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February 2018

Wednesday, February 7, 9-11 AM
Two Pieces per Artist (2D or 3D) Accepted
No Size Limitations
Choice Award Applies

The Art of Penny Thompson on display until March 6.

Exhibit up to 11 Pieces for this Two Month Period!
Contact Betsy Slocum bsartista@yahoo.com or (804)318-0066 should you wish to reserve this vied for Boardroom display venue!


NEW...Plantation Gallery Hanging Guidelines

Artist of the Month News
The Landings Art Association
Proudly Presents
The Plantation Gallery's Artists of the Month
By Betsy Slocum

What fitting way to begin February, 2018's sweetest month, at The LAA's Plantation Gallery than with the love of children and jewelry!

Karin Mead's culturally informative and unposed photographs convey hugs with every shutter click. Lovingly chosen during her travels worldwide, each one of Karin's pieces helps the viewer gain insight into the daily lives and surroundings of her subject matter and the countries they inhabit.

Starting some twenty years ago with a visit to Copper Canyon, Mexico and a Tarahumara Indian girl and continuing through to the present, Karin interacts with all of the children she photographs to gain a sense of the "challenges" that their ordinary life constitutes.

What is absolutely so interesting about this particular exhibit of Karin's revolves around her visit to Mali, West Africa in 2008. The political unrest that encompasses the area today had not yet begun and the region was filled with children. At that time it was normal for the local men to have multiple wives thus explaining the many children sprinkled about. Karin was able to photograph a simpler time in Mali exposing an insight that is no longer apparent.

Longtime Landing's residents, Karin and her husband/traveling companion, Alden, regularly escape to places far and wide to capture, via a lens, some of life's most appealing and extraordinary moments. In her off hours, Karin can be found battling on our island's tennis courts or doing a rigorous gym workout as well as being an avid volunteer for The LAA. 

February also brings the sumptuous sparkling of Margie Sone's Larimar creations. This semi-precious stone, found in the Caribbean, exhibits a sea green to dark blue hue. Continually changing color variations are attributed to its source - an inactive volcano in the southwest mountains of Margie's native Dominican Republic.

Cutting slabs of Larimar into a variety of shapes and sizes, Margie incorporates coral, agate, freshwater pearls, tourmaline, and jade into her one of a kind pieces. She explains that, "The quantity (of Larimar) is unknown, which makes supply uncertain" over time.

A former fashion designer and boutique owner, Margie began her passion of jewelry artistry skills over fifteen years ago in Miami. Continuing her travels and studies to further her craft, Margie recently moved to The Landings proper after being a resident of Savannah. She is an accomplished painter garnering awards for her oils and acrylics, as well as her jewelry designs.

Her work is represented by the Signature Gallery in Savannah's City Market along with 13 Secrets, and Cents and Sensibility. She currently serves on the Board of the LAA, as well as co-chair of LAA's Art in the Park events, and the Board of the Savannah Art Association.

The LAA's February Plantation Gallery exhibit runs February 7 through March 6. For a custom or existing work of art, please contact Karin directly at aldykar@att.net or Margie at margiesone@hotmail.com

****** We are pleased to announce that Cindi Pollack will be taking over as Chair of Artist of the Month.  Liz McAdams is retiring from that position.  If you need information about the AOM program please contact Cindi at cyndipollack82@gmail.com.
2018 Spring Show April 9th
Monday, April 9, 2018
(Set-Up: Sunday, April 8)

"America the Beautiful" is the theme that was chosen by our Co-Chairs, Maria Blanck  mariablanck@comcast.net and Linda Kilcullen  jjklsk@bellsouth.net  for The Landings Art Association's 2018 Spring Show.  *Your art does not have to reflect the theme.

