August 11, 2017
Lake Ontario Offshore Racing

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Aft winds, No winds, Fore winds, Cross winds, High winds, Low winds and Wind Shears! Another classic 300 Challenge is complete.
Congratulations to all racers who completed this year's LO300 Challenge. A special acknowledgement of course, to all who were awarded a flag and/or won a trophy. Once again, the LO300 provided a variety of conditions and lived up to its name.

We've reached out to all the winners from the LO300 and many of them provided us with some brief comments about the experience. See
LO300 Challenge Winners Share Their Thoughts below.

A huge thank you from PCYC and LOOR to all our sponsors and supporters whose support helped enormously in the successful running of the 2017 Lake Ontario 300 Challenge presented by It couldn't have happened without you.

However, we're not done yet! More LOSHRS events to come including the hundred-nautical mile race for singlehanded and short-handed crews. Registration is still open. Keep in mind that this race is a qualifier for Great Lakes Singlehanded Society's (GLSS) series of solo races on the great lakes. See Lake Ontario Short-Handed Racing Series

We'll see you out on the water!
Joe Doris
Chair, Lake Ontario Offshore Racing

The Main Duck Team Challenge was won by The National's from National Yacht Club. Team Members were:
  • SPITFIRE- Jonathan Bamberger, ACE- Kris Davis, ZINGARA- Richard Reid
The Scotch Bonnet Team Challenge was won by Team Mimico from Mimico Cruising Club. Team Members were:
  • VOLGA- Yuriy Mikhailov & PUFFIN- Pawel and Livianna Cimek and Tossutti
Both yacht clubs will receive a cash donation to their respective Junior Sail programs courtesy of Pat Sturgeon Yacht Sales and the Lake Ontario Offshore Racing Committee.
Results of this year's Lake Ontario 300 Challenge can be found by clicking on the following links:
LO300 Challenge Winners Share Their Thoughts
To provide you with an inside look at the racing experience, we reached out to all the LO300 Class and Trophy winners and asked about their Most Exciting Moment and Most Challenging Moment from the Race. Here's what a few of the winners told us:
GLSS LO300 Champion - President's Cup Winner (2nd in Class and Best Overall First-Time Finisher) - Revival (Abbott 33)
James Roscoe, Boulevard Club
"For me the most challenging part of the race was the trip from the Niagara mark to the finish. Revival averaged about 2.5 knots for that 25-mile section. The last 3 miles into Port Credit were especially difficult with three winds fighting.
"The most exciting part was probably Sunday night. I could see (some) of my competition and I was starting to walk on them. Then darkness fell and the thunderstorms started. The craziest part of the race was waking up out of a catnap (10 minutes before my alarm was to go off) to the rain that hit before squall #2 ."

Main Duck Course PHRF-Flying Sails-Double Handed - 1st Place - Rock & Roll (C&C 35 MKIII)
Larry Jensen, Collins Bay YC
"The most exciting moment of the race for us was being slammed on our side around 11 pm Sunday night off Rochester from a Thunder Cell moving through. Breaking Spinnaker Pole, but recovering ounce and a half chute.
"Our most challenging moment was r ounding the Niagara Mark at a half knot boat speed in a half knot current. Coming within one boat length of the mark."
Main Duck Course PHRF-Flying Sails-Fully Crewed-4 - 1st Place - JAM (C&C 34)
Graham Twomey, LYC
"Although most of us treat the LO300 as a race it is more of a challenge. This year with favorable winds we were able to take a direct route with spinnaker to our second mark, 'Ford Shoal'. Rounding this mark at daybreak made for easy navigation up to and around 'Main Duck'. Exiting Main Duck, we were able to sail on or near the rhumb line towards the Niagara mark. So far, nothing more than a pleasant sail around Lake Ontario.
"As often happens though, Lake Ontario was not done with us yet. First, we had to search for the subsiding wind and this was an opportunity for the meat eating flies to move in. Darkening skies was a forewarning of more to come. Pretty soon the elusive wind picked up, then came the lightning and rain. With no visuals except our GPS we hung on and headed toward Niagara. On the morning of day two we had a gentle breeze around the Niagara mark, then headed to Port Credit.
"With 7 to 8 nautical miles to go the wind once again left us. By now we were getting information and encouragement from our at-home support crew but as close as we were there was nothing more that we could do but, once again, search for the elusive wind. Fortunately for us our competition was suffering the same fate and at about 1 knot per hour we crossed the finish line. We had to wait for final handicap results but our race and challenge was complete."

