A Word from Our President
I've been lucky enough to spend time with senior Partners from some of the most innovative law firms over the past few weeks. Every time I do this, I learn a lot and come away with dozens of great ideas about how we can improve our products. I'd like to personally thank everyone who gave so generously of their time.

Many of our conversations in this round gravitated towards document quality. Not in a technical sense, but in terms of leveraging the best IP of a firm - and its best brains - to produce better documents. As a technology company, it might sound a little bold for me to say we can help on both fronts, but I believe we can.
Two of our products, innova and Content Hub, work in tandem to link document creation and reuse of the best content available to produce a good first draft. They then stay with you through the document review process ensuring that the quality document you produced stays that way.

The critical thing is that they are there to help and support not proscribe. They don't get in the way of the creative process or force a particular workflow. In doing so they allow more thinking time for the author. After all the author's unique perspective comes from years of training and experience. We think every author or reviewer deserves enough quiet time to deliver their best work.
Making space for the person using our software to think is one of our guiding principles, and is reflected across many of our products. We want to make it easy for people to do the right thing-quickly and securely-and then get out of the way. By removing clutter from the document lifecycle, we enable people to produce their best work and deliver the most value for their clients. Our latest addition, Litéra LexPro , delivers on this philosophy, and you can read more about it in this issu e

Our Roadmap To Innovation
The Evolution of Litéra LexPro™ - Raina Massand
I cannot count the number of times we have been asked how Litéra® comes up with its innovative solutions. Often, after we have made announcements of new products, added further enhancements or even shared exciting sneak-peeks of upcoming solutions, the question comes up, " Where do the ideas come from?" or simply, " How'd you all think of that?"
While I am sure we would love to give people the impression that our cutting-edge ideas come from some kind of top secret think-tank in a non-disclosed research facility ( resembling a more pleasant, but equally entertaining, version of Dr. Evil's underground lair from the Austin Powers movie), the truth has been - and will always be - far more simple than that. Our clients are our greatest innovators.

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Product Highlight Litéra LexPro ™ Change-Pro ®  Metadact ®
Client Support : Expanded Hours
Our standard client support hours are no w:

8:30 AM EST- 8:00 PM EST

During these hours, all support calls will be routed through the client support team.  During all other hours, the Litéra 24/7 support offering will provide 1st line telephone support (via the dedicated 24/7 support number) from a globally dispersed team of Litéra employees.

Product Demos : Exciting New Features

Mobile App
Explore the latest capabilities we've made available through our mobile app with VP of RD, Simon Dandy.

Native PDF Comparison
Join James Bloor on a tour of the latest feature of Change-Pro® TDC.

Litéra LexPro™
Discover our solution to legal cross-reference and definition review with Director of Sales Engineering, Donovan Alexander.

Litéra LiVE™
What is Litéra LiVE™? Our Sr. Admin and Product Engineer, Ian McCormick, reveals the potential of this revolutionary platform.

innova™ Office 365 add-in:
innova™ expert, Sherry Kappel, reviews the seamless transition of innova into Microsoft's mobile Office.

innova™ Office 365 add-in:
Follow Sherry Kappel as she walks through the functionality of our the innova add-in Online 
Litéra  Highlight -  What We Took Away From ILTA
Norm Thomas
Sr. VP of Corporate Development
"The cloud is no longer an 'If', but a 'what' and 'when'..."

" What workloads make the most sense to be in the cloud, and when is the best transition timeline to move them there? Although it was Google in 2008's ILTA that first triggered everyone's attention to the possibilities of the cloud, it's clearly Microsoft and Amazon that will be the destination cloud hosts for the legal profession."
Ken Manford
Sr. Director of Sales Engineering
"Leadership, trainers, and support are finding creative ways for effective and efficient implementation..."  

"Trainers and support people are working every day to find new and creative methods to ensure their users get the most out of the technology the firm has purchased.  Leadership in technology is continually challenged with balancing the needs of lawyers and the ability of their teams to deploy new tools the right way. "
Simon Dandy
VP of R&D
"I was really taken aback by how positive the feedback was for Litéra Support offerings."

" At the Litéra Advisory Board, one CIO (a veteran of two top-tier law firms) told us no other vendor she has worked with goes the same lengths for its clients. I know from experience (as a former client myself) that our development and support teams are passionate about the quality of their service, but to hear it said in a forum like that was refreshing."
Ian Parker
Account Executive
"I was impressed by the incredible reputation our company has within our industry." 

"As an account executive, all the hard work the Litéra team has put into making our brand a leader in the industry means that I can be transparent with all my prospects and feel confident our products will provide an invaluable service for their businesses, both in the short term, and in the years to come. Truly an asset for anyone in sales."
Dennis Tamondong
Metadact®e  Engineer
"For a first time attendee like me, ILTA can be very overwhelming...but the overall experience was amazing!" 

"Meeting clients face-to-face is top notch. It strengthens the good relationships we have built over the years. Plus, I am thrilled with the knowledge I gained from tech sessions. I left feeling well-informed about new technologies and solutions for every clients' pain points. All in all, it was a very educational and exciting event!"

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Cooking with Litéra: Recipes from Around the World
Our  hand-selected recipes  from Litéra team members across the globe.
Authentic Brazillian Feijoada Indian Mutton Dum Biryani Philippine Chicken Adobo  and Singapore Satay  are just a few of the world-class selections to enjoy. 
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