Official newsletter of the LSU College of Science  |   March 2015 


College Salutes 2015 Hall of Distinction Honorees 


The LSU College of Science will recognize the contributions of four outstanding individuals during its eleventh annual Hall of Distinction ceremony, Friday, March 20. This year's honorees are (above, left to right) Meredith Blackwell, LSU System Boyd Professor Emerita in Biological Sciences; John O'Neill, former director of the LSU Museum of Natural Science; Arnold Bouma, Professor Emeritus in Geology & Geophysics; and Edward Zganjar, Professor Emeritus in Physics & Astronomy.  


"Our 2015 honorees are some of the most recognized researchers and educators in their fields. Their contributions to science education and research at LSU are immeasurable," said Cynthia Peterson, College of Science dean and Seola Arnaud and Richard Vernon Edwards Jr. Professor.


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Carol Colatrella


Gender Equality Expert Carol Colatrella

to Speak During LSU's Women in STEM 2015


Carol Colatrella, two-time Fulbright scholar and author of Toys and Tools in Pink: Cultural Narratives of Gender, Science, and Technology, will be the keynote speaker for LSU's Women in STEM event, March 19 at 3:30 p.m. in the Art+Design Commons.

 Colatrella, co-director for the Study of Women, Science, and Technology and professor of literature and cultural studies at Georgia Tech, will present a theoretical and practical understanding of gender inequality, race, and other forms of oppression in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields. The aim of her talk is to increase awareness of these issues, improve the representation of women and minorities in STEM disciplines and inspire campus initiatives connecting feminist theories and practices with positive outcomes.

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LSU Museum of Natural Science
Establishes Antique DNA Laboratory

Assistant professor of biological sciences Jacob Esselstyn is one step closer to uncovering the full mammal phylogenetic tree with the establishment of the LSU Museum of Natural Science Antique DNA Laboratory.

With a $356,000 grant from the National Science Foundation, Esselstyn, also the museum's mammal curator, is investigating the evolutionary relationships of mammals.  A critical aspect of this work is obtaining information from the DNA of species that have not been collected for many years. As such, he has transformed a former storage room in Foster Hall into a laboratory sterile enough to isolate and sequence DNA from specimens preserved in the last century.


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John DiTusa, LaCNS principal investigator and LSU physics professor


U.S. Dept. of Energy Awards
Louisiana University Scientists
$4.9M Statewide Research Grant  


LSU Materials Science and Engineering faculty in the departments of Physics & Astronomy, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering are leading a multi-million dollar statewide collaborative research initiative that will expand the fundamental understanding of advanced materials. The Louisiana Consortium for Neutron Scattering, or LaCNS, was granted $4.9 million of funding for three years from the U.S. Department of Energy's Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research, or EPSCoR, program through the Louisiana Board of Regents in August. The consortium includes faculty and graduate students from Tulane University, University of New Orleans, Louisiana Tech and LSU.


Left to right: postdoc Ryan deRosa, undergrad Nutsinee Kijbunchoo, lab head Joe Giaime, co-founder Rainer Weiss, spokesperson for the LIGO collaboration Gabriela Gonzalez, and postdoc Anamaria Effler


LSU Physicists Featured
in LIGO Generations Film

Viewing to be Held at LSU, March 26th

 LSU Physics & Astronomy professors Gabriela Gonzalez and Joseph Giaime, graduate student Anamarie Effler and former graduate students Nutsinee Kijbunchoo and Ryan DeRoswere are among a group of scientists featured in "LIGO Generations," a film that exposes the passion and motivation of scientists who have spent nearly three decades on a single science experiment, and their work to share that passion with the next generation.


Physics & Astronomy will host a special viewing of the film March 26 in Nicholson Hall, room 130. A Q&A session with some of the physicists featured will follow the viewing.    


Research! America CEO Mary Wooley


LSU Joins Research!America  


LSU has joined the nation's largest not-for-profit public education and advocacy alliance Research! America (R!A). The university will host a campus visit of R!A CEO Mary Wooley and staff March 23 and 24. LSU will officially declare its membership during a public announcement Monday, March 23 at 2 p.m. in the Life Sciences Atrium. Following the announcement is a presentation by R!A's Mary Wooley at 2:30 p.m. and a student forum at 3:30 p.m. 

Research! America is a leading voice for increased funding for global health research and a legislative and regulatory climate to foster research and development in the health sector. 

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Discover Day Highlights Undergraduate Research and Scholarship at LSU

Students across LSU disciplines will showcase their research and scholarship during LSU Discover Day, Thursday, March 19 in the Union Cotillion Ballroom. The event will include poster presentations at 10 a.m. and student presentations at 1:30 p.m. 

