A Word From Our President
Hello from New York

Legaltech runs from 31st Jan to 2nd Feb this year and seems as busy as ever. It is fantastic to meet many of our clients here socially, in sessions and in the corridors.

If you made some work related New Year's resolutions, I hope they're working out for you and making the positive changes you anticipated. Change is something Litéra thrives on, and this year is no different. Already we have added sophisticated native PDF comparison to Change-Pro®. This allows much greater accuracy when comparing PDFs with complex layouts (e.g. PowerPoint decks converted to PDF). We're also using the concepts behind our patented intelligent table comparison to make sure layout changes don't clutter the red-line report. 
I hope many people get to see our newer products that are changing the document lifecycle management landscape; Litéra LexPro® for definitions checking and cross-reference management, and our PDF editor LDF™ powered by Foxit®. Both have been getting great feedback from clients, so they might be right for you.

Following our tradition of the past few years, we're running in depth sessions for Innova™ at Legaltech. These focus on getting the best from the product and maximizing the efficiency gains possible with such a comprehensive product. This year we are introducing document Quality Tools into Innova™ to help you "fix" those problem documents.
Perhaps the biggest change we're showcasing at Legaltech is Litéra Live™. This delivers Word, PDF, PowerPoint and Excel comparison plus Metadata cleaning and PDF conversion in an online service accessible via any web browser.

From a snowy New York,
Current Events: Legaltech 2017
Legaltech 2017 Has Officially Begun
For those attending, the exhibit hall will be open periodically between sessions. Please visit us at booth 226 to learn how you can gain exclusive access to discounts on the products highlighted below.
Introducing  Change-Pro®  for PDF
Change Pro® 10.1 - Native PDF Comparison
The latest update to Change-Pro® adds an entirely new PDF comparison feature to this already feature-rich comparison tool. But wait...doesn't Change-Pro® already include PDF comparison? The answer is yes, but Change-Pro® 10.1 enhances existing PDF comparison capabilities with a different kind of PDF comparison. 

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Above The Norm: Corporate Development Insights
Now is the Winter of our Content
A former investment banker I know received back a signed contract from one of his largest parties where the agreement's term had been changed from 3 years to one, with the hope that the subtle alteration would never be discovered.

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Microsoft OneDrive vs Litéra SYNC®
The Secure Storage Demand
If you've ever invested a large amount of time and effort working on a project only to have some unforeseen act of nature erase or corrupt your data, you understand the value of remote file storage. For businesses, the necessity for secure file storage is a moot point. Of course businesses need to give their knowledge workers a secure way to manage and share valuable information. The question most need an answer to is:

Which cloud storage service is right for me?

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Litéra  Highlight 
Employee Name: Dawn Hudgins 
Job Title: Director of Marketing
Litéra Location: McLeansville, NC 

Job Description: "I'm behind the brand. It's a team thing of course, but my responsibilities are how you, the client, see us. What we offer. How it can benefit you. How we can save you time, money, energy and headaches. How we can give you more time back in your day to do the things that are really important. My responsibility is making sure you understand how what we do can improve what you do." 

Brief Bio: "I bring energy, passion, creativity and more than 20 years of experience in marketing and communications to Litéra®. My experience includes a variety of global roles in marketing, communications, leadership, key note speaking, training, management development, and organizational development."

"Prior to joining Litéra, I worked with the Volvo Group as a Corporate Communications Officer for North America where I was also over Film and Webcasting globally. While at Volvo, I also served as a Culture Navigator. Early on in my career I owned my own advertising agency where I worked with such clients as Texaco, Diadora, Reebok, Volvo, and the Dallas Cowboys. I am a certified trainer in: Myers Briggs Type 1 & 2, Franklin Covey Speed of Trust, Barrett's Value System Type 1 & 2, and FISH Philosophy. I hold a BA in English Media Communications from High Point University. I am also an international award winning author of a children's book series. I have written and had produced several plays and musicals, and have written and published one full length novel."
Litéra Press
Litéra Adds High-Quality Native PDF Comparison to Change-Pro®
MCLEANSVILLE, North Carolina - January 26, 2017 - Litéra Corp has released a major software update for the most powerful comparison technology available in the market today. Change-Pro® 10.1 features an additional "native" PDF comparison option for faster, easier to understand, more accurate and more reliable page-by-page PDF comparisons. 

Litéra Webinars
Join us for a free educational session covering the features added in the latest update. This session is recommended for all current Change-Pro users who would like to know more about the latest PDF comparison features, when and how to use them, and more.

REGISTER for one of our flexible session times.
Tue, Feb 21 - 9:00am - 10:00am EST
Thu, Feb 23 - 11:00am - 12:00pm EST
As technology grows so does the ever expansive landscape of document comparison. Join us to find out 5 things you need to know that are changing in document comparison in order to prepare for the future.

REGISTER for one of our flexible session times. 
Tue, Feb 21 - 11:00am - 12:00pm EST
Thu, Feb 23 - 9:00am - 10:00am EST
Litéra Podcasts
In this Litéra sponsored podcast, host Ben Zimmerman explores news, technology, and services that will help you improve your business and home office productivity. 

In this episode, Ben Zimmerman joins Litera VP of R&D, Simon Dandy, and Litera Product Specialist, Ian McCormick, to talk about services and solutions that improve document security.
Litéra is proud to sponsor this  award-winning podcast covering relevant, contemporary news from a legal perspective.

In this episode, hosts  J. Craig Williams  and  Bob Ambrogi  join Andrew Rossow, cyberspace and technology attorney, and Craig Ball, a trial attorney and expert in digital forensics, as they take a look at the legalities surrounding Amazon's Echo, technology-based evidence, and the impact on future cases.