In a departure from previous years, our coming Show will occur on a Monday which tends to be a notoriously slower day for the Savannah area than the other six! We hope to draw in many more guests that normally wouldn't have a chance to partake in a mid-week Show.    With set-up on Sunday afternoon, a very relaxed atmosphere, akin to a lazy Spring day in the All-American South, is forecasted!
Framed art cannot exceed 36 inches in width, due to screen limitations.


We are so excited to announce LAA's 31st Annual Spring Show,  which will take place on Monday, April 9, and hope that all of you will enter our only judged event of the year.  

This year, along with some surprises, we are very fortunate to have Tiffani Taylor as our Judge.  She holds advanced degrees in Painting and Art History from the Savannah College of Art and Design and has been acclaimed by Scad President Paula Wallace.  

Here are a few of Ms. Wallace's words about Tiffani:  "As a child, Tiffani possessed extraordinary self discipline.  At sixteen, she
vowed to attend SCAD - a feat she accomplished several years later, supported by the SCAD Presidential Scholarship..  By her junior year at SCAD, Tiffani had formed her own business, buoyed by her exuberant art and entrepreneurial spirit.  Today, Tiffani is a gallery owner, and the benefactor of deserving SCAD students whom she mentors and supports through the Tiffani Taylor Scholarship Fund."  

We encourage you to enter the show and also volunteer to help make it a success!  

Maria Blanck (598-5416) 
Linda Kilcullen (598-8335)

C lick on the links below to download the information entry form & entry form

Request for Memorabilia

 Nancy Dancu, our Historian, requests that members send her any "LAA memorabelia from 1987 to the present." Nancy is writing a history of our association.  Drop off at Nancy Dancu's 4 Huntingwood Retreat, or if unable to do so, call 598-0434 and she will pick up.  


-Carol Otto Cole

For the February 20 General Meeting, the Landings Art Association proudly brings well known Professional Artist/ GA Certified Teacher Carol C. Hartley to speak to its membership and general public. In just a few short years, Hartley has become the most recognized name to associate with a favorite evening of creative fun for painters of every experience level. Beginning in 2010, her signature "Picasso For A Night" class has taken a firm hold on repeat clients from Richmond Hill to Savannah and beyond.  A short business meeting begins at 7, after which Hartley will then be given the floor and the excitement begins.

Hartley's path to her present life in Georgia from her New England beginnings has been a winding one with yield signs for education, family rearing, and community activism, which gave her 31 years teaching Art in the public school system it's own breadth and depth. She obtained her BFA at the Swain School of Design in Massachusetts and pursued her Georgia Teaching Certificate in Art once here.  Coming from a family of notably illustrious artists (Charles Dana Gibson in her tree) Hartley has the genes, not to mention the drive. For our benefit, this multi-layered artist and beloved teacher will share how she got to where she is, combining her talents, energy, and entrepreneurial imagination to give all paint lovers a chance to discover their inner Picasso. 

Hartley's user-friendly site,  picassoforanight.com, puts in focus what to expect from one of her 3 hour classes. Students bring their own or choose an image (from 81 shown- all of which burst in color and vitality, but representing simple to more complex designs) to recreate in their fashion, learning as they go.  Her class is truly a value at $45- which includes supplies.  With something for everyone, there is no wonder Hartley's class has been a popular choice for any kind of social gathering where fun is on the agenda. 

So plan to come on Tuesday the 20th and bring a friend. We suspect you will be glad you did.
Join LAA at the Skidaway Island Presbyterian Church on Tuesday,  February 20 at 7 p.m.  For information about LAA, visit www.landingsart.com or contact Pam Reynolds, membership chair at drpamr@gmail.com


Membership - Pam Reynolds
Thank you for renewing your 2018 membership and welcome to all our new members.
As of the middle of January, we have approximately 180 members. It's never too late to join or renew so encourage your friends of art to become a part of LAA.