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Celebrate Nanoscale Science at NanoDays 2015

For the sixth consecutive year, LSU physicist Juana Moreno and her students will be celebrating the science of all things small at NanoDays, March 28 from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Highland Road Park Observatory. A fun family-friendly experience, NanoDays uses hand-on activities to explore the Universe at the scale of roughly one to 100 nanometers. The event is free and open to the public. NanoDays is sponsored by LSU's Department of Physics & Astronomy, Center for Computation and Technology, Department of Chemistry, the Society of Physics Students, and the Louisiana Alliance for Simulation-Guided Materials Applications.


Philip Adams

Elzbieta Cook

Adam Hrincevick

Shane Stadler

David Young
LSU physics professors Shane Stadler, Philip Adams, David Young and postdoctoral researcher Tapas Samanta were awarded a LIFT2 grant award for their their research "Advanced Materials (Magentocaloric) for Improved Cooling to Reduce Current Refrigerant Needs." Their project was one of 14 proof-of-concept grants awarded to faculty representing all five of LSU's research campuses.

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Elzbieta Cook, senior instructor of chemistry; John Hopkins, associate professor of chemistry; Adam Hrincevich, instructor of biological sciences; and Khoa Nguyen, instructor of biological sciences received Tiger Athletic Foundation Teaching Awards during University College's annual "Celebration of Excellence" Spring Awards, March 12th. Simon Pfeil, teaching assistant in the Department of Mathematics was awarded the Alumni Association Teaching Assistant Award. TAF Teaching Award recipients are selected by LSU students enrolled in University College.

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Physics & Astronomy professors Ward Plummer and Jiandi Zhang in collaboration with colleagues from the Institute of Physics, Beijing, China have published a paper in the Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences (Vol. 112, pg. 2367) titled "Classification of Charge Density Waves based on their Nature." This work is a result of a collaboration funded by the Chinese Academy of Science.


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College of Science Students Featured on LSU Discover Site 

Microbiology major Colleen Murphy and math majors Paxton Turner and Bruno Beltran are among several students featured on the LSU Discover site.

The purpose of LSU Discover is to promote undergraduate research and creative opportunities, on and off campus, for LSU undergraduate students in all disciplines.

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     Story and photo courtesy
     of the LSU Reveille


Physics Students Renovate Van  

to Visit Schools, Teach Astronomy


The LSU Society of Physics Students have retrofitted an old van to help promote science and technology among children from pre-K to high school.The Mobile Astronomy Resource System, or MARS truck, features a portable planetarium, telescopes children can use, large projectors to show NASA videos and small hands-on experiments.  


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    Story and photo courtesy of the
    LSU Reveille

Physics Student Hopes to Gain Nuclear Science Experience in the Navy


Senior physics major Nigel Payne began the application process for the Navy's Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate Program in November. If accepted, the Navy would finance the rest of his undergraduate degree, and he would become a nuclear officer after graduating in May 2016.

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Dr. Joseph Glorioso

College of Science Alumnus to Chair

National Advisory Council for ACGT


College of Science graduate, Dr. Joseph Glorioso has been named chairman of the Scientific Advisory Council for the Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy, the nation's only not-for-profit dedicated exclusively to cell and gene therapy treatments.

Dr. Glorioso is world-renowned for his work on the molecular and genetic aspects of the herpes simplex virus and how to better engineer this organism as a vector for transporting therapeutic genes. Dr. Glorioso received his bachelor's and doctorate degrees from LSU before joining the University of Michigan Medical School in the late 1970s .





The College of Science would like to welcome the newest members of the Dean's Circle.
Thank you for your contribution to the teaching and research activities in the college.

  • Dr. Guillermo S. Ferreyra and Mrs. Sara R. Cattaneo, February 2015
  • Mr. L. J. and Mrs. Chee Chee Gielen, January 2015
  • Mrs. Trula and Mr. James Gross, February 2015
  • Dr. Harold and Mrs. Edna Silverman, February 2015


College of Science Dean's Circle members Dick and CeCe Edwards 

DC Members Dick and CeCe Edwards Receive Marriage Day Award  


A recipe for a lasting marriage requires a number of essential ingredients: patience, commitment, forgiveness, communication, understanding and much more. Dean's Circle (DC) members Richard (Dick) and Seola (CeCe) Edwards have mastered that recipe with more than 60 years of marriage.

Their longstanding commitment was recognized by Sts. Simon and Jude Catholic Church during World Marriage Day 2015. The Edwards were acknowledged for having the longest marriage among the church's parishioners. They married June 21, 1952 and will celebrate 63 years of marriage this summer.

The Edwards
joined the College of Science DC in 2013 and established the Seola Arnaud and Richard Vernon Edwards Jr. Professor currently held by Dean Cynthia Peterson.

The LSU College of Science salutes Dick and CeCe for their commitment to each other, to the College of Science, and to LSU. Congratulations!
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