Cloud Broker: One Cloud to Rule them All...
A new term has emerged to describe two aspects of the journey to the cloud:  Cloud Broker  describes the tools and services that enable hybrid and multi-cloud solutions. This means we now have a product category for  Litéra EKTA .

Litéra EKTA focuses on sharing and controlling documents across multiple internal and external repositories. We developed it in reaction to a trend we saw in document management. Many organizations have spent years categorizing data and streamlining transactional systems. Unstructured data in documents has, historically, been less well managed. Organizations had begun to collect documents into DMS's and figure out how to deliver them to controlled mobile devices.

Then the cloud came along, and customers, clients and suppliers demanded the use of cloud file sharing. Suddenly, documents were everywhere, and other places too. This kind of cloud chaos has profound implications for risk and reputation management, and produces unpredictable swings in productivity. For sure, it produces a situation where the status of documents and document collections is less certain. It diminishes the role of in-house repositories as the single source of truth for the project, matter or deal.

Litéra EKTA addresses this dilemma by providing a single view across all the repositories without changing the way they are used or duplicating documents.

We have been providing Litéra EKTA as a Cloud Broker for a while, and have developed a set of 10 principles to steer what we do.

Cloud Broker services for documents must be:
  • Content Centric: The system, not the end user, should manage the difference between in-house and cloud repositories.
  • Cross-Platform Functional: This is all about enabling working form anywhere.
  • Mobile 1st:
    • a)      O365 Apps
    • b)     Mobile Apps
    • c)      Responsive web access
  • Backward Compatible: Adding cloud capabilities to the portfolio, not forcing strategic choices.
  • Cloud Savvy & Inclusive. Leveraging the benefits of the cloud and being intelligent about controlling and auditing activity. e.g. tracking how work content is used in the cloud while avoiding collecting information about personal connect; pictures of the kids etc.
  • Able to Embrace trust and verify social contracts. Make the technical solution a perfect partner for Information Security education and awareness.
  • Simple & Secure. Layer security and audit capabilities invisibly on top of the diverse universe of underlying repository based security mechanisms. Make the user and administrator's lives simpler.
  • Agile & Remote. Separate the view and the workflow from the repository. Store the document where you feel it will be safe and secure but enable agility by opening up that location to all the tools you have.
  • Unintrusive & Organized. Leave things where they are. Avoid duplication and "replication spaghetti."
  • Safe. i.e. "Don't mess with the repository." Make sure that all the great tools provided inside each repository keep working.
By taking this approach, we are able to bring our capabilities to every repository, including the ones you prefer to use.

ByPaul Domnick
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The CIO of one of the world's largest law firms once told me that the single most important mission-critical application in his firm was Microsoft Exchange. 

The Document Management System (DMS) could be down for days, or the Time and Billing System off-line for a week, and there'd be almost no impact on revenue.  But if the ability to send and receive email stopped for any reason, however briefly, the firm's revenue and reputation could be heavily impacted. 
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Litéra Highlight - Meet Chuck from Hungary!
Employee Name : Chuck 
Litéra Location:  Budapest, Hungary
Job Title: Director of Product Management

Job Description: Guides product management with a special focus on developing the company's comparison and metadata solutions; works with customers and users to understand their needs; designs solutions to achieve users' goals; consults with customers' IT teams to help them with configuration, workflow best practices, training, and troubleshooting.

Brief Bio:
Chuck has worked with lawyers and law firms for over 35 years across America and Europe. Throughout his career, he has specialized in developing productivity-enhancing solutions that enable users to work quickly, easily, and confidently. He was introduced to Litéra® as a customer while working for the largest law firm in Ireland. A comparison emergency led to Litéra®  for solutions , and
Change-Pro®  saved the day. After experiencing the  Litéra®  
commitment to customer service first-hand over a number of years, Chuck decided to join the company . After four years, Chuck continues to welcome his on-going opportunity to guide the evolution of the world's leading comparison and metadata solutions from a customer-focused perspective. A native New Yorker, and now an Irishman, Chuck lives in Budapest, Hungary, with his partner, two dogs, and a cat.

Tech Tip:
Litéra® welcomes wish lists. Please get in touch if you have a suggestion for features or functions that will make your users' working life easier. Litéra® products include a wealth of configurability that has evolved based on customer feedback. We're always happy to consider good new ideas. In fact, Change-Pro® 10 even includes a suggestion button that makes it easy for you to send us an email with one click (File > Help > Suggestion).
AxxiTRIALS® at DIA 2016
AxxiTRIALS® had a blast
Axxelerating clinical trials™ 
at DIA 2016.

The Litéra® team successfully debuted AxxiTRIALS® during the 5-day DIA conference in Philadelphia, PA. 

The global conference was filled with health care product development professionals seeking innovative solutions to shape the future of the health care industry. The Litéra® team  showcased our innovative solution for clinical trials, and offered attendees a test drive on the racing simulator.

AxxiTRIALS® is the secure portal solution to speed trial operations processes from feasibility to close-out, helping complete studies on time, on budget and with the quality of data required.
NC Bar Association Technology Committee Appointment
Litéra ® General Counsel and Director of Business Affairs,  Jeremy Leonard , has been appointed to the North Carolina Bar Association Technology Committee for the 2016/2017 fiscal year.

The Technology Committee helps lawyers to realize the benefits of technology through identification and recommendation of products, services and providers of particular interest to legal professionals.  Learn More
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Webinar Schedule for July 2016

Throughout 2016, we will be offering no charge webinars. Take a look at our schedule to find out more regarding dates, times and topics.

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