July 2017 e-Newsletter
by Robert P. Granacher, Jr., M.D., MBA
I am announcing that the Lexington Medical Society (LMS) will be initiating its new Medical Student Mentorship Program, in conjunction with the University of Kentucky, College of Medicine, during August 2017. We are asking as many LMS doctors as possible, or any other interested doctors in the Central Kentucky area, to provide a mentorship opportunity to our medical students. The first launch of this program will enable LMS to work out the bugs in the system.

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LMS would like to welcome all new UK residents.  On Monday, June 19, Dr. Robert Granacher spoke to all 1st year residents at UK.  Don't forget to fill out your digital application and email it to
Membership dues are free for all 1st year students for the duration of your residency.  2nd year residents & beyond are just $40 for the rest of your residency.  If you have questions please call (859) 278-0569 or email the address above.
LMS Foundation Golf Tournament
Registration is now open for players & sponsors:
The LMS Foundation Golf Tournament is scheduled for Wednesday, August 23 at 1:30pm at Houston Oaks Golf Course.  For more information on playing or sponsorship CLICK HERE
The LMS-UK College of Medicine Mentorship Program: The How
By Chris Hickey, LMS, EVP/CE
The LMS mentorship program was designed with the busy lives of our physician mentors & medical student mentees in mind. Our program is centralized in its support & decentralized in its execution in that the mentor/mentee decide when, where, & how often they want to meet, write, or talk. The program starts August 2017 & culminates in May 2018. Our inaugural program focuses, based on the advice from the medical student leadership, on third year students as they transition from two years of academics to their clinical training & education.
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To enroll as a mentor or mentee CLICK HERE to start the process.
Senior Physician Luncheon:
LMS Senior Physicians are invited to meeting on Friday, July a14th at noon at the Campbell House for lunch & fellowship. No registration necessary.  Call LMS @ 278-0569 or   CLICK HERE for more information.

Nominations Needed for LMS Officers:
Deadline is September 4, 2017
LMS is now taking nominations for 2018 officers:
President-Elect, Vice President-Elect, & Judicial Committee.
Submit nominations to Chris Hickey (859) 278-0569 or cmhickey@lexingtondoctors.org or visit www.LexingtonDoctors.org or more information.
Nominations Needed for 2017 Jack Trevey & Carolyn Kurz Awards
Deadline is September 4, 2017

Nominations are due for the 2017 Jack Trevey Award for Community Service & the Carolyn Kurz Lay Person Award for Distinguished Service.


*The Jack Trevey Award for Community Service recognizes an LMS member who performs outstanding service to the community by direct involvement in the community beyond his/her role as a physician.  Such individuals might include physician volunteers in community programs, physicians serving on school boards, or involved in local or state government.


*The Carolyn Kurz Lay Person Award for Distinguished Service recognizes individuals other than physicians  who reside or work in Fayette County who perform distinguished service in the area of medical science, medical education, medical care, or other areas which directly impacts on the health & well-being of Fayette Co residents.


Nominations can be submitted to Chris Hickey (859) 278-0569 or cmhickey@lexingtondoctors.org 

Lexington-Fayette County Board of Health Physician Opening

The Lexington-Fayette Co Board of Health has a physician opening.  Please send a cover letter & CV to LMS no later than July 17 if you are interested in applying.  You must reside in Fayette Co to serve on this board.


The mayor will select from a slate of 3 physician nominations that LMS will provide.  If interested, email your cover letter & CV to Chris Hickey cmhickey@lexingtondoctors.org or mail to 2628 Wilhite Court, Suite 201, Lexington, KY 40503. 

2017 KMA Annual Meeting
August 25-27 at the Hyatt Regency, Louisville
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