Welcome to the mid-year issue of President Perspectives, a message from LCUL's President/CEO that keeps you updated on League strategies and initiatives .
To my colleagues and friends,

It's hard to believe that we have reached the mid-year point already. Here at the League, the first half of 2017 awarded us both challenges and accomplishments to reflect on and grow from. I am encouraged by where we stand today, allowing us to move forward with the ambitious agenda we set for ourselves in the beginning of the year.

Earlier in 2017, we distributed dues invoices electronically for the first time. I am happy to report that renewals came in faster than ever and we are currently at a 92% affiliation rate, suggesting that the partnership in Louisiana between the League and credit unions is alive and well. Thank you for your continued support and commitment in helping us fight the good fight.

The credit union environment is changing, and just as your credit union adjusts how you service your members, the same is true for trade associations. Taking your feedback into consideration, I have realigned staff duties and opted not to fill any of the recently-vacated field positions. The following team members are assigned to making regular credit union contacts/visits, serving as your touchpoint:

Steven Liberto  , Chief Administration Officer
Susie Fair, Senior Vice President of Consulting Services  
Danielle Thibodeaux, Director of Compliance

In addition, I have directed the entire league staff to serve the state in its entirety. It is our goal to enhance our relationship with your credit union staff and volunteers so please feel free to contact any team member for your requests, comments, or ideas.

Mid-year review on 2017 initiatives:

In the beginning of 2017, we challenged ourselves to offer a more engaging experience, ensuring you are making full use of your membership and that we are providing you with the resources and tools needed to operate successfully. I've provided a mid-year progress report on some initiatives that were our initial focus:
  • Member Survey in December 2016. We asked Louisiana credit unions to participate in a survey to gauge what you think about our service, effectiveness, and other factors. The number one action item we got from the survey is to better communicate our offerings and value, which helped us in planning the recent League Orientation. Our communications department prepared a summary of the results which is provided in the link below.

  • Callahan's CUAnalyzer.  We began offering affiliated credit unions access to Callahan's CUAnalyzer tool at no cost (a savings of up to $6,000 for some credit unions). I am excited to report that more than sixty credit unions and roughly 2,000 professionals are taking advantage of this. The feedback from credit unions has been great as they easily export data and packets of graphs for board, staff, and strategic planning meetings. If you need assistance with this program, I highly recommend reaching out to Susie Fair. You'll be amazed at what you can do once you are signed up.
  • Prize-Linked Savings (PLS) Accounts. LCUL has been working behind the scenes on the implementation process for a Prize-linked Savings program over the past six months and is eager to roll this out.  We've accomplished quite a bit, including the completion of product design, data processing and prize administration with the Minnesota CU Network. We've also consulted with LOFI to inform them of the program and with Commonwealth to secure participation on data collection about consumer response to PLS accounts.
    • We have approximately seven credit unions that have been highly engaged so far. Per the recommendations of these credit unions, we will wait to do the rollout on January 1, 2018, giving LCUL and the state chapters the opportunity to sign-up more credit unions. 
  • League Orientation. We knew there was a need to repackage what we do for credit unions and remind you of products and services offered. With that in mind, we hosted our first League orientation as a pre-conference workshop to our Governmental Affairs Conference in April. This was designed for those who are new to the movement and for those who simply needed a refresher. The feedback was helpful and encouraging, so I asked my team to share some of the comments (provided in the link below). Details on our fall orientation will be sent soon.
  • Professional Development Around the State. We have hosted more education programs around the state in hopes of affording middle management or frontline who can't easily get away the opportunity to receive professional training.  We are pleased to see attendance has been slightly higher and has even introduced us to some new faces.
Looking ahead to the remainder of 2017:
  • CU Perks: a first of its kind. I am thrilled to share a new League-driven initiative: CU Perks, the first rewards program that rewards both members AND credit unions. In collaboration with Retail Benefits, we've partnered with thousands of retailers to offer your members cash back on the online shopping they are already doing. By simply promoting "CU Perks", credit unions receive income from purchases made by their members. It's that simple. Your only investment is being a member of the League. We will be sending out additional information on this very soon, including an implementation guide and marketing toolkit for credit unions.
  • 2016 Louisiana Credit Union Economic Impact Report. Once year end numbers were released, the League began working on a Louisiana-specific economic impact report for credit unions to share with members, media, SEG groups, and more. This report, along with shareable social media messages, will be distributed to credit unions in the next week or so. As outlined in the report, Louisiana credit unions delivered more than $125 million in direct benefits to the state's 1.2 million members and impacted the economy to the tune of $1.5 billion. This is certainly something to share!
  • League to League: PR Collaboration Group. LCUL's communications team has partnered with five other leagues to form a Public Relations Collaboration Group. This group will be responsible for creating content and media messages for you to share with members and media outlets. Quarterly updates will be heading your way soon.  
    • From a president's perspective, I see a trend of leagues working together on different projects (such as the PR collaboration group) that increase our ability to serve our credit unions. I believe these are great opportunities for us as a League to participate in, helping us grow as an association. The success of the Member Business Services Council (with the Cornerstone CU League) is a prime example of such collaborations.
Finally, as we prepare to host our annual convention next month, staff is working diligently to ensure this year's event is a memorable one. (As we like to say around the office: "We are in convention mode") League staff's excitement is obvious when they talk about the new additions to the agenda and I must say, attendees will be pleased. There's a great balance in terms of networking and professional development, which I find to be of great importance. The Rock n' Bowl  Fundraiser will generate great networking and bring awareness to the Foundation, but I'm equally pleased to see us host the hot topic quick sessions and roundtable discussions. 

I hope to see you at the end of July in New Orleans. Until then, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me or any one on our staff for assistance. 

Anne Cochran
LCUL President/CEO