LDF™ The Ultimate PDF Editing Tool

Take control of the PDF content process with the same control and ease as word processing. Editing a PDF document is one thing, but making changes reflow correctly, redacting text securely, or splitting them up and binding them all together again - is another matter.

You need the best PDF tool available: LDF™ by Litéra!  LDF™ is the ultimate tool for editing PDF files. Professionals, Acrobat users, anyone who works with PDF's can benefit from the unique features and ease of use provided by LDF™.

REDUCE RISK: Eliminate underlying text for secure redaction, limit users from printing, copying or pasting text and graphics, restrict the addition or removal of pages and commenting. There is even customizable security and metadata tools to ensure content integrity.

INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY: Advanced PDF assembly functionality saves time and money. With LDF's breakthrough editor technology you can reflow content throughout your document, easily create and assemble PDF binders and split or separate multi-page PDF files into smaller, individual files.

If you haven't tried LDF™, or seen a demo, connect with us and we'll show you a new way to work with your PDF's.
WORD OF THE DAY: The Litéra® Experience
By: Joy Heath Rush
Okay.  So that's three words.  At Litéra®, though, we think of those three words as defining how we work and - most importantly - how we interact with our clients.  But what does it mean?
The Litéra® Experience has four main components:
"Wow-ing" Our Clients.  At every touch point and at every interaction, we want our clients to feel cared for.  We want clients to walk away from a contact with a Litéra® team member thinking "Wow! That person was helpful!" or "Wow!  That person was responsive!" or - best of all - "Wow!  That person really listened!"
Acting with Integrity.  This is easy.  We are honest.  We are straightforward.  We are trustworthy.
"Doing the Right Thing."  This starts with acting with integrity.  We talked about that already.  More so, though, it means always doing what's right, even if it isn't cheap or expedient.
Being Accountable.  When Litéra® promises you something, we will deliver.  If we make a mistake, we will own it - and fix it.  We won't pass the buck.
We believe Litéra® products are the best.  If we didn't, we wouldn't be in this business.  
We know Litéra® people are the best.  And they want to WOW you.  Every day in every interaction.
The Litéra® Experience - experience it for yourself!
PDF's...Files Like NO Other
The multitude of applications that view, annotate, edit and produce them, the inherent flexibility and complexity of the format, and the perception that they are fixed and stable can lead to some nasty surprises.

They can be annotated, flattened, converted, cleaned, bound, burst or reoriented. How often have you printed a PDF to a PDF again to try and fix a problem? You may have multiple PDF printers installed on your PC to cope with different applications and different workflows. How often have you flipped from one program to another when something you expected to see didn't show up or was or appeared to be misaligned or mis-sized?

Litéra® has shipped one of the most reliable and compliant PDF printers with many of its products for several years. Many of our customers make it their only PDF printer. LDF™ brings the same simple and robust approach to manipulating PDF files as it does to printing them. It does everything you need without undue clutter and includes a full featured editor for those moments when changing the text or the image or the layout is more appropriate than adding a sticky note.

As I mentioned, the PDF landscape is complicated and I don't expect LDF™ to be the silver bullet that fixes every problem, but I think you will find it a very bright silver lining on the PDF cloud.

By Paul Domnick
Change-Pro version 10 Now Available for Download
VERSION 10 is now available for download from LHD. Please be sure to read the upgrade instructions for a smooth upgrade.
Please note, we will be supporting CP 7.5 until the end of 2016.
We Are Litéra...
Who IS Litéra? 
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We are often asked questions about where the idea for Litéra came from, Why we do what we do? How we do what we do? This e-Brochure explains it all.
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Litéra Highlight - Meet Liz from the Philippines!
Employee Name: Liz
Litéra Location:  Manila, Philippines
Job Title: PH Branch Manager

Job Description: Operations/Administration, Finance/Accounting/Purchasing, Human Resources, Project Management

Brief Bio:
"Raised and educated in Manila, Philippines, completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, Major in Accounting; with an Associate's degree in Paralegal Studies.  The eldest in a family of three children, I learned early in life the art of independence.  Left for the United States right after college, taking on responsibilities in order to survive thousands of miles away from family and home.  My first job landed me in the United Nations Headquarters in New York City, as a Visa/Passport Clerk, moving up to an Executive Secretary post at the Center against Apartheid, Department of Political and Security Council Affairs at the UN Headquarters.  My work at the UN allowed me the opportunity to travel around the globe, learn of various cultures and customs, meet people from different walks of life, experience human nature in its many forms, mingle with diplomats, people of political power - even shake hands and converse with the late President Nelson Mandela of South Africa.   Other career ventures included working for US Health Care as an Operations Manager for 3 years in Florida; as a Head Paralegal for 11 years at Horn Shechtman Hirsch, P.A. in New Jersey; as a Comptroller at David Aubrey, Inc., a manufacturing firm in New Jersey; and as a Senior Accountant/Assistant to Chief Financial Officer at Prime Pacific Bank, a community bank in Washington.  My varied work experience gave me a chance to learn the inner workings of the legal industry, healthcare services, manufacturing and banking.  Having spent 35 professional years in the USA, I have now decided to 'give back' to my country of birth - and so decided to return to the Philippines.  I thought at first that I was finally going to be able to enjoy some form of early retirement, but alas, Litéra Corp found interest in my USA career.  So here I am - in yet another industry!"

One Tech Tip for your Customers Who Call:
Like life, technology is constantly changing, evolving.  As we adjust to life changes, so must we adjust to technology advances.  Do not be afraid to adjust - for like time in a bottle, you do not want to be left behind. 

Upcoming Webinars
Webinar Schedule for June 2016

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Sherry Kappel to Speak at ILTA 365 Symposium
Join Sherry Kappel at ILTA's two-day symposium on Office 365 Differences:
Their Impact on Your Users' Experience and Ways to Embrace or Erase Them
We've been through the Office deployment and configuration drill more than a few times. How different will it be when Office 365 deploys? What differences will our users embrace? What capabilities should we explore? And which ones should we leave (virtually) in the shrink-wrapped box?
This session is designed to de-mystify what's new, develop strategies for predictable planning and enlighten opportunities to leverage the platform's much-welcomed innovations.
Don't miss your opportunity to review and discuss the potential for:
  • Sway
  • Video
  • Delve
  • OneDrive for Business
Keeping current, engaged
  • Office 365 Add-ins
  • Functionality
  • Deployment & Administration           ...and more!
This session is a must for those who are committed to innovating the user experience with Office 365.

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