Scotch Bonnet Course PHRF-Non-Flying Sails Fully Crewed-1 - 1st Place - Galaxsea (CS 30)
Frank Larocque, WYC
"Our team just loves this race! This is our 3rd race. Very well organized, great venue and good party on Friday. After the 3rd year it is nice to see some familiar faces. I love to have the LO300 sticker on the boat for the rest of the summer. From cruising to other races on the lake or visitors to our club, I always get asked about the race and how we did. Always fun to tell sailing stories. We always do the short course, less of a time commitment in light winds. The short course was very well attended this year.
"The most exciting moment of the race for me is the start and the hours that follow. Lots of boats at the start jockeying for position and you get to see your competition up front and close up. The rest of the race things get pretty spread out. I also like see both courses on the lake heading in different directions. During this year's race, the storm Sunday night added some excitement. Always a challenge to sail through it or reduce sail!!
"The most challenging part of the race is to stay focused for the entire race even when the winds get very light. This year's race was a drag race on the rhumb line. A lot of downwind sailing which can be tedious with NFS. Thanks again for a great race. See you next year."

Main Duck Course GLMRA - 1st Place - Trippy (Farrier F-25C Trimaran)
Robert Cajolet, TMCC
" I'd say there were two exciting moments of t h e race for us . The first was passing the entire fleet at about 2.5 hours into the race, which we held until Esprit de corps came up behind us . T he other was the last leg of the race between the Niagara buoy and the finish, where we passed Razorbill and See Ya in the final few miles.
" Most challenging moment of the race was dealing with the lake flies. They were everywhere, both inside and outside of the boat, and could bite through wool socks! "
Scotch Bonnet Course PHRF-Flying Sails Fully Crewed-1 - 1st Place - Alchemist (C&C 29 Mk 2)
Ron Ander, EYC
"The most exciting moment of the race was on Sunday night during a few hours of thunderstorms on our way to the Niagara mark. Two of our crew members, Stephen and Paul, were sleeping down below while Rajesh and I were sitting comfortably under a large golf umbrella with sustained warm winds, a very well-balanced helm and calm seas moving at a very nice pace. The sky all around us was lit up like fireworks.
"The most challenging moment from the race was two weeks before when our propeller and shaft were damaged by hitting a large branch. The result was a badly vibrating shaft and propeller that could only move us at about 2 knots.
"The replacement feathering propeller was ordered and customized by Greg of Evolution from Variprop in Bremerhaven, Germany. It was rushed by air freight to Toronto. Roy of Roy's Marine picked up the new propeller and arranged to machine a new shaft to get the repair done in time for the race. We were back in the water and motoring smoothly two days before the race.
"Monica Doedens and the PCYC staff were very helpful keeping Alchemist in the race. I am very thankful that with their help, Greg's help, and especially Roy's that we were able to compete again this year."
LOSHRS - Lake Ontario Single Handed Racing Series
August 19, 2017 - LOSHRS 100-miler: Race 4   

Race documents, including Sailing Instructions and Official Notice Board for LOSHRS will be on the Yacht Scoring site. Please check just before the race for any updates or amendments.
Berthing at PCYC for August 19th Race: Please find the link for Boat registration for the Aug. 19th event. Registration will be handled on a first come first serve and space may be limited. Registration closes on Wednesday August 16th. 
September 16 & 17, 2017 LOSHRS Port Dalhousie weekend - Races 5 and 6

Race documents, including Sailing Instructions and Official Notice Board for LOSHRS will be on the Yacht Scoring site. Please check just before the race for any updates or amendments.

Susan Hood/LO300 Trophy Banquet!     

The date has been set. Mark your calendars for Saturday, November 11th, at PCYC.  More details to come in our September E-newsletter. 
Proud of Our Racers!      

Congratulations to Team Spitfire (racing on SV "People" a Farr 45) for a spectacular showing in the Rolex Fastnet race. They finished 11th out of 60 in IRC and 20th of all the IRC fleet.
In the Trans Superior International Yacht Race , congratulations also go out to Ron Smallbone, of SV "Epiphany" who finished 1st and Mac MacKenzie, on SV "Worthy Pearl", who crossed the line in 2nd.  
Perseverance Award for the 2017 LO300 Challenge    
The Perseverance Trophy is awarded when there is a case where a yacht has persevered hardships to finish this challenge. It was started in 2009 and is not awarded every year. For the 2017 running of the LO300 Challenge, there will not be a recipient of t his award.  

The new LOOR Ambassador program looks like it is going to be a great success!       

Yacht club Ambassadors will act as a liaison between the LOOR committee and their club. To date, we have representatives from: 
  • Alexandria YC
  • Ashbridges Bay YC
  • Collins Bay YC
  • Etobicoke YC
  • Frenchman's BayYC
  • LakeShoreYC
  • Mimico Cruising Club
  • Royal Canadian YC
  • Whitby YC
If your club isn't on the list and you are interested in helping, let us know. We are planning our first pizza and beer dinner meeting for Ambassadors early this fall. Email us at  

Facebook: @LOOR300
Twitter: @LO300
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