates upon demand.




These days we are getting ready for the camps that will take place in Israel during June. More about that will follow. 

Between the G and E camp we will be holding our Director convention, which all of our representatives abroad have been invited to attend.

Right after the camps we will be hosting the Summer "Touring and Training" event. 


It is going to be a HOT summer!





Krav Maga Global


                                                                                              Invest in loss and accept failure                                                                                                                            By Eyal Yanilov



"Would you like me to give you a formula for success? It's quite simple, really. Double your rate of failure. You're thinking of failure as the enemy of success. But it isn't at all... You can be discouraged by failure - or you can learn from it. So go ahead and make mistakes. Make all you can. Because, remember that's where you'll find success. On the far side."

Thomas J. Watson, 1874-1956, Chairman of IBM


What is the difference between reality and training?

In reality what matters is winning the confrontation. Sometimes winning will be without any physical confrontation, sometimes with very hard and devastating results. In KMG it is very clear that self defense is about not getting hurt. As Imi (KM founder) used to say "the first rule is - don't get hurt". So the optimum outcome is that nothing will happen. Not to you and maybe even not to the opponent/attacker.

In combat, however, we are talking about defeating the opponent. How do we defeat him? The wanted result is that the opponent will not be able, either physically or mentally, to continue. Physically means his body/structure will be broken. Mentally means his spirit and mind will be "broken". The opponent/enemy will have no desire or will to continue - He has practically surrendered.


In training however, there are ample opportunities to improve. The main goal is to reach a Win-Win situation. What does winning in training mean? It means that you learned and improved. How do you improve yourself? By trying, repeating, making mistakes, failing, correcting the mistakes and improving yourself. For this you need to have a good partner who will not cause you any harm, but still will be a "good attacker". The moment the attacker/partner manages to "hit" you, i.e. - punch you, grab you, kick you, throw you, etc., you have the chance to exercise your solutions, your defenses, releases, break-falls and so on.

All of the above applies for the practice of self defense as well as for fighting, combat and VIP protection drills, techniques and scenario training.



 In the "Mental Training", offered by KMG, we have specific drills that can improve one's mental strength, courage and the way you deal with stress and fears. This includes, among other steps, the understanding, accepting and even visualizing of failure and defeat. I will elaborate on this fascinating subject in another article that will talk about mental training.


You should learn to "enjoy" failure as it will take you to the next level and that is the real goal.


A Review of February                                                                                                                                             

February was packed with seminars held all across Europe.


As you read these lines Eyal is holding a seminar tour in Italy in which he is conducting training sessions in Napoli, Venice, Lucca and Cagliari in Sardinia. The seminars are organized and coordinated by the talented Mr. Cristiano Fubiani our North Italy representative.




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The seminars held by Eyal In Paris last weekend noted the higest number of participants ever with 350 pepole arriving from all over France to take part of training with KMG's head instructor. The seminar was initiated and organized by the French Federation Karate managed by Mr. Francis DIDIER with the assistance of our Monaco representative Mr. Claude Pouget.


The seminar focused on elements from self defense and VIP protection  and included different techniques, tactics, and physical preparation. We focused on small number of techniques with a large number of variations to solve different kinds of problems on the when on the ground, sitting and standing, armed and unarmed assaults and more. Eyal was assisted by Emmanuel Ayache (E-3) and Francois Ladasic (KMG's representative in west France)



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Prior to that Eyal held a Seminar Tour in The Netherland s with the great help of Franklyn Hartkamp and Gracia Ho. Despite the severe cold in The Netherlands during the time, an impressive number of attendances were noted. The seminars featured various fighting skill themes such as, handling violent confrontations in low-light conditions, mental preparation and empowerment training to defending against knife attacks and the reality on the ground.


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In addition, Eyal held a couple of open seminars and instructors training and updates  in Lisbon in the beginning of the month which was attended by about 50

 people. One  seminar focused on defending against pistol threats. The second seminar focused on  road-rage and carjacking and included using a car for attack and escape, abrupt leaving of car, dealing with attacks outside and inside the car, pistol threats, strikes, chokes and much more.

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During February we opened a multinational instructor course in the beautiful but frozen Serbia. There were 16 participants in the course.



On the contrary, in the sunny Florida, an additional instructor course was opened. 

Also took place in February: Open Seminar, Instructors update and testing in Ireland; Instructors update and testing in The Czech Republic and Instructors training in England.                     



What's happening in 2012                                                   



Women's Courses and Seminars


KMG is putting a big emphasis this year on promoting Women self defense. In addition to the seminars held in the various clubs, a Women Instructor course will commence in Germany in the beginning of March. The course will be conducted by Eyal who will be assisted by the lovley Meyrav Bar Haim and Gracia Ho from The Netherland - Both are senior Expert 1 instructors.


KMG will do its best to answer demand and schedule additional courses and seminars for women.


For additional details about KMG's Women Self Defense courses click HERE 


NEW: Private training in Israel!


KMG now offers private training in Israel. Our instructors here are the best of the best. They are handpicked and certified by Eyal himself and are the same instructors which we send for various events and courses around the world. 

To learn more about this option please email us at:





As we do every year, this summer we will be hosting the Graduate and Expert camps in Israel. As per now more than 100 participants worldwide have announced their arrival and we are preparing in accordance in order to meet the demand. We are truly excited about hosting the largest Krav Maga event held in Israel ever.

If you haven't been part of this event in the past - don't miss out again!

If you have - we would love to see you again! 

We don't need to tell you how much knowledge 


and experiences are expected.


"Touring and Training"


The registration for the summer event is at its peak and we are expecting a multi participant event.

Hurry and sign up to assure your spot in the ultimate Israeli Krav Maga experience.


Participants will enjoy top of the line training with Eyal and members of the Global Team and guided tours to various unique tourism sites.


We were glad to comply to the suggestions and requests we received from previous participants and have adjusted the current event structure in order to intensify the visit to Israel.


NEW !!! 

 We've set several Shooting Courses for 2012. 


The first level 1 course will be held  March 25-27 in Israel. 

The one after will take place during May 11-13 in the Czech Republic.

The initial courses are Shooting Course Level 1 and Shooting Course Level 2, featuring the use of semi-automatic pistols according to the Israeli instinctive combat shooting method.

Upon completion of the set requirements and achieving the abovementioned levels, one will be allowed to join KMG's Shooting Instructors Course.

 For the full KMG event list please


Seminars in India (June 30 - July 1, 2012 ) and in South Africa (May 27-29, 2012)  will be held as well (see flyers on the left).


FYI: The registration to all events is open, however, we recommend to those interested to proceed to sign up to the events which according to our have a high demand amongst which are the summer camps in Israel, P&G in Denmark, Touring & Training in Israel, the Law Enforcement Course in Germany during August-September and the Combat & Fighting Course in England during October.





KMG's official web shop -  www.kravdepot.com







For those of you who are not familiar with this project: you can now receive online Krav Maga training from Eyal himself at MaxKravMaga.

This project is a major success, gaining increasing praise from participants. If you have not yet taken advantage of what MaxKravMaga has to offer, then you are invited to visit us at www.maxkravmaga.com and personally experience the value of this unique service. 






As always thank you for reading! Feel free to contact us at any time at info@krav-maga.com 


Also, you are always welcome at our Official Facebook group.



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