October 2017 e-Newsletter
by Robert P. Granacher, Jr., M.D., MBA
Our country's political interests have recently been galvanized by the attempts of the Republican dominated Co n gress to pass a health care bill.  As I hear the pundits on television and health care colleagues speak, I am concerned about a misuse of terms that I think we, as health care practitioners, should correct. It is often stated that our "health care system is broken."

In my judgment, what the Congress is attempting to correct is  payor models or payor methods not an attempt to manage a health care system. Our health care system is made up of hospitals, laboratories, outpatient clinics, varied medical specialties and practice models, nurses, various forms of physical and occupational therapists, psychologists, etc. In my opinion, it is not broken, but it may be fragmented. Our health care system is not equivalent to the payor models that are being discussed and argued in Washington DC.  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Thursday, October 5th is the last day to register for the LMS/KMA 10th District Trustee Meeting 
& LMS Past Presidents' Dinner.

2017 Career Chats
LMS, UK COM Alumni Association, & the UK COM AMA MSS hosted another successful Career Chats events at the Signature Club on Thursday, September 21. 
38 physicians & 110 medical students participated this year.  1st-4th year students had a chance to meet physicians in four different specialties throughout the evening. 

For a list of participating physicians & to view photos from the event CLICK HERE
Membership News
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CME Opportunities:
2017 Bruce Lucas Hepatology & Liver Transplant Symposium
Friday, October 13 at Kroger Field
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Senior Physician Luncheon:
LMS Senior Physicians are invited to meeting on Friday, October 13th at noon at the Campbell House for lunch & fellowship. No registration necessary.  Call LMS @ 278-0569 or   CLICK HERE for more information.

Lexington Medical Society Alliance
2017 Holiday Sharing Card

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