A Word From Our President...
April 1st marked the 10-year anniversary of the opening of the Litéra Ukraine office. " A decade ago our Ukraine office opened with 1 employee focused on software development, primarily Change-Pro®. 10 years later, we have grown substantially, and this team has been a huge part of our success," states Paul Domnick, president of Litéra.
The Ukraine office celebrated its anniversary by opening a new, larger, and more technically advanced office with a ribbon cutting ceremony on April 27th. Domnick was present for the event, which was " a lovely ceremony to celebrate the hard work and exponential growth of this office."

Photo Above: The Litéra Ukraine Team 
Photo Right:  Andrew Piskun and Paul Domnick 
Product Focus
Litéra Secure File Transfer enables users to easily transfer large files securely and for company administrators to retain control of their data by tracking and monitoring usage. Because it is integrated into the Outlook email workflow, Litéra Secure File Transfer makes it easy for knowledge workers and business professionals to do the right thing with their sensitive files.
An in-depth look at Litéra Secure File Transfer... 
What are its key features and benefits?
Who would most benefit from using this product?
What is its most unique feature?
What type of system can run Litéra Secure File Transfer?
Can I use it on any device? Anywhere?
A Better Way to Work...
By: Paul Domnick

Collaboration has become a fundamental concept and reality in the way teams work efficiently. In the technology world it has become one of the most over used and abused terms. I am sure that almost every communications hardware or software product has a slide deck emphasizing how it is essential for collaboration.
This month we are putting the spotlight on a couple of the most valuable information sharing workflows and showing what can happen when you make them so easy they become almost invisible:
  1. Sending or receiving a specific version of a large file
  2. Sending information securely especially to someone not in your trusted circle of collaboration
Sending or receiving a large file
We believe this should be possible from Outlook by pressing Send. By putting the functionality there, we maximize the productivity and we ensure normal email related security and audit, archiving, disclaimers, meta-data cleaning etc., are not bypassed. Litéra Secure File Transfer delivers all of this. I am always especially pleased with the reaction to how easy it is to request someone to send you a large file and that no software is needed on their end.
Sending Securely
If you choose to send a smaller file securely you have different requirements. You need to know if and when the secured attachment or email was opened by each recipient and you may want to obscure the email body and the subject. You may also want to force 2 factor security for someone who does not have a token. Lit éra Secure File Transfer delivers all of this in Outlook.
As an organization, getting adoption for standard proven tools is hard. We think putting the capability into email dramatically increases adoption rates. I'll leave it to the reader to decide if this is collaboration or just making something so simple that everyone uses it every day!
Sherry Kappel to Speak at ILTA 365 Symposium
Join Sherry Kappel at ILTA's two-day symposium on Office 365 Differences:
Their Impact on Your Users' Experience and Ways to Embrace or Erase Them
We've been through the Office deployment and configuration drill more than a few times. How different will it be when Office 365 deploys? What differences will our users embrace? What capabilities should we explore? And which ones should we leave (virtually) in the shrink-wrapped box?
This session is designed to de-mystify what's new, develop strategies for predictable planning and enlighten opportunities to leverage the platform's much-welcomed innovations.
Don't miss your opportunity to review and discuss the potential for:
  • Sway
  • Video
  • Delve
  • OneDrive for Business
Keeping current, engaged
  • Office 365 Add-ins
  • Functionality
  • Deployment & Administration           ...and more!
This session is a must for those who are committed to innovating the user experience with Office 365.

Litéra Highlight - Meet Melissa from Client Support!
Employee Name: Melissa
Litéra Location:  McLeansville, NC - USA
Job Title: Client Support - Manager

Job Description:
Managing the Client Support Team for Litéra.
'Our goal as a team is to provide outstanding client support for any client big or small.'

Brief Bio:
"I grew up in a small town in West Virginia. I had a strong interest, as a child, to get into the technical field. After college, I started out selling computers and software for Gateway Country. To advance in knowledge and skills, I went on to work for Time Warner Business Class as an account manager, consulting small businesses on internet, firewall and security services. Shortly after that, I took a turn in my career to become a different kind of consultant, one that would become the main teacher behind my customer service skills. I became an advisor for people who owed back taxes to the IRS. After that I decided I would stick to the technical field so I went to work for a startup company who built online software for accounting industry and then from there to Litéra."

One Tech Tip for your Customers Who Call: Don't be afraid of the new technology. In the beginning it is unknown but in the end you find yourself saying, 'How did I survive without it.'

In The Pipeline
Version 4.1 Release - April 31
If you haven't looked into Litéra Secure File Transfer®, you are really missing a great product. Designed to allow you to send files of any size, securely, with an option to track and revoke access; all while in compliance with your organizations security policy.

Upcoming Webinars and PodCasts
Litera Secure File Transfer®
Change-Pro­® version 10
Throughout 2016, we will be offering no-charge webinars. Take a look at our schedule to find out more regarding dates, times and topics.  

LITÉRAlly Speaking: 
Work Hacks for the Busy Professional
Do you ever get frustrated trying to find the most up-to-date information to build your slide presentation? Are you ever in a rush and have a hard time getting that PowerPoint finished on time? Litera's Content Hub™ is designed to reduce your stress and improve your professionalism. Learn more through our podcast.
Did You Know?
You can compare blocks of text from the Clipboard - then produce a redlined output that can be pasted directly into an email!   

You can also compare many revised versions against a single original (for those situations where you have circulated a draft to lots of collaborators)! 
You can send folders from Litéra SYNC® to new users in your organization right off the bat!

Legal Assistant? Give them access to their training materials and first cases on day one!
Marketing User? Allow them to have access to all branding materials and workflows on day one!
Simply create a set of orientation folders and share it with internal users that exist inside of your environment. As soon as your newbies log-in for the first time, they are greeted with the folders necessary for your organization. This will also allow you to customize based on department.  

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