June 2017 e-Newsletter
by Robert P. Granacher, Jr., M.D., MBA
On April 22, 2017, a number of LMS members were introduced to the Art of Negotiations taught by mathematician, computer scientist and MBA lecturer at the Gatton College of Business, Jack Kirn (no relationship to LMS member David Kirn, MD). This was a prime example of the advantages of belonging to LMS and the value added benefits of doing so, as this was a Gatton College designed 4-hour CME course made expressly for LMS physicians.
LMS has aligned itself with the Gatton College of Business and Economics at the University of Kentucky and will be presenting, on a regular basis, professional medical business short courses for our members and other physicians who choose to attend. This particular negotiation lecture contained four components:

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Membership News
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LMS Hosts Congressman Andy Barr
On Tuesday, May 9, LMS held its general meeting at the Hilary J. Boone Center and featured Congressman Andy Barr who shared his insights on health care legislation.
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Paying It Forward                              LMS Student Essay Winner
By Elizabeth Harvey, UK College of Medicine
When my dad went in for heart surgery, I never expected that he wouldn't wake up. Not to say that I was worry-free, just that I worried about different things. I worried about his aneurysm bursting in the handful of days between our learning of its existence and the surgery scheduled to correct it. I worried about complications during surgery. Embarrassingly, I even worried about the size and shape of the scar that would remain on his chest. (I wanted him to ask if it could be copied after Orlando Bloom's scar in the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie. As if he could walk into the hospital like it was a hair salon, with a clipping from a magazine of the way he wanted to look after his appointment. Looking back, my naiveté is difficult for even me to comprehend.)
Iron Man: A New Frontier              LMS Resident Essay Winner
By Michael Kaufman, MD, UK Resident
It is not often you get the chance to meet a celebrity in the emergency department, especially at 2 a.m., and when that opportunity arises you must seize it. When Iron Man strolls through the door notice is taken. As a child I was fascinated by superheroes. Superman, Batman, Iron Man, Wonder Woman; my appetite was insatiable. I felt a connection to these figures, wishing I was only a radioactive spider bite away from saving the world. 
That sense of wonderment and enthusiasm was what I saw when I first walked into emergency examination room 14. A five-year-old child clutching an Iron Man action figure. Moving his arms and legs up and down the bed, fighting invisible foes. He barely noticed me as I strolled into the room and began my usual questioning of the parents. He had been transferred to the University of Kentucky for a nasal foreign body. My curiosity could not be contained and I asked the parents what I would be looking for in the child's nose. He sprung to life, waving Iron man in my direction, and yelled, "Iron Man's fist!"
Senior Physician Luncheon:
LMS Senior Physicians are invited to meeting on Friday, June 9th at noon at the Campbell House for lunch & fellowship. No registration necessary.  Call LMS @ 278-0569 or   CLICK HERE for more information.

The LMS Foundation Golf Tournament is scheduled for Wednesday, August 23 at 1:30pm at Houston Oaks Golf Course.  More information coming soon.
Does Your Healthcare Office Have a 401 (k) Plan?
By: Magda Perez, VP Relationship Manager
Great employees are hard to find. This truth applies for all businesses, including healthcare offices. The challenge just begins at the point of hiring. Finding top-notch workers is one thing; retaining them is another.
If your healthcare office offers no 401(k) plan, this amounts to a recruiting disadvantage. Fewer potential employees may want to work for a company that offers no retirement savings plan.  That may also encourage turnover, which could add to your office's financial headaches.
Just how much do employees value benefits like 401(k)s? In its 2016 annual survey of U.S. workers, the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies discovered that 89% thought a 401(k) or similar retirement plan was an important benefit. Sixty percent of workers called it "very important." Just how many U.S. businesses with less than 100 workers offer retirement plans? Seventy-two percent.
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