November 2016
LAAC In Action
A Statement from Our Executive Director

Our work just got harder. 

I don't want to say that we were getting comfortable, but I was honestly looking forward to what appeared inevitable: a president and vice-president who had strong connections to the legal aid community, whose long careers had proven they supported your work. 

I had been talking with your executive directors, getting stories on how organizations planned to spend their share of the $5 million we got from California's general fund, meeting with California's Department of Finance to talk about the amazing work you had planned as we make the case for another $5 million. Our conversations were friendly, everyone on the same team, moving California to brighter territories with anticipated increased tax revenue. 

But we're in new territory now, and we're still finding our way in the dark, figuring out if there is a map in this new world. 

LAAC is here for you. We will continue to fight for more funding for your work, even as your work may change. We will continue to support you in your efforts to protect your clients. 

I welcome anyone to  email or call me with your concerns, and we can figure out if there is a good forum, like our 2017 Technology Summit, to address them. We are happy to open the phone line for any organizing phone calls as legal aid organizations work to collaborate on emerging issues. We're here for whatever you need as your membership organization.  

I keep thinking of this new world we're in, and how our community can help draw the maps, can help each other and other legal aid offices in other states find their way. We need each other to feel out the barriers, to find the walls and push through them and bring others with us, to light the way with a "Lumos!" so those far off can find us. We can do this. 

LAAC Welcomes 'FreeFrom' to Our Legal Aid Community!

Too often survivors of domestic violence struggle to leave their  abusers because of financial barriers to escape. When planning to leave an abuser, a survivor must ask herself: Where will I live? Where will I work? How will I support myself? How will I support my children? In large part, survivors are forced to rely on their abusers financially and, for them, fleeing abuse might mean risking poverty, homelessness and maybe even risking child custody. Many survivors who escape abuse eventually return to their abusers because they find they cannot afford to leave for good. 

Based in Los Angeles,  FreeFrom is a national organization on a mission to eradicate the financial barriers that prevent survivors from rebuilding safe lives for themselves and their children. Read more about this new organization's brave work and their approach to helping survivors of domestic violence.
Increasing S ecurity in Your Legal Aid Practice

Many legal aid attorneys have already asked us how they can increase their computer security to better protect their work and their clients. We plan to make this a major topic at the 2017 Legal Aid Technology Summit, so please SAVE THE DATE for  March 7, 2017 at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles. 

Until then, there are great tips online that you can follow for your work and personal computers and can share with partnering community groups:
One of the best resources is the Electronic Frontier Foundation, so you can check out their site for  more tips as we move forward. 
The Legal Aid Association of California is Hiring!

LAAC is now hiring a part-time Membership and Administrative Associate! Please help spread the word.

This position will be critical to support the statewide network of legal nonprofits in the years to come. As civil liberties are threatened, LAAC supports the legal safety net by working to secure funding, encouraging collaboration between organizations, and facilitating communication through lists and conferences.

This is a great entry-level position for someone interested in legal services nonprofits, nonprofit administration and communication, or hoping to gain exceptional work experience in a busy and active work environment. Read more about this position's role and key responsibilities. 
Legal Aid Organizations Across the State are Hiring!

Friends asking you about making the switch to nonprofit work? Now's their opportunity to join in and contribute to the amazing work that legal aid does. 

LAAC posts job opportunities - both attorney and non-attorney positions - from California legal aid organizations across the state all in one place, and we've posted 20 this month already! Check out CALegalAdvocates' Job Postings page and spread the word - they're hiring!

If you have a position you'd like to post onto, please email Tim Ng at with the full job description.

LAAC Seeks   Board  of Directors Candidates for Five Spots

To serve on our board, your organization must be I OLTA-funded, a current LAAC member, and  without current staff representation  on our board. If your organization is already represented, consider forwarding this message to a colleague or friend at another organization not represented.

Nominations/Applications are due Tuesday, 11/29
 Please submit a short statement  of interest and your resume to Lorin Kline at . Let us know if you have questions about running for  the board!
Mark Your Calendars for These Upcoming  Trainings: 

Thursday, November 17 from noon to 1 p.m.
Shirley Sanematsu,  Western Center on Law & Poverty
Silvia Yee,  Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund
1 hour of general MCLE credit.  Register now!

Tuesday, December 6 from noon to 1 p.m.
Amber Christ,  Justice in Aging
1 hour of general MCLE credit.  Register now!
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