LA Hair films at MODA 360 2016 for February 2017 episode

Moda 360 continues to explore innovative presentations of fashion and art!  Last year, reality tv show LA Hair filmed an episode that aired recently on WEtv, and celebrity hair stylists Kim Kimble and Jonathan Antin, who manage the tresses of A-list Hollywood, designed the coifs for the Jazz Garden Runway, conceptualized by Linger Magazine.

This year, we are partnering with the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens and invite designers and artists to create a runway that will celebrate the Zoo's 50th Anniversary and 50 years of species and habitat conservation.  This is your chance to use your creativity to support important environmental work, and participate in a fun, high profile event.

We are bringing a new innovation in fashion marketing to Moda this year.  PSC Analytics has created an interactive digital marketing app that responds to product contact with videos, advertisements, or product information appearing on an iphone.  Participants at Moda can get a special rate to try out the technology and discover how it can drive sales at retail locations, trade shows, showrooms and live events and provide real time marketing data.

Moda 360 LA 2016 
Moda 360 LA 2016
Moda 360: LA - Linger Magazine Jazz Garden Runway Show 

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