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December 2017

                                                                                                                                          By BETSY SLOCUM
Smooth with a silky texture and a gleam that rivals newly blown glass, each and every one of Doug McCulloch's outstanding wood-worked art pieces deserve a spotlight and pedestal.

Exuding a cacophony of hues, his current Choice Award Winner is a Vessel of Ambrosia Maple with a Chrysocolla Finial. If you think that's difficult to comprehend then just keep reading to understand Doug's process on how he brings it to life...

He humbly explains that, "A hollow vessel like this is made in several steps. The outside is rough shaped to a pleasing form; then, using special tools, the inside is hollowed very slowly until the walls of the vessel are between 1/2" and 1" thick. Next, because the wood is wet (newly cut), wait 6-12 months for it to dry then remount the piece on the lathe and finish hollowing the inside while shaping and sanding the outside until very smooth.

This is followed by the fashioning of a suitable collar and finial. In this case, the finial is a semiprecious Chrysocolla Cuprite, commonly known as a Sonora Sunrise for the morning skies in the desert area of Mexico where it is found. The blue/green is Chrysocolla, the red is Cuprite, and the black is Iron.
The outside of the vessel is finished with up to 15 coats of clear gloss lacquer and lastly buffed to a mirror finish with a four step buffing process".

Phew, need a nap after that one folks? The painstaking precision process needed to create this true work of art is mindboggling in the enormity of skills one must possess to achieve the end result. Fortunately, there are a great many across the country who appreciate Doug's talent, for his pieces never stay in his possession for very long. They appear in collections near and far...for good reason!

Doug's award winning piece will be on display at The LAA/Merrill Lynch Atrium Gallery until January 2. If you'd like to see more of Doug's artistic turnings, please visit his websites at www.dougmcculloch.com or www.landingsart.com where you'll find information to contact him on how to possess an existing or custom piece that can be all yours to enjoy!

The LAA/Merrill Lynch Gallery is located within the Merrill Lynch Building, Village Square of the Landings and is open Monday through Friday to the public between 9 and 4. For further information please contact bsartista@yahoo.com or visit the LAA website at www.landingsart.com  


Mark Your Calendars
We'll see you again in 2018 with a multitude of new ideas, upcoming news and events, and a palette of interesting and informative meeting headline guests!


 WED., 12/6, 9-11AM
Two pieces per artist (2D or 3D) accepted on a first come-first served basis, NO SIZE LIMITATIONS, all mediums welcome. 
All pieces eligible for monthly $100. Choice Award Winner Ribbon!
For more information, please contact Gallery Chair, Betsy Slocum at bsartista@yahoo.com or 804-318-0066.  



Landlovers has contacted the LAA and SCAD to showcase art during their Winter Social: A Night at the Museum, occurring on Thursday, February 1. LAA has committed to supplying 20 pieces of 2D art to be displayed on screens (SCAD will be supplying an equal number of pieces). Maximum size will be 30x30 including frame (wire hangar a must - no sawtooth).

In-take will be on Thursday, February 1 from 3 to 4 pm and pick-up will be on the same day from 8:30 pm til 9 pm.

All pieces MUST be for sale. A representative from LAA will be on hand that evening to accept payment from all guests who wish to take their purchased pieces home with them. Guests also have the option to contact exhibiting artists themselves to make pick-up and payment arrangements or to see other works by that artist. 100% of all sales will go to the selling artist.

Registration is mandatory for this event with one piece per artist being allowed. It is alright to register works that have previously been displayed. Although, to avoid repetition and staleness, you may consider submitting a fresh, new work. All registrations are on a first come, first served basis (remember, only 20 works accepted). Should you wish to participate, please submit your name, name of work, JPEG, size, medium, price, and phone number to Betsy Slocum at bsartista@yahoo.com (hanging labels will be supplied by LAA). You will be  notified if your work has been accepted.

Monday, April 9, 2018
(Set-Up: Sunday, April 8)

"America the Beautiful" is the theme that was chosen by our Co-Chairs, Maria Blanck mariablanck@comcast.net and Linda Kilcullen jjklsk@bellsouth.net  for The Landings Art Association's 2018 Spring Show.  *Your art does not have to reflect the theme.

In a departure from previous years, our coming Show will occur on a Monday which tends to be a notoriously slower day for the Savannah area than the other six! We hope to draw in many more guests that normally wouldn't have a chance to partake in a mid-week Show.    With set-up on Sunday afternoon, a very relaxed atmosphere, akin to a lazy Spring day in the All-American South, is forecasted!

Volunteers are encouraged and greatly welcome. Please contact Maria or Linda should you wish to contribute your time - thank you! 

Look for further details in your upcoming Newsletters.  Just like Mom,  apple pie, and sunshine, we're sure this year's Spring Art Show will be a patriotic joining our all of our member's many creative talents!

Framed art cannot exceed 36 inches in width, due to screen limitations.


