My Beloved Ones,
I have just returned from Thailand. My nephew David married his soul mate Pang in Hua Hin, a beach town outside of Bangkok. After the wedding, I spent some time in Bangkok touring the city with an amazing guide. I got to have a session with a fortune teller (very big in Thailand) and it was really fun to see how they work. She did my numbers, cards and read my  palm. She mentioned Mother Mary and that really got my attention. WOW! I also ran into dear friend and client Rob Newman just as I was leaving the hotel for the airport. What fate that was, and such a joy to see him again. 

I hope to see you in Sedona at the Celebration of the Elements in September. Spirit tells me it is going to be the most powerful Celebration retreat yet. This is really hard to imagine after the others! It will be an initiation of the Earth element. Time to take your place in the circle, own your power and find your way to utilize it in its highest form. There are only a few spots left, so if you are interested now is the time. This is a leadership circle- bring your gifts to the circle and get back in harmony with source. We will learn, laugh, play and activate light. To learn more, click HERE  and to register email
There are so many exciting things happening in my world this year. On March 1, I will be a guest on the Beyond the Ordinary radio program. If you would like to join us, click on the graphic below:
On March 18 at 8pm US Eastern time, I will be a guest on the Gang of Girls radio show. If you would like to listen to the show, go to Also in March, I will be featured on Divine 2 Divine: 24 Channeled  Conversations Light Being to Light Being. To find out more or sign up to see the video feed, click on the graphic below:

There are also a few phone/Skype session times left in March, email   to schedule. In April, I will be working in Los Angeles for the first time in over a year! There are private session spots available April 11-13 and they always fill up quickly, so email   to sign up.
A last bit of great news... my website is being re-designed by the uber talented Andrea Harley. On the new site, there will be
sections that give you an opportunity to place a prayer by a holy relic and light a candle. In the gift shop, I will be selling some items from my private collection that I have used in prayer, veneration and meditation through the years. While in Bangkok, I found some special amulets made by the monks for money, love, health and protection, which I will also have for sale. Stay tuned, as we will be rolling out the new site very soon!


This is a great time for light activation- 
to prepare for new love or a deeper connection. 
You do not have to do it alone anymore. 

If you wish to have more intimacy in a current relationship, 
what would that look like? 
Close your eyes and see it. 
Take a deep breath and visualize the two of you 
laughing, happy and celebrating life. 
Using your right fist, tap on your heart 6 times 
as you see this closer loving relationship. 
Do this every day for next six days. 
Declare it so. 
Open your heart to it.
If you are looking for a new relationship, 
how would your life be different? 
Do you have time or space for a relationship? 
If not, how can you change that? 
Close your eyes and see yourself 
telling a close friend that you just met someone. 
Feel the excitement. 
Rub your hands together 
and when you feel the heat put them on your heart. 
Warm up your energy field.
  Do this every day for the next six days. 
Prepare for love. 
You are love and love attracts itself. 
Be available.  

Happy Vale ntines D ay!

From my heart to yours,

Laura Bushnell






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