January 8, 2016
Lake Ontario Offshore Racing
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2016 Kicks Off!

Happy New Year everyone and here we go with another exciting season of offshore racing! Starting with....the opening of Race Registration and availability of the Notice of Race for all events!

Also in this edition of our monthly E-newsletter check out what LO600 First-Timers had to say about the experience and why they are excited about the 2nd running this coming July.

We've also included a brief summary of the feedback from our LO300 Racers Survey we conducted in November and a reminder about the 2016 Boat Show. Make sure you drop by our booth to say hello.

Joe Doris
Chair, Lake Ontario Offshore Racing

Notice of Races and Registration

The Notices of Race (NOR) and registration is now open at the following Registration and Race Document Web Sites:
Through the above links you can also access additional documents including; Sail Plan, Alternate Sail Number, Registration Change Form, etc. All of these documents are fillable PDF forms and we recommend you complete them online before printing. These documents can be printed first and completed by hand as well.

Rating Certificates:

To help easily process rating certificates, you use the "Email my Rating Certificate" which can be accessed from the "Owner's Corner" on each of the Registration and Race Document Web Sites listed above.

Offshore Special Regulations for 2016 (coming soon):

The LOOR Offshore Special Regulations (OSR), AKA Safety or Equipment Requirements,  are still under development using the just released World Sailing, formerly ISAF, Offshore Special Regulations 2016-2017 and the forthcoming Sail Canada Prescriptions to them. The direction that World Sailing has taken for this version is to simplify the structure and contents to make them more understandable and usable. With the addition of the LOOR Prescriptions, there are no material changes to requirements for any LOOR race in 2016 from those in 2015. We intend to have the LOOR 2016 versions posted by the end of January 2016.

If you have any immediate questions, please email safety@loor.ca .

For reference, links to the LOOR 2015 versions:

2016 Boat Show! 
Toronto International Boat Show Friday, January 8th thru Sunday, January 17th
  • Visit us at the LOOR booth #1625 (same as last year):
    • Say hello and hear more about the 2016 offshore racing season
    • Receive your free T-shirt, while quantities last!

LO600 Challenge: Twice Round, Why Not? 

The 2nd running of the Lake Ontario 600 will occur this July. The first LO600 took place in 2014 with 14 boats entering and eight crossing the finish line. We reached out to the skippers from the 2014 race and asked for their comments about what was special to them about this race.
Dan McKindsey, from 'Happy Puppy' a C&C 115, (1st place in the 2014 LO600!), found the extended race more interesting due to the opportunities a race of this distance presents for multiple lead changes. He shared what he appreciated the most about the race,
"Several things I think. First, at 600 miles for most "real world" boats it is a true long distance race - you can't fake it and forego sleep for that period so you end up in a true offshore mode where energy, stores and sleep management is a big part of the equation. Love that offshore rhythm :). Second, the fleet spreads out a bit and you see different options opening up for different parts of the fleet. Finally, the likelihood of real weather changes over multiple cycles."  
                                                                                                             - Dan McKindsey
Brian Mitchell, from 'Doubletime' a C&C 27 MK V, also likes the extra-long distance of the LO600 and the opportunity to 'live the dream'. His comments,
"I think all of us "crazy" solo guys harbour visions of Transat and Vendee Globe races in our own Class 40s and Open 60s, but few of us have either the time or money (especially the money) to see those dreams through.  The Lake Ontario 600, fortunately, is like a mini-transat in our own backyard!  Almost a week on the water, you'll come to see and expect just about everything you might experience in those more famous races, except maybe rogue freight containers and dolphins.  The truly surprising thing to me was that I actually found the Lake Ontario 600 easier than the 300: you've got more time to find a rhythm-and live the dream!"
                                                                                                             - Brian Mitchell
So, what are you waiting for? Registration is now open for the LO600. Be a part of something special that only comes around every two years!

LO300 Survey - Summary of Action Items!

Thank you once again to everyone who participated in the first-ever LO300 survey. Feedback and comments from the skippers of 2014 and 2015 running of this race have provided us with many great ideas and a number of suggestions for future consideration. Here's a brief summary:
  • First, congratulations go out to the winner of the draw for a bottle of Mount Gay premium rum: Michael Brown of 'Windburn', a C&C 30. Michael was one of 62 skippers who responded to the survey. Thanks Michael and congratulations.
  • You suggested a few improvements to the pre-race Friday evening Skipper's meeting. We hear you and plan to make it easier for you to hear and see us during this event.
  • Recommendations were made to continue having the first mark following the start line, south-east of PCYC a mile or so instead of the Gibraltar mark. We all agree that's a great idea and will set the course this way again in 2016.
  • We are going to increase the promotion of the LO300 with more Clubs around the lake through newsletter articles and posters.
We are continuing to review a number of other suggestions made and will keep you informed of any other revisions and updates as they happen through this e-newsletter.
Would you like to provide feedback?
If you didn't participate in the above survey but have been a skipper or crew in any of the racing events hosted by LOOR in the past 2-3 years, we'd like to hear from you. Please access the survey from the main page of our websit  and share your thoughts about your experiences.
 Lake Ontario Offshore Racing Click on Racers Survey (just below the Chair's Welcome).

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The Lake Ontario Offshore Racing Group is responsible for the planning of the Lake Ontario 300 Challenge, the Susan Hood Trophy Race and the Lake Ontario Short Handed Racing Series under the organizing authority of the Port Credit Yacht Club.