(Public Opening Reception Thursday, December 7, 5-6:30)
                                                                                                                                                                     By BETSY SLOCUM
During the month of December, The Landings Art Association's Gallery at the newly renovated Plantation Club should be retitled "Santa's Workshop"!

Co-Artists of the Month, Martha Curit Hough and Barby Townsend , bring sheer delight to all who encounter their original artworks hanging like sugarplums on the main wall of the Gallery!

A native of Rhode Island and never straying far from her New England roots, MARTHA CURIT HOUGH and her family began wintering in Savannah many years ago and has become a fixture in its art community. Retired from a more than twenty-five year career in Independent School Administration as a Development Director, Martha now redirects her energies into her artworks.
Debuting several new pieces this month, including her white line block prints, Martha works predominantly in oils and pastels with a sometime passing glance at watercolors. She admires the rich, vibrant colors of oil applied with the firmness of a palette knife or the softness of a fingertip; light and shadow; movement; reflection...all so creatively challenging and satisfying. Although, she is happiest when painting landscapes plein aire, she utilizes her photography skills when working in studio creating from her photographs as reference points.

A peaceful and serene snow covered morning when all is calm with nary a creature stirring is one way to describe BARBY TOWNSEND 's watercolor works. A "life changing experience" is the way she describes her immersion into painting. She considers herself relatively new to the field of art but through years of trial and error and several workshops and classes, she has evolved into an extremely confident and accomplished artist.

Barby's pieces, whether the subject matter be birds, flowers, animals, or still life, evoke a reverence and appreciation of nature that lends itself to a gentleness that is the essence of the natural world. Her attention to detail combines with layers of rich color inspiring her creations to spring to life.

Another New Englander, Barby relocated from Massachusetts several years ago after a career of teaching and raising a family. She tries to squeeze painting into her daily routine as often as possible, finding her time with a brush in hand exceedingly special. She says, "Although it is a challenging medium, I find watercolors exciting and relaxing."

Glistening like a winter's snow is CATHY SIZER 's case display of dazzling goodies sure to spark a light into any Scrooge's heart! Using handmade materials, her one-of-a-kind necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and button rings mesmerize all with a wide selection of vintage, artisan style, and modern with vintage touches.

To bring warmth to the glittering ice above, the case's enticing lower shelf will be adorned with pieces of Cathy's nuno felted silk and wool scarves and covered journals buttoned up tight with Czech glass closures!

Sparked by a long line of artisan family members, Cathy specializes in custom handmade jewelry and nuno (Japanese for fabric) felted wearable art. This wet felting process involves merino wool, silk, water, soap, and lots of agitation to encourage the marriage of the wool to the silk. The final product is a new fabric "painted" with wool and silk and then embellished with a myriad of colors and tactile pieces such as glass, pearls, and other semi-precious gems.

As a retired nurse practitioner with a long career in pediatric health, Cathy continues to discover new techniques and artistic endeavors in both her vintage and modern themed jewelry and nuno felting through classes, extensive reading, and practices. Her work is on display and for sale in the LAA galleries, as well as The Savannah Art Association's Gallery and the Village Craftsmen in Savannah.   

Then, just as your sleigh was getting ready to depart this noel wonderland, you spy the PETITE HOLIDAY GIFT GALLERY on the LAA Member Wall. New this year, these elf sized pieces of unique original art are stocking stuffer priced at $150 or less. Just choose your piece and give the artist a jingle and before you can say dash away, dash away, dash away all, another gift can be crossed off your list! A portion of each Petite Gallery work is earmarked to the LAA's Arts in Education Program which supports many schools and children in the Savannah area. What better way to put meaning into your Holiday than to help introduce a child to the world of art. 
Join us to make merry at our public OPENING RECEPTION held on Thursday, December 7 from 5-6:30. For further information, please contact Gallery Chair, Liz McAdams at mcadams.liz@me.com or Member Wall Chair, Iris Dayoub at iris@dayoub.com.
Should you wish to contact any of our above Artists of the Month for information on obtaining an existing or custom piece, you may do so at: Martha Hough mchough1@gmail.com; Barby Townsend barbytown@bellsouth.net; Cathy Sizer c.sizer@gmail.com; and for the Petite Holiday Gift Gallery - Patty Frothingham pbfroth@gmail.com or Diane Gannon digannon@comcast.net.  

Sharon Saseen Workshop - January 2018

Membership - Pam Reynolds
It's time to renew your membership for 2018. Whether you want to renew online or by mail, all the information can be found on the LAA website. 
Avoid a late fee and pay by midnight December 31st, 2017

 Check out the website for further details and gallery renewals.

Petite Gallery Gift of Art


Pulaski Elementary School's use of Penny Day Thompson Grant Funds


Saint Peter's Episcopal Church Presents

The Jerome Meadows Exhibition will run from 
October 26-December 3, 2017 at St. Peter's Episcopal Church, 3 West Ridge Road, Savannah, GA

paid ad 11/2017


Starting November, 2017, the newsletter will be published only on the first of the month.  Please consult the website  landingsart.com for detailed information about upcoming events.