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Halloween is big in the USA. This is the 2 nd year I've been here for it and where I live in North Carolina people certainly have fun with it. Even in our office various tricks and treats were installed to get us all in the spirit. This year Halloween fell very close to Diwali. Across our organization we had a celebration of the victory of light over darkness competing with a celebration of the darker, somewhat mythical, side of the human condition.
We certainly hope that our software helps you do the right thing, and brings light and success to your working day. That is what we strive for, and it was very encouraging this month to see that our Webinars on innova™, Litéra LexPro™ and LDF™ powered by Foxit® attracted hundreds of attendees. I am especially pleased that the new products generated so much interest. We sought a lot of feedback while we were creating them and have tried to launch products that are simple to use and functionally rich enough to really improve the end user experience. 
Thank you to everyone who took the time to attend, and for the questions and suggestions. There were some really great ideas that have gone on the roadmap. Our vision is to provide a complete set of drafting tools that adapt to the real world and are available to you throughout the document lifecycle from the virtual blank piece of paper, to the final distributable version.
As well as being capable, we all need tools that support remote and mobile working. In this newsletter Norm Thomas sheds some light on the cloud and the journey we're all on to adopt new ways of delivering technology solutions wherever and whenever they are needed.
- Paul Domnick

Above the NormCorporate Development Insights
Clouding, The Issue
by: Norm Thomas  
In what recently became an epic ILTA .listserv forum thread entitled "Law Firm Cloud Adoption," contributors' posts ran the gamut in their comments about where legal technology is today with respect to moving data and workloads to the cloud.

Way back in 2008, I first presented cloud computing's benefits on behalf of Microsoft to the legal technology community at ILTA's G100 gathering. You might as well have painted a big target on my chest.

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Change-Pro® - the document comparison tool used by many of the world's top law firms - compares every letter, table, comment, footnote and image, and produces readable Redline Reports and Track Changes documents. This free-trial app allows up to 10 total comparisons.
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Content Hub™
Litéra  Highlight 
NameIan McCormick
Location: McLeansville, USA
Job Title : Product Specialist

Job Description"I work directly with development to innovate create and navigate when it comes to Litéra products and services. At times I get the opportunity to ' put on my scuba gear and deep dive' directly with customers to help them work through their issues in real-time. I also provide regular assistance to customer support to help troubleshoot some of the higher level issues they run into."

Bio"I got my bachelors in Music Education and worked 7 years in the NC public school system teaching music theory, orchestra, band and choir. I've also been a DJ for 17 years and a Web Developer for 15. I started working for Litéra as a customer support specialist after I finished my teaching tenure. I stayed in that department for about 4 months before I moved to IT Engineering. Since then I've worked on product development for most of our products (Litéra Secure File Transfer®, Litéra SmartSend®, Litéra LiVE™, Litéra SYNC®, etc.). The only products I haven't touched are Change-Pro® and Metadact®. I love working on product development and software management in the IT field, and I look forward to continue developing world-class products for years to come." 
Tech Tip"One of the best troubleshooting tools that exists in Windows 10 (that hardly anyone knows about) is called Steps Recorder ('Problem Steps Recorder' in previous versions of Windows). What Steps Recorder does is record every step of your process to help IT determine the precise solution to any technical issues you may happen to have. If you're having difficulty describing a situation to IT, go to your Start Menu, type in ' PSR ' and open Steps Recorder. Press ' Start Record ' and run through your process like you normally would. ' Stop Record ' when you are finished and Save. The program will log keystrokes, capture screenshots and provide essential background information for IT to understand what's happening and resolve your issue."
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Every year the prominent business and technology publication, SiliconIndia Magazines, creates a list of the "Top 100 Tech Companies Founded by Indians in the U.S." SiliconIndia featured Litéra Corp in this year's si100 along with an exclusive interview with Paul Domnick. To read the full interview, follow the link below.

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