A Word from Our President
Remembering the Past and Looking Forward to the Future

As 2016 draws to a close Litéra is about to complete its 1st full year without our founder Deepak Massand. We have missed him and hope that how we have acted and what we have done would have made him proud.

Many of our clients are new this year and we are delighted to see them join the Litéra family. More clients mean we must have an even greater focus on quality. The number of end users with our solutions increased in 2016 by a record amount, while at the same time we have seen the number of support calls fall. This gives us the space to innovate, which is one of our passions and a defining aspect of our culture. 
This year we have also increased the number of opportunities for interaction with you our clients. We have run more Webinars than ever, attended more events, expanded our use of social media and revamped our newsletter. We are always open to feedback about how we communicate and what we communicate so please feel free to let us know what you think.

This time of year is a holiday period in many cultures and many countries around the world. I hope 2016 was kind to you and that you are all able to find some time to spend with family and friends during the holiday season. 2017 will bring new challenges and opportunities for all of us. At Litéra we'd like to be part of your journey and a contributor to your success. Happy holidays to you and everyone you hold dear.

Making Deepak Proud: 2016 in Review
Making Deepak Proud: 2016 in Review
A year ago, we experienced the greatest professional loss our organization could have had. On December 28th, 2015 we lost our founder, and my father, Deepak Massand. Unlike past years where January marked a fresh set of goals, a reinvigorated vision and a renewed optimism for the months ahead, January 2016 felt different...indescribable.  
Remembering Deepak

Litéra  Highlight:  Deepak Massand
Deepak Massand
Founder & CEO of Litera
Brief Bio: 
Deepak Massand was an inventor, philanthropist, and loving family man who found his success at selflessly pursuing the causes and struggles of others. Deepak was born into a large family in Indore, India, growing to run a prosperous tea plantation at the age of 25 in the notable region of Assam. Studying the science of agriculture, Deepak applied his education and continued zeal for knowledge by transcending many industries and regions of the world.

After his immigration to the United States, Deepak had visionary innovations across the fields of textiles, pharmaceuticals, and technology . He was awarded his first of many U.S. patents in March of 1999 and continued seeing the world as something he could build upon and change for the better.

As a man of great intellect, Deepak will forever be remembered as a visionary and the catalyst for change in the hearts of so many who loved him. He believed in the inherent power of individuals and was a cornerstone of the support system in his community. Deepak made purpose in surrounding himself with his extended family and friends of whom his ties and genuine loving demeanor crossed so many people, continents, generations and days in his life. 

Tech Tip: Live Courageous 
Deepak lived a bold and courageous life. Although he seemed fearless on the surface, his advice on the subject of courage was similar to the famous saying, "Courage is not the absence of fear, it is the ability to act in the presence of fear." As you venture into the new year, remember to walk with courage and integrity in everything you do, and don't allow fear to paralyze you from the pursuit of your life or business goals. Act in spite of fear. Live courageously.

Above the Norm:  Corporate Development Insights
Resolutions v. Resolve

Making New Year's resolutions is a tradition dating back to 153 B.C. when Janus, a mythical god of ancient Rome, was the symbol for beginnings and transitions. He was always depicted with two faces, one on the front of his head and one on the back, so he could look forward and backward at the same time.
Just as the Romans started each year by making promises to Janus, 42% of North Americans will make at least one resolution at the beginning of next year. Unfortunately, 88% will have failed to follow through.

Litéra Stories:  An Ominous Encounter in India
Watch out for Blue Bulls on the Highway at Night
An Omen for the New Year
Traveling along the desolate Indian road, night enveloped all I could see with a blanket the shade of pitch. My headlights, feverishly attempting to penetrate the foggy embankment that had slithered in, only secured 3, maybe 4 feet ahead of me to view. The ominous tone played a melody that sent chills through my body and heightened my senses. 

Upcoming Events : Legaltech 2017
What's in Store at Legaltech 2017?
What does the technological world have in store for you and your practice? Legaltech 2017  will provide an in-depth look at how successful firms are preparing for the future, the benefits of cloud-based process automation, and evolving expectations regarding data privacy and security. 

Be sure to visit  Litéra  in the exhibit hall at booth 226.
Product Focus:   The Legal Professional's Toolkit
Anywhere access to document comparison, metadata cleansing, and PDF conversion technologies.
This one-click TOA creation tool eliminates hours of manual processes, costly inaccuracies and formatting errors.

Legal contract drafting and review simplified. Managing Cross-References and Defined Terms has never been easier. 
This extremely fast PDF tool was engineered by Litéra and Foxit to be the best option for legal professionals in terms of both affordability and functionality.
This document automation platform is essential for firms who are serious about building a strong brand with consistent high-quality documents.
The most powerful and comprehensive document comparison suite currently available in the market.   

Support Announcement
Support for Change-Pro 7.5 Ending December 31st of 2017
Change-Pro 7.5 will receive quarterly maintenance updates and support through 2017, but from January 1st 2018, we will only support Change-Pro 10.

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Litéra Press
Litéra named Best in Content Management Solutions.
Litéra Corp was named "Best in Content Management Solutions" in Acquisition International's 2016 Global Excellence Awards.  Follow the link below to read our article featured in AI's December 2016 issue.

Upcoming Webinars
No Webinars for January 2017

Going forward into 2017, we will host an assortment of engaging, informative webinars focused on sharing practical professional solutions for common business problems.

For more information on our upcoming schedule, or to view past webinar recordings, please visit our  webinar page.