Most young adults between the ages of 18 to 25 say the two most important benefits of a career in the construction trades are good pay (80%) and learning useful skills (74%), according to a recent poll of this age group conducted by NAHB.

Only 15% cite seasonal work as a benefit, while a modest 37% rate it as an advantage that this field does not require a college degree.

The vast majority of those surveyed, 74%, say they know the field in which they want to have a career.

Meanwhile, the 26% of respondents who do not yet know the career path they want to take got a follow-up question about the chance they might consider a number of fields (construction trades being one of them) using a scale from 1 to 5, where 1 meant "no chance no matter the pay" and 5 meant a "very good chance if the pay is high."

Construction trades got an average rating of 2.1, with 63% of undecided young adults rating it 1 or 2 (no or little chance regardless of pay) and 18% a 4 or 5 (good to very good chance if pay is high).

LHBA 2017 Legislative Day  &
Spring Board of Directors Meeting Agenda
Tuesday,  May 9th
12:30 - Lunch for those attending the Legislative Briefing/Lobby 
1:30 - Legislative Briefing
2:30 Lobbying at the Capitol
5:00- 8:00 PM Legislative Crawfish Boil- Capital Park Museum - Ticket required
8:30 - 11:00 PM Crawfish Boil After Party - Chase Tyler Band - Hilton Heidelberg Ballroom
Wednesday,  May 10th
7:30 - Past Assoc. VP & Sr. Officer - Breakfast 
8:30 - EOC
8:30 - Remodelers Council 
8:30 -  Associates Council
10:00 - Membership  Committee 
11:00 -  La. Homebuilders  Disaster Trust
11:00 - Energy & Codes 
1:00 - Public Relations 
1:00 - Local Presidents 
2:00 -  Education
2:30 - Legislative 
3:30- PAC
5:30 - 8:00pm - BUILD PAC Fundraiser- Grill & Chill with Bus Transportation to Shopper Choice 
Thursday,  May 11th
7:15 - Past Presidents Breakfast in Restaurant 
8:30 Board of Directors Meeting with FULL HOT BREAKFAST


Today marks the third week of legislative session. No revenue raising measures passed the House of Representatives at this point. Last week, the governor did not push a vote on his Commercial Activity Tax (CAT) legislation. The CAT tax would have taxed businesses on gross profits.  LHBA testified in opposition of the CAT tax. The bill received a full hearing but was voluntarily deffered after it appeared unlikely to pass.  LHBA remains deligent watching tax increase bills as tax legislation is not off the table.

Information provided by: Michelle Shirley, Lobbyist


BUILD-PAC's new Fair Share campaign is the easiest way to get involved in the political process. We are asking every member to do their Fair Share for the housing industry by contributing just $25 to BUILD-PAC during the 2015-2016 election cycle.

What would happen if every NAHB member did their Fair Share? 
If every member does their Fair Share and invests a minimum of $25, then BUILD-PAC will be a $3.5 Million PAC. This would allow BUILD-PAC and housing to have an even greater impact in the 2016 elections. 

What is my Fair Share going toward? 
Your contribution helps elect pro-housing, pro-business candidates who will support our issues and fight for housing in Congress.

How can I help with the Fair Share campaign? 
Please help your state meet its goal. During your state and local meetings back home, ask your peers to do their Fair Share for housing by contributing just $25 to BUILD-PAC in this election cycle. If every member does their Fair Share, then BUILD-PAC's voice will be LOUDER and STRONGER than ever before.

Questions? For more information contact BUILD-PAC staff. 
Meghan Everngam, Assistant Vice President | (202) 266-8259 | Sofia Fox, Fundraising Manager | (202) 266-8248 | Sashia Moore | (202) 266-8114 | 


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REMINDER: Residential Builders must earn 6 CEU credits each year, even with a multi-year license.



June 8 - General Membership 
May 13-14 & 20-21 - Parade of Homes

May 25 - LHBA PAC Crawfish Boil 5-7pm
June 3-4 & 10-11 - Parade of Homes

May 4 - Crawfish Boil 6pm
Sept 21 - Golf Tournament
Oct 4 - Fish Fry
Nov 1 - Election Night
Dec 6 - Installation & Awards Banquet

June 13 - Steak Night
Aug 15 - Legislative Night

LHBA Events
LHBA Board of Directors & Legislative Day 
May 9-11

NAHB Midyear Meeting 
Washington DC
June 13-17

LHBA Executive Committee 
June 22

LHBA Summer Board of Directors 
Pensacola, Florida
August 2-4
Rate: $209 through July 1st
Group Code: LHB 




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