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Dear LOCC Ladies,
NOTE - If the man of the house is reading this, and you share one email address with the woman of the house - BE SURE YOU PASS THIS INFORMATION ALONG! You don't want a Church Lady upset with you.
The Church Ladies welcome all women who are members or participants of either LOCC congregation.
We will be meeting once per month. Our goal is primarily to establish support for one another through friendship, and to provide support for our community. Meetings may involve a small service project in which everyone can participate, or we may focus on a particular topic, discussing how it relates to our life experiences.
The Church Ladies also provide meals and transportation for those of LOCC who have a need.
If you would like to be part of this group please respond by clicking here to open up an email to inform our Ministry Coordinator of your desire to be on The Church Ladies mailing list.
Each month you will receive a reminder of that month's meeting date and information about that particular event. When needs arise, we will inform our group and provide opportunities for service.
We have exciting plans for 2018!
- creating Chrismons to decorate our Christmas trees at The LOCC.
- making splints for infants thru The Alliance For Smiles. (April 18 meeting)
- assembling boxes for The Shoebox Project.
- THIS MONTH we will share our favorite fish recipes and any secret tips
- Future topics might include:
- What truly matters in your life?
- What will you do better this year?
- What is your biggest concern for the future?
- How do you nurture relationships with your grandchildren?
- How are you handling your health?
- What is the funniest thing that ever happened to you?
The possibilities are endless! If you have any ideas, please let us know. We may not solve every world problem but we will establish connections that help us soldier on.
I am looking forward to a fun year. COME JOIN US!
Fondly, Joan Bramblett

Here is a list of those who have already become a "Church Lady" and on the email list.

Geri Arvanites, Janette Berry, Mary Brinks, Sharon Crosby, Joyce Dysart, Martha Franks, Rosie Herrmann, Karen Kludt, Jane McLaughlin, Theresa Myers, Jane Moss, Dona Stanton, Donna Stevens, Janice Wendt, Grace Woodring, Andrea Wuori

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