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March  2017
We're Keeping Seniors Busy!
Medicare and Turning 65 

For many, turning 65 means they are now able to enjoy the Medicare benefits earned with a lifetime of hard work.

To help these seniors make sense out of these complicated benefits, the firm hosted a lunch and learn at the Golden Corral in Raleigh on March 1st and 2nd.

Jeff and Mike Brooks from the Care Assistance Center addressed a lively and inquisitive  group of sexagenarians on getting the most out of turning 65. More than 60 people attended the event to learn about the different parts of Medicare and the Advantage Plans currently available, and out-of-pocket costs and Medigap. 
Upcoming Living Will Class
The firm will be holding a class at the Cary Senior Center on March 30th to help seniors prepare and complete their Living Wills.

Living Wills, otherwise known as Advance Directives, allows you to make decisions regarding life support and artificial nutrition and hydration ahead of time while you are legally competent. It also removes the difficult decisions from loved ones. 

If desired, these orders will take effect if you are in a "persistent vegetative state" or are terminal and you do not want artificial nutrition, hydration or life support administered. These directives are written out in a Living Will, which the doctors must follow.

For more information contact the Cary Senior Center at (919) 469-4081.

Extending the Hidden Death Tax

While there is much debate in Congress over the possible changes to the tax code regarding income taxes, the push may end up renewing debate over a death tax rebate for 98% of estates. 

What most people do not realize is that the repeal of the estate tax causes the sale of estate items by family members to incur capital gains taxes for the sake of avoiding the estate tax that hits only 2% of the estates in our country. And in the end, the federal government may actually receive a lot more revenue from estates that never would have come close to paying death-related taxes.

Here's how the estate tax works: (read more)

Life Insurance -- It's Not Just for Dying Anymore
By Mike Brooks with the Care Assistance Center, LLC
Life Insurance is a pillar of personal finance, one that is deserving of consideration in every household.  Yet, despite its universal applicability it remains a complex and often overlooked part of a family's well-being.

There are two types of life insurance: permanent and term.  For the purpose of this article we are not diving into the pros and cons of either, but focusing on the benefits these plans can offer when you need it most... and I'm talking about while you're still living.

Our Clients Say It Best...
"I was very happy with Jeff. He is very knowledgeable on estate planning issues. I liked the firm's process. It's flexible and gives you time to think things over, which is needed, since the financial decisions you make are important ones."  -- Andrew S. 

Because Everyone Loves Pictures!
Celebrating Our Founder's Birth

The staff took some time out of a busy day to celebrate Jeff's birthday.

Jeff is seen here reading the card and enjoying the sentiments written by the staff. 

Happy birthday, Jeff!
I Can't Believe We Ate the WHOLE Thing! (Okay, Half of It)

What kind of party would it be without a cake?

Jeff and staff dug in, devouring half the cake in a matter of minutes. No one, however, wanted the honor of taking the other half home. One sugar high a day was plenty for all of us. 
Getting Ready for the Boys of Summer

Jeff and Kathy are pictured here, having a great time at the Durham Bulls Fan Fest last week.

The event was held to kick off the 2017 campaign at Durham Bulls Athletic Park.
Checking Out the Bulls' Digs

After Kathy and Jeff picked up their season tickets they went on a tour of the ballpark -- including the players' locker room.  
The event also provided the opportunity for fans to take batting practice on the field and to audition to sing the National Anthem at an upcoming game.  
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