Pam Reynolds
Membership Chair



     We are honored to have award winning artist, Penny Thompson, in The Boardroom Gallery at Merrill Lynch during the months of January and February. Her works encompass a wide range of mediums including watercolor, acrylic, and mixed media collage.
     The Boardroom, LAA's newest gallery venue, located within Merrill Lynch, has been well received and comments extremely favorable. The Gallery is solely and privately open to groups who have booked meetings through Merrill Lynch and the Bouchillon, Ham, and Dekle Wealth Management Group. Many of these meetings are held on a regular basis by companies and organizations from the Savannah and surrounding areas.

     LAA artists may apply for this consecutive two month exhibit by sending a request to the LAA Board along with two jpegs depicting the subject matter they wish to display. Requirements are 8 to 11 pieces of 2D art or photography with a maximum size of 30x30. A minimum of two volunteer positions per calendar year required to partake in this venue. Intake is usually the first Wednesday every other month. To apply for The Boardroom, please send your request to Betsy Slocum, Gallery Chair at bsartista@yahoo.com


      Award-winning Children's Book Author and Illustrator, Phyllis Limbacher Tildes, will brighten the Landings Company Welcome Center during January and February with colorful illustrations of birds, plants and animals from her latest books for the very young. Birds matching the colors in their environment illustrate Baby's First Book of Birds and Colors. A sleepy fox kit from Baby Animals Take a Nap and a puddle-bathing chickadee chick from Baby Animals Take a Bath are just some of the critters for you to enjoy during this two month display.
     Phyllis received a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design, majoring in illustration, and was a European Honors Student chosen to study in Italy her senior year. After many years as a graphic designer, she concentrated on her dream of writing and illustrating books for children. In 1995 her first book, Counting on Calico, was published by Charlesbridge.  She will soon begin work on her 24 th . Her children's books are sold internationally and many have been translated.
     In addition to creating books, Phyllis does commissioned landscapes and pet portraits, and enjoys working in oil, watercolor and gouache. Her art is in collections throughout the country and England
     Phyllis and husband Bill moved from Connecticut to The Landings in 1999, happy to find a friendly community with such natural beauty and wildlife close to a cultural city.
     To purchase art or autographed books, you may contact Phyllis at 598-9125.



Landlovers has contacted the LAA and SCAD to showcase art during their Winter Social: A Night at the Museum, occurring on Thursday, February 1. LAA has committed to supplying 20 pieces of 2D art to be displayed on screens (SCAD will be supplying an equal number of pieces). Maximum size will be 30x30 including frame (wire hangar a must - no sawtooth).

In-take will be on Thursday, February 1 from 3 to 4 pm and pick-up will be on the same day from 8:30 pm til 9 pm.

All pieces MUST be for sale. A representative from LAA will be on hand that evening to accept payment from all guests who wish to take their purchased pieces home with them. Guests also have the option to contact exhibiting artists themselves to make pick-up and payment arrangements or to see other works by that artist. 100% of all sales will go to the selling artist.

Registration is mandatory for this event with one piece per artist being allowed. It is alright to register works that have previously been displayed. Although, to avoid repetition and staleness, you may consider submitting a fresh, new work. All registrations are on a first come, first served basis (remember, only 20 works accepted). Should you wish to participate, please submit your name, name of work, JPEG, size, medium, price, and phone number to Betsy Slocum at bsartista@yahoo.com (hanging labels will be supplied by LAA). You will be  notified if your work has been accepted.



During the month of July, the LAA's Plantation Gallery will host a themed show for its members based on any VINTAGE/ANTIQUE subject matter.

So, if you have an idea based on something from yesteryear whether it be your grandfather's old jalopy to a bootlegger's case of vintage wine, now is the time to spin your version on canvas or with a camera! One (1) piece person artist with maximum size of 30".

For further information, contact Liz McAdams, AOM Chair at mcadams.liz@me.com

Sharon Saseen Workshop - January 2018

Michael Story Workshop May 2018

Dominican Republic Watercolor Workshop May 2018
instructor - Penny Thompson
Paid ad 12/2017

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