April 8, 2016
Lake Ontario Offshore Racing
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Speaker Night at ABYC. April 21st

If you missed the Speaker Night at PCYC in March don't worry. Join the LOOR Committee and Brian Chapman from UK Sails for an informative session focused on:
  • Sail handling, changing gears with changing weather and wave conditions, and
  • Overall long distance race management strategy.
In addition, the LOOR Safety Officer and The Rigging Shoppe will have a display of equipment and be available to answer questions about safety and stability requirements for offshore racing.
And, the LOOR Shoreline Manager will be on hand for questions about documentation and required paper work.

I hope to see you there!

Joe Doris
Chair, Lake Ontario Offshore Racing

Why You Should do the LO600

So, we have signed up for our (the) second Lake Ontario 600 - the first was a roaring success and lots of fun to boot. It would be more fun still with even more company. So, why should you do the LO600 too? Well other than the prospect of another lasagna and champagne breakfast before anyone else is up (thanks Monica!), here are our top 5 reasons:
Reason Number 5 - Proximity
This is the only 600-miler that doesn't involve transiting the St-Lawrence or the Welland Canal. It is right here in our backyard, easy to access, even on a limited time budget.
Reason Number 4 - Going the Distance
600 miles is a true offshore distance. The 300 can be run like a long sprint. Can't do that with the 600 - you need to get into an offshore rhythm, one that is strangely comforting and engaging.
Reason Number 3 - Redemption
You can recover from mistakes. With two circuits of the lake, there is plenty of opportunity to regain miles and recover from less than ideal strategic choices. Multiple weather patterns over the multiple days adds to the spice as well.
Reason Number 2 - Breakaway
The atmosphere of the 600 is special - the distance from day-to-day life for the better part of a week and personal touches, especially at the end of the race reinforce that feeling. There simply isn't anything else like it around.
And the Number 1 reason - It's what it is all about
Boat time. More boat time, uninterrupted. How often do we get to spend 4+ days doing nothing but sailing? Summer is short, waaaay too short, so get out there and enjoy it in the best way possible!
Hope to see more of you on the line on July 16!

Submitted by Danny McKindsey, SV Happy Puppy

A look back at the Susan Hood Trophy Race

Over the 60-year history of the Susan Hood Trophy Race, there have been some great champions, representing in total some 16 different yacht clubs.
On Friday June 3rd, we will once again be heading west at 8 o'clock for the start of what is usually a great sunset while trying to figure out the best way to make it to the Burlington Weather Mark. The Susan Hood will continue to be one of those great overnight races that will always amaze everyone participating in it. Think about it, we sail into a sunset right at the time of year when the summer weather is trying to establish itself, but has not quite arrived. We have experienced a variety of weather patterns over the last sixty years with no way of anticipating what weather will prevail for this 73 nm course. Think about the variables with water and land temperature alone.
This year will likely be no different. Friday June 3rd, was the date of the original Susan Hood Trophy race in 1955 when they had primarily light winds for most of the race with a strong finish. Back then, it was a 'guess and a go' on the best course to take to the first mark. Up until the past few years, the course would be buoys to port or buoys to starboard depending on the anticipated wind. The goal was to include an upwind somewhere on the race. It was never a sure bet but the Race Committee would always do their best with the assistance of weather advisors. The fact of the matter is that the combination of the Great Lakes along with the Niagara Escarpment makes the task very difficult.
When we reflect back to last year's Susan Hood, the fleet was spread as wide apart as it could possibly be with everyone trying to figure out whether to sail to shoreline, out in the lake or rhumb line. Where was the wind? Most races will be a bit of a guess at this time of year, which is why the Susan Hood is one race that everyone should try in their sailing career.
Don't wait to hear the many tales and stories after the fact. Be a part of the stories and the memories. Get a crew, get a boat and enjoy the Coolest Race on the Lake, its sunsets and its sunrises.
Submitted by Brian Townsend

Lake Ontario Short Handed Racing Series
The first race in this series of six races over four weekends kicks off on Sunday, June 5. That's only EIGHT weeks away! This daytime race is 16 miles and takes racers from PCYC to the Toronto Islands. Check out the registration link below to ensure you don't miss the start of an exciting 2016 short-handed racing season on Lake Ontario.

Rating Certificates: 

If you have questions on your certificate, please contact:
  • GLMRA - contact GLMRA
  • IRC - contact your IRC measurer
  • PHRF-LO - contact your club's PHRF-LO handicapper
If you have questions on safety, stability or equipment, plea se contact safety@loor.ca 
Registration Links  
You will also find 'Notices of Race' for all events plus other documents through the following links.


Update on Registrations (as of April 6th, 2016) 

LOOR Event

Registered to Date
Lake Ontario 300
Lake Ontario 600
Susan Hood
Crew Bank - Need Crew or interested in Crewing?

Use the Crew/Boats Boards. This resource was in high demand during the 2015 season and crew was snapped up very early. Check it out and ensure you don't miss the opportunity to participate in a LOOR event in 2016. There are already a number of listings posted to the page.
You'll find the link on the Registration page, right side of the page, called 'Crew/Boat Boards', or go to the   Crew Bank page on the LOOR site.

LOOR Committee Opportunity: Sponsorship Coordinator

The Lake Ontario Offshore Racing committee is looking for a volunteer to join the group with a focus on developing and maintaining sponsorship relationships. If you are interested in learning more, please contact: info@loor.ca

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The Lake Ontario Offshore Racing Group is responsible for the planning of the Lake Ontario 300 Challenge, the Susan Hood Trophy Race and the Lake Ontario Short Handed Racing Series under the organizing authority of the Port Credit Yacht Club.