A Word from Our President
What is a document?

Sometimes the simplest questions are the best way to step back from a topic and walk around it to look for a new viewpoint.
Documents are supposed to communicate ideas. Ideally, they are clear, cogent, concise, and when required, compelling. Many of mine might be closer to a stream of consciousness captured for others to interpret.

As technologists, we often think of electronic documents as unstructured content that is passed from person to person by computer systems. It is an indivisible blob of content that machines can't deal with well, but people can.

At Litéra, we are focused on making every document better and increasingly that means getting under the skin of the documents and understanding their structure and content.
Many business documents are derived from templates or master documents and built of four types of content:
  1. Structural elements like styles, numbering schemes, fonts and layout.
  2. Standard text, boilerplate or case specific standard wording
  3. Variables specific to the document that drive the structural and standard components
  4. Unique content that brings unique value to the document
The 4th type is still out of the range of machines, but the 1st three are things software can help with. Creating a quality document in the first place based on a good template with the best standard content driven by a simple Q&A session to create a high quality 1st draft gives more time to the creative process and produces documents that have better technical and better informational quality.
We often say that it is much better to create a quality document up front rather than managing document quality later in the document lifecycle.

With innova™ you can create sophisticated templates and build intuitive dialogs all without needing any programming skills.
With Content Hub™ you can distribute the most important content across your organization while at the same time allowing everyone to build their own individual or departmental knowledge banks of their best content.

With CitationWare® and Litéra LexPro® you can provide tools that improve accuracy and reduce the time taken on key tasks to minutes instead of hours or days.

Most importantly all these tools give time back to the creative and problem solving processes that we recruited people to perform. We hope this improves the quality of peoples work and the quality of their work environment. 

Happy Holidays from Litéra!
Office 365 Integration: Professional Document Comparison
Last month at Litéra, a new chapter in the history of our Office 365 evolution began when Change-Pro® was made available to download in the Office 365 app store as a free-trial. For the first time ever, anyone (with an Office 365 account) can download this powerful cloud-based comparison technology and perform up to ten total comparisons on any device.
When we say "anywhere on any device," we aren't just making up a nice slogan to sell an idea; our development team has worked hard to turn this vision into reality, and the reality has arrived. If you're already familiar with Change-Pro® and want to jump straight to performing comparisons, there's no need to read any further. Go to the  app page  in the Office 365 store to download your free-trial copy. This short  video tutorial  will help you get started.

Litéra  Highlight - Meet Richard from the UK
Name: Richard Ward
Location: London, UK
Title : Director of Client Development, EMEA

Job Description: "I am responsible for the commercial activities in Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), and I work with a team of experienced document experts to care for our existing clients in the region and to promote our productivity and risk management tools to potential clients. We work with existing partners, and I am also seeking and recruiting selected partners in this region."

Bio: "Originally I trained as an engineer in the telecommunications industry, and afterward (late 80's) the industry transformed during a phase of regulation liberalization. I moved into sales and commercial responsibilities in a company called BT (British Telecommunications), and I really enjoyed it. I eventually became General Manager of BT's largest commercial accounts (the banks and credit card companies)."

"From there I worked for a European investment bank during the monetary change in Europe (late 90's). I also worked on the millennium date IT project with the team managing the global technology infrastructure of UBS Walberg (our biggest client). I handled relationship management and procurement of vendors critical to the success of both projects.  Around 2000 I organized my own business growth consultancy company called Improving Your Results . At the same time, I worked as a non-executive to establish a company called Improving Mobility with one other business partner to provide mobility products for aged, infirm and disabled clients.  Since then I worked as the Sales Director of a logistics company focused on the UK legal market until Paul Domnick asked me if I was interested in working with Litéra, and I accepted the offer"

Tech Tip: PDF is a growing trend. As more and more businesses make the eco-friendly (and resource friendly) decision to go paperless, my advice to clients would be to make sure they understand how their organizations are using PDF files so that they understand which PDF tools would be best to implement in their environment. Litéra, of course, is able to help in that regard.

Upcoming Events: LegalTech
Litera at ILTA INSIGHT 2016
Litéra had a great time at INSIGHT 2016! 
Although the weather outside was nothing to be excited about, the climate indoors was filled with brilliant ideas, discussions, and informative sessions.  We would like to thank everyone who had the chance to connect with us throughout the event.

Whether you met us in the exhibit hall, or got the opportunity to join us at the Emerging Technologies Roundtable, we are grateful for the opportunity to have both heard and shared insights  into the technologies that are shaping the future of the legal industry.

Litéra Press
Litéra Helps Cover the City Project Provide Blankets for the Poor
Cover the City, a charitable non-profit local to North Carolina, helps provide blankets for the homeless during the harsh winter months of the year. Litéra Corp, with the aid of several Litéra team members in the McLeansville office, donated 96 blankets in the cause of spreading warmth and good cheer this Holiday Season. 

Team-Building Litéra Style
Greetings from Litéra in the Philippines!
Over the Thanksgiving Holiday, our Litéra team in Manila bonded during their company outing. Morning yoga, ziplines, basketball and kayaking were among the various team-building activities. Thank you to every Litéra team member in the Philippines for the valuable contribution you bring to our organization. 
Product Support Update: Change-Pro 7.5
The end-of-life support on Change-Pro 7.5 is December 31st 2017.
Change-Pro 7.5 will receive quarterly maintenance updates and support through 2017, but from January 1st 2018, we will only support Change-Pro 10.
Upcoming Webinars
Webinar Schedule
December 2016
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