At Litéra®, we believe every document should be better. Documents represent their authors and the organizations they work in, and their quality and consistency support the reputation of both.
When it comes to creating documents, it is important to avoid an environment that is GiGo (Garbage in Garbage out). Re-purposing existing documents wholesale - either for their branding, layout or content - carries over the sins of the past into the next generation. Highly skilled and highly paid professionals can end up spending more time on the clerical aspects of document manipulation than on creating the most cogent and compelling content.

Starting from a bad place creates a multiplier effect during the drafting and review process where bad document characteristics create further inefficiencies and waste everyone's time. The resulting documents are often off brand, off style and a little fragile. Fixing document quality issues just before the deadline is not the right way to go.

Litéra's Innova™ and Content Hub™ products create quality documents so that you don't have to worry about document quality down the line.

Innova manages the hidden quality of the documents; styles, numbering schemes, tables of contents, etc. are robustly and completely defined. Parameters collected from the end user drive the overall structure of the document and can link to Content Hub. Content Hub manages the readable quality of the documents. It provides a way of collecting, curating, and delivering the best content across the organization.

Our goal is to provide an intuitive way of creating a high quality first draft that accelerates the document review process reducing clerical overhead and supporting organizational brand, content and style guidelines.

Paul Domnick
President, Litera Corp.
April Product Focus
Change-Pro® v10     By: Joy HeathRush
Most of you already know about Change-Pro®.  With six patents and fifteen years of R&D on document comparison technology, Litéra Change-Pro simply produces the most complete, accurate, and readable comparison available. So how do we make Change-Pro even better?  Well, first, we listen. At Litéra, we like to say that we have two ears and one mouth for a reason. Our products constantly evolve - based largely on feedback from our clients.  Thanks to you all!    Read More
Content Hub™ 3.0  
By: Josh Davis
On average, 70 percent of all content a business generates is discarded before it's read by an executive.  Think about it, how much time and effort is wasted with a 30 percent content retention rate? Don't think about it too much, you'll feel uneasy.  While some content should be retired, at a 70 percent content disposal rate you and your business spend over twice as long trashing text, as creating it.
Content Hub from Litéra Corporation is an intelligent document creation solution engineered to easily store 'golden content' content for later use. Content Hub will improve content quality, and easily store documents on-premises, or in the cloud. Additionally, the user can synthesize documents into clauses, topics, slides, etc., to populate a library for reuse by every knowledge worker.    Read More.
Innova™ 7.5.1 By: Josh Davis
Your company's reputation is an invaluable asset; build and maintain it by consistently producing quality documents. There are many factors that can affect document quality; having a different tool to address each is unrealistic. Just as computer hardware performs more efficiently when everything is in balance, documents work better when they are created correctly. Litera's leading document automation software, Innova® removes document standardization from the list of potential threats to your reputation and allows you to create quality documents that are robust enough to survive the review and amendment workflow.   Read More
In The Pipeline

Content Hub 3.0 offers a completely redesigned, modern HTML5/mobile-responsive user interface along with full support for SharePoint Online, SharePoint Online Search and integration to Office Online.   Read More

Innova 7.5.1 takes document automation to new heights; now automate business documents with reusable, governed content accessible from a single, secure location. Innova allows the user to convert any native Word document to an Innova document; reducing risk and increasing brand-consistency. Through Innova's template library, work-groups and teams can securely collaborate to produce accurate content and quality documentation.  Read More

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Did You Know?
Content Hub™ Saves Users Time & Reduces Risk
Content Hub saves users time and reduces the risk of wrong or outdated content living in your deliverable. Content Hub 3.0 improves the user experience and overall productivity with its new, easy to operate UI and a 5-step approach to create quality documents.
1. Select Template
2. Populate Content
3. Manipulate Content
4. Generate New File
5. Track Project Status
Innova™ Users - Have you Utilized the Administrator Tool?
With the Administrator Tool, the user can set identifying prompts instructing the QuickFill Manager to reassign ownership or set security, generate system-wide reports, or perform multiple deletes on QuickFills no longer in use. Additionally, the administrator can access the Toolbox Utility and remove replication triggers from the SQL database should the firm decide that replication should no longer be used.
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Recent BLOGS
Innova 7.5.1:  As a leader in document automation software, Innova™ removes document standardization from the list of potential threats to your reputation and delivers quality documents.
Content Hub:  Content Hub™ stores document sections, helps improve content quality and allows user access to text stored on-premises, or in the cloud. Additionally, synthesize documents into clauses, topics, slides, etc., to populate a library for reuse by every knowledge worker. 
Change-Pro® Version 10:   Change-Pro 10 introduces a new look and feel that makes it easier than ever to use the world's leading document comparison suite. Litéra has simplified and streamlined Change-Pro to guide users through the process of comparison - from selecting and comparing documents, to reviewing the comparison and sharing with anyone.