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Selected Projects in Progress   

- Elim Lakeridge Hospice Expansion, Buffalo, MN

- Eagan Car Club Phase II

- Red Savoy Pizza Buildout, Edina, MN

- 212 Medical Center Expansion, Chaska, MN 

- Good Samaritan Society New Electrical Main and Generator, Pine River, MN

- Waconia Ford Remodel and Addition

- ISD #112 Chiller Replacement

- Horton Manufacturing Addition, Roseville, MN

- Brookdale Christian Center Major Remodel, Brooklyn Center, MN

- New Maple Lake Vetrinary Clinic

- Lincoln Jr. High Expansion and Remodel, Glencoe, MN

- ISD #276 Generator and New Electrical Main, Minnetonka, MN

- Signature Bank Addition & Remodel, Minnetonka, MN

Thanks to Sustained Growth, LEC is Looking to Hire Top Craftsmen Immediately!
With a steady backlog from now through Spring, LEC is looking to hire seasoned journeymen as well as apprentices for immediate employment.
Laketown Electric Corporation is a growing mid-size commercial and industrial electrical contractor with an office based in Waconia, MN. Our projects consist of the maintenance and construction of healthcare facilities, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities. Our projects range in size from a few thousand dollars to $3 million in electrical. Due to consistent workload and growth we have a strong backlog through next spring.   

We are seeking individuals who project a professional image, have a positive attitude and are leaders and self starters with a strong work ethic and the ability to run jobs and teach others. Most projects metro area, but the occasional job will require a little travel within the state. 

We offer a full benefit package and competitive salary based on experience complete with 401K/match, profit sharing, disability, tool allowance, company vehicle, health insurance, bonus opportunities and paid vacation. 

Questions to Ask Design-Build Electrical Contractors Before Awarding Your Project
With 75% of our new construction revenue coming from design-build projects, we have noticed a lot of discrepancies and shorcuts that many of our competitors do not tell potential customers about when they propose on projects.  These are items that do not show up on a electrical contractor's bid, but make a world of difference when evaluating the quality and integrity of a design-build company.  

1.  Will your company be running homeruns in ceilings in conduit or MC Cable?  

Pipe and wire contractors like LEC keep areas above ceilings, open air offices and warehouses clean and organized.  That way, should extra circuits need to be added, the ceiling will not look like spaghetti throughout. We take pride in keeping our work clean and organized. In the past electrical inspectors would make contractors redo homeruns that were run in romex or MC cable.  Although inspectors have been more relaxed on this rule in recent years, we still do not find it right to practice these lazy, inexpensive methods.   
Clean conduits are what we are known for at LEC, and it's a beautiful sight to behold.  "Spaghetti" ceilings and homeruns make us cringe! 

2.  What grade and manufacturer of light fixtures is the company proposing?  

There is a big difference in levels of quality between mainstay suppliers such as Lithonia, Cooper and RAB, to name a few, versus internet knockoffs like Econolight.  Our company will only install a quality product with a reputable warranty, unlike many competitors that will use low quality, internet sourced light fixtures.  This can easily represent a difference of 20% or more in material costs.  By sourcing quality products, you and your customer will be happier five years from now in having a product that lasts.  

3.  Are engineering and as-built/cad drawings performed in-house or farmed out?  

A lot is lost by firms not capable of having engineering in house or having to rely on others to complete CAD and as-built drawings. When these services are farmed out, there is no ownership of the project and many significant design and equipment schematic details are lost in translation.  LEC always engineers and completes our drawings in house.     

4.  Don't fall victim to the change order artists! 

Quantify, interview and qualify your contractors as well as their bid. The low bid does not always lead to the best value or most capable firm to complete the job.  It is important to know not only how long a contractor expects the job to take, but also when and if they have the ability to ramp up manpower to get the job done should other trades cause the schedule to fall behind.  Too often contractors lowball up front bids, only hoping to make up for it during the project duration via change orders.  Consider contingencies as a way to keep a level playing field.   
Thank You!! 

We appreciate you taking the time to read our newsletter, and for your patronage.  

Thanks to your support we are fortunate for continued growth in our 38th year of business.  

Feedback is always greatly appreciated, if there is anything we can do to better our service, please feel free to give us a call.  

Best Regards, 


Matt Bergmann

VP/Managing Partner, Laketown Electric Corporation

952-442-2740; mattb@laketownelectric.com   

About Laketown Electric


Laketown Electric is a woman-owned mid-size electrical contractor serving the greater Twin Cities Metro area.    


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