LEAP and NVRC Win Leadership Award
The Solarize NoVA program, an initiative of the Northern Virginia Regional Commission (NVRC) and the Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP), won a first place statewide award from the Virginia Energy Efficiency Council.

Energy Efficiency Tips for Winterizing Your Home
In the winter, space heating is the main energy consumer in the home. Follow these energy efficiency tips to help stop the infiltration of cold air and the loss of heat through cracks and openings in the home.

Results of the Vampire Study
As part of Energy Action Month in October, LEAP and the 5th Graders at Peabody School worked to discover the vampires that are hiding in our homes, schools, and businesses. Find out the results of our study...

Wilson's Quick Tip to Stop Drafts
"If you have a fairly new exterior door with a threshold, you can adjust the height of the threshold to block cold drafts under the door. Simply turn the screws on the threshold to raise it. Adjust until you don't see daylight under the door but not so much that the threshold rubs against the bottom of the door. Installing door sweeps and using draft dodgers can also help to eliminate these types of drafts."
- Wilson Ratliff, Technical Director
Help Fight Climate Change
This year, consider giving to LEAP — a nonprofit that is helping to create cleaner and greener communities across Virginia. Here's what your donation can support:

  • Weatherization services in homes of individuals who are elderly or low-wealth
  • Free community events on clean energy solutions
  • Free educational workshops for K-12 and college students
  • Policy work for better building codes and renewable technologies
  • Solarize campaigns to bring down the cost of solar power technology
Incentives and Rebates for Residential Energy Efficiency Improvements
Virginia residents can save money on their home’s energy efficiency improvements by taking advantage of (1) tax incentives, (2) programs from utility companies, (3) Green Mortgages, and (4) the Weatherization Assistance Program...

Thinking of Solar?
We are not currently running a campaign, but we will gladly answer your questions about solar, help you find a qualified solar installer, and perform a free  solar satellite assessment . Call us ( 703-517-7251 ) or send us an email ( info@solarizenova.org ).
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