L.O.V.E. Notes
(Laurencia's Victory Newsletter)
February 2015 edition
Happy Valentine's Day and THANK YOU Donors, Sponsors, Volunteers, Racers and Friends of LV!

On behalf of Laurencia's Victory, we wish to extend our gratitude for your generous donations and support.  We exceeded our fundraising goals for the first annual L.O.V.E. 5K Run for orphans and adoptive families by raising over $9000 in excess of expenses. With these funds we have already given a $2000 grant to Life 2 Orphans to provide aid to very needy and war-displaced orphans in Ukraine, several pairs of shoes and medication to an orphanage in Cap-Hatien, Haiti, and a $200 donation to Maya's Hope to purchase special formula for orphans in the Kirov Orphanage in Ukraine.  We have also provided $1000 grants to the Watson, Bjokne and Cormican families to offset costs of their adoptions. See below for some photos and messages of gratitude from these grant recipients! 


We have also begun to tell the stories of these beautiful families and precious children on our website. Their stories inspire and motivate us to carry on in this way to serve orphaned and abandoned children so in need of loving homes. We are continually in the process of making decisions regarding remaining available donation funds and will continue to provide updates on how your generous donations are directly helping others.


We couldn't have done any of this without your benevolence and willingness to reach out to the little ones in need.  Again, we thank you for your support in the first year of our mission and we hope to have you with us as we continue our work in 2015 helping the over 153 million orphans around the world, one beautiful child at a time.


Our hope for you is that you reap the blessings of your generosity and have a beautiful year! 


For updates please follow us online at www.laurenciasvictory.org or www.facebook.com/laurenciasvictory.


In loving memory of our Laurencia, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, 


Laurencia's Victory Board of Directors


 The Bjokne



The Cormican



The Watson



"So thankful for Laurencia's Victory! Love their heart for helping families grow and finding homes for those without a voice.This amazing organization is helping us out by paying for some of our NEDC bills for the embryo adoption!" 

"I just want to say thank you again. I just called Tony and he was absolutely overwhelmed and overjoyed as well. We are just so blessed by your heart for orphaned children and adoptive families!"

"Thank you to everyone for helping to bring our sweet daughter HOME!!"






Maya's Hope 




Shoes/medicine for Kids Alive Home



"Thank You, Laurencia's Victory, You have made the world of these orphans a better place to live in and they will never forget you! These blessings that you have provided with love are so incredibly generous and appreciated by all at Life2Orphans, the Directors and caregivers of these orphans in Ukraine!" 

Received a glittery "Thank You!" card from Maya herself! 
"You are seriously a ginormous blessing!!!

Thank you so, so much!"

 Warm up and get ready for the 2015 L.O.V.E. 5k Run

August 22, 2015! 

Donate to LV and help us reach even more children and families in 2015! THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT!!

*Donations made to Laurencia's Victory in 2014 are tax deductible (to the extent allowed by law).  If you have not received a tax receipt from a 2014 donation and would like one, you may send a request to katrina@laurenciasvictory